Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Delivering the Goods .. Steaming Hot!

This is another example of using a picture that was provided by the person I was capping for, Dalene in this case. From the looks of it, I have a feeling that this is the cleanest photo in the series. Dalene has been around the haven for a LONG TIME, and she has some varied interests, though Bimbo and Baseball are her two biggest preferences. Since I've done a ton of those, I had focused on something that she doesn't seem to have listed anymore, which is being unemployed and trying to earn money. In that scenario, I wanted to make it seem dangerous if she was discovered by her wife, and what would happen then.

I left the ending vague, but shaded it towards being discovered by the wife. I mean, what fun is it if she gets away scot-free? Women are very observant anyway, so that increases the risk. Perhaps with a rack like that, his wife would get Dalene to start working in a Strip Club for some REAL money? Its not one of my best captions, but it did what it needed to do, and Dalene enjoyed it.

Site note: For I think the 1st time in the blog's history, we hit 5k in one day (I don't want to have to read all the blogs to see if this is true, but I am assuming its true) and what makes it bigger is that I had post the day before, so it wasn't a huge rush to see the latest posting. Weird though that I got no comments at all. I hope that the usual band of commenting miscreants are doing ok, and that it was just a lack of compelling things to comment upon. I really could use some good questions in formspring, or if you are a captioner and would like a critique of a certain work you've created, email me a link and I'll see what I can do if you'd like suggestions / thoughts.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: There seem to be more people posting to the haven that they've told significant others or real-life friends about their TG nature, either in the creation of captions, stories, or of their cross-dressing exploits. While this is not uncommon, the amount of positive experiences seem to have increased! If you have had positive reactions, please post them in the comments, as I'd love to see (and possibly discuss) ways to make peoples "coming out" easier. For those that haven't shared their TG nature with others, would you if you could do so, and how much of a burden is it for you to stay silent?

Monday, August 29, 2011

Its not Rogaine ... more like Whoa-gaine!

Just a nice little quickie for Elle-Jae, who joined the Haven a few months ago, and seems to be enjoying herself, especially making captions. I try to be more vague and ethereal when making captions for people I don't know too well. Its not in the actual caption, but its pretty much determined that L.J. got the Whoa-gaine from some weird guy in a bathrobe down at the mall. I think that any time a product delivers on its promise, it should be commended. If you find a bottle, please send some my way!

We made it through the hurricane ok, though the landlord has to put on a new roof. Luckily it isn't suppose to rain this week, and he'll be doing it on Saturday. We only have about 30 percent of the roofing tiles still on top our our building. The island that I work on had its main electric transmitter break, and they needed a crane among other things to get power up and running again, so I got to work from home. The power should be restored to all the places on the island by tomorrow evening though. Hope everyone out there reading had only good experiences during the hurricane.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Have you found any products with claims, advertising, or what-have-you that seems to be something more TG or transformational than what it actually is? I recall making a caption for a "magic bra" but I'm not sure what others I've done (perhaps a 'Dee Dive into the Archive' is in order?) The commercials that I love are the fitness ones, that show a woman working out with tight abs and kicking breasts, and they ask, "wouldn't you LOVE to have a body like this by the time Summer rolls around?" ... like they are going to get an argument like that from my blog readers!

Friday, August 26, 2011

You'll remember EVERY year now!

The only thing I really want to say about this caption is that I had the image stored on a hard drive for a LONG time before I finally was able to use it in a caption. I just wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to do with it, until Terri had a 2 for 1 deal going on involving anniversaries. From there, I found a plot line that would work for it, tying in the little sun shaped stuffed animal with the hypnotic/magic phrase in the story. Not sure if everyone caught that little tie in between the picture and the story.

I wanted to get SOMETHING posted, since its been a week since I've jotted anything of note down here. Life has been quite complicated and hectic, and when you add that to hurricane preparations at work and for my grandmother, not to mention stocking up at our apartment (I am not too worried about wind and rain, more for flooding and power outages) it has not been fun.

I would like to mention, as alluded to in Jennifer's latest post, that a model recently contacted me about an image that was used in one of my captions. I had no problem removing it, since (a) I used a picture that someone had posted, and (b) it was obvious it was her. I wish they wouldn't have resorted to reporting the whole blog, as I removed the caption within 3 hours of her comment. Luckily they only set THAT post to draft, so I could "edit" the post, which technically had ALREADY been edited. None of the other posts were affected.

So at this point in time. I would like to re-iterate the following. I make no claims that I am the creator of any photographs posted to the site. I do not make any money off the captions NOR from this blog itself. If you are the owner/creator of the picture, please leave me an email or point of contact and I will graciously remove the caption from this blog. If you just want credit/links to your work, I can do that as well.

However, I am the person that writes the stories and does any and all graphic design involved in the creation of the captions I post, unless I specifically say its a guest caption. I have no issues with people posting my "work", as long as there is credit given, and a link back to this blog.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: How as the tags working out so far? Any more I should add, but haven't yet? What type of caption would you like to see next?

Friday, August 19, 2011

Miki Loves PETA

Just a quick little Friday post to keep people going throughout the weekend. Hope this blog post finds everyone in good spirits. I hope everyone has done something during the summer to make another person's life better, in even a small way. Helping others always seems to make ME feel better, and what better side product can you get than that?

I've tagged pretty much all of 2010's posts along with everything posted so far in August. I will be working on Jan - July of 2011 as things move along. I did not post as much in 2010, so it was much easier to figure out, though I'm still not quite sure of the tags I've made so far. I know I haven't done any yet for MILF, and I'm making "Mind control" count for hypnosis, magical control, or anything else that makes people act differently, rather than REALLY make it TOO specific. I mean, the whole point of this blog is to get people talking about the discussion questions.

Speaking of, we have a good question and some great answers already in the last post about femininity. Please put your two cents in, even if its just to agree with a particular commenter.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What stands out the most to you when it comes to makeup, especially in a TG caption? I know that lipstick gets lots of love, and its easy to link that magically into a transformation as anyone can smear on without issue. However, I think that eye makeup is a harder effect to achieve, and using it as a mode of showing how far along someone is into their transformation can be a subtle window into how much control a person is under. Perhaps pulling out a compact at an embarrassing time and looking in the mirror might also be a fun little diversion! What do you, the readers, think about makeup in captions, and the best ways to use them in a story plot?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jacob's Nightmare ... Ashleigh's Dream Come True!

Well, I've only got one suggestion for tags so I'll wait that out a bit, and just start tagging the news posts.

I made the above caption for Ashleigh, who is a relative newcomer to the Haven. I had saved an extra hair rollers picture from when I was making Shauna's, and I wanted to do something with it. The pose leads itself to a steady and subtle change .. a slow burn so to speak. Most of my captions are "real time" so its nice to do an overall arc, hitting on some things in their preferences that make them smile. Since she's new, I didn't have too much to go on, so its a basic caption, but I like it when changes happen, and its an issue, but then it fades. ("Ummm Jake, you realize you have long red fingernails right?" "Omigod, yah!" *goes back to reading his maxim magazine, then 20 minutes later* "Hahaha, look at the guy reading a romance novel with his long nails!" *Jake looks up and blushes, embarrassed, then get engrossed in the novel again*)

This caption pretty much highlights how femininity has changed over the years, and how in one way, the TG community has failed to follow along. We used to have many things that we can concentrate on when it comes to female accoutrement. The above hair rollers or hair salons, hosiery and heels, lots of foundation garments, and makeup being some of the things that seem feminine. Nowadays, those things don't seem nearly as prevalent in a woman's life. Bare tanned  legs are in vogue, makeup that doesn't LOOK like makeup sells well, and I don't think any women under the age of 30 even owns a slip. Curly hair is only done with a curling iron, and most women now are using hair straighteners.

Not only have men become more metrosexual, women have become much more comfortable in how they look. Lots of what used to define women, have now become more of a fetish idea or kink. Fishnets (and back seamed stockings) are naughty wear, and makeup, hose and heels are "I'm going to slut it up tonight!" Most women have a few pairs of lingerie for seduction or to feel sexy, but would even forego nightgowns for over-sized T-shirts.

I think it started back in the 90's when grunge was in fashion. Women figured out that they could be comfortable and still be women. Also, more women were actually gaining power in the workplace, and dress codes lessened as time went on. I mean, I can get away with outfits I never would've gotten away with 10 years ago even, and I've seen women wearing FLIP-FLOPS in an office setting, which probably would have gotten her fired back in 1995.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What defines a woman as feminine and girly now as far as how she appears and acts in public? Where do you think it will go from here? Back to the way it was, or even more of a homogeneously genderless existence for both male and female?

Monday, August 15, 2011

20 bucks a blowjob? That's a bargain!

I am back in the area now, and the weather matches my mood ... a downpour.Hope is such a powerful emotion, and I will get some soon I wish.

In the meantime, here is a nice little nasty caption, with a hefty zinger at the end. I can almost hear the rim shot after it ends. When I found the picture, I knew that Mei would like it, and come to find out, She loves Tiger Benson. Since I made this caption, I've seen a few of her videos where she is a petgirl. My favorite out of those is the one that also has Danica co-starring. No one pants and barks like Tiger though!

Someone posted a question on Formspring which was 'forced fem" .. I think that same person does this in others blogs, and it is probably a mistake. Perhaps they thing the box is a search and they are looking for tags? I am planning on tagging most of the blog posts here. I just have to get back to a even keel in real life, then I can probably whip through the posts so that this blog is much more search-able. Figuring out which tags to use is just a small part of the problem, and I'll most likely go with a standard (ie. magic, forced fem, preg, humil) type tag though I have no problems getting a bit more specific as time goes on. This blog post will be the first in a long time that has any sort of tags.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Which tag would you like set up first? Let me see some comments talking about why I should set up their favorite TAG and I'll choose one and (a) set up a new post dealing with the tag subject, and (b) make my way through the rest of the posts and tag those that fall under the guidelines. Anything I haven't put up on the blog yet that should be the next post here?

Friday, August 12, 2011

Gotta get this thing off of me ... oh never mind!

Wanted to make a quick post for everyone as I'll be away for the most of the weekend taking care of some family related issues that I would prefer not to be doing, and I mean in a sad way, not in a "Goddess I HATE going to Aunt Kerry's house. It always smells like burnt milk there."

I'd also like to thank everyone that posted in the "Dee's Haven" portion of the Haven. For those that didn't know, this week is my week with "owning" the Haven so to speak. We had lots of fun goofing around with Alectra and others. Nice to be recognized, but I'm one of many that do much there, and I didn't expect to have my name on the marque (sp) but if they were going to, you think they'd use the color BLACK a bit more!

Figured I would post another "naughty" caption to hold people over. I had no idea who the model was before Candy told me it was Kimber James. Since then, I've seen her pop up from time to time in other captions. Perhaps its the blond hair that was throwing me, because I mostly see her with black hair. Very pretty she-male, though I would guess that she's had quite a bit of cosmetic surgery. All it all, it was a perfect picture for what I was looking to create, and for those that like captions of this nature, I don't think you could get much more attractive looking than what Kimber has to offer.

I hope to be back posting on Monday or Tuesday. If I get a chance before then, I might pop into the comments, or even visit some other blogs. I see that Caitlyn-Masked has been cranking them out lately!

Instead of a discussion question, if anyone has something to bring up that you'd like to me elaborate on, don't hesitate to post in the comments or do the formspring thing. You could also PM me on the Haven.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Up close and personal with .. something personal!

JPL had this picture in his folder, and as he is another person that is constantly putting me into caption debt, I figured I would try to keep up by using something I knew he'd like. It is a bit more "risque" than I like to use, but I think that worked to my advantage. I mean, we've seen our private parts since we were tiny, but we don't usually see them from other positions unless we are watching ourselves on a sex tape. Even then, its not live and in our faces. So that, plus the loss of power in a relationship, made it a caption that I'm pretty sure that JPL enjoyed. Looking at the picture again, I think I OWN that same graphic EQ rack at home!

Haven't been in the best of moods lately, as life hasn't exactly gone my way. BUT I will try to persevere as best I can. I hate when the real world interferes with my fantasy time. This place is an important part of that fantasy time. I am also sorry for not replying to comments or even PM's lately.

For fun at lunchtime here, I was trying to stump Google by searching out weird terms and to see if there was anything that went along with it. The most fun one was "Noid Cosplay" ... as apparently there ARE people that dress up as the old Domino's mascot for "Avoid the Noid"! He did have a videogame and was killed by Mayor Adam West on Family Guy so he's still in the pop culture realm, but people will really dress up as ANYTHING huh?

DISCUSSION QUESTION: How would you react realistically to the scenario in the caption above? Would you freak out? Would you go for it, knowing that you'd never probably get an actual chance to go fuck yourself again? Would you enjoy it?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Shauna's Got a Nagging Feeling About This!

Shauna does her best to keep me in caption debt, so I have her in the back of my mind when I'm looking for pictures to caption, since her preferences are pretty lenient. She really does just love getting attention in her captions, so its never a thing of ," I want to be an auburn colored nurse that weighs between 120 and 125 pounds wearing a pink uniform with baby blue heels carrying a clipboard or a spatula ... oh yeah, I want the caption to be set in space if at all possible."

When I saw this picture, a 60's - 70's sitcom vibe struck me. She looked like an attractive woman, but the kind of wife that the guys in the bar complain about, and around 11 pm, she's standing outside the pub with a rolling pin ready to strike her hubby in the head.

Once I had that, it wasn't too hard to pick a few of the choice bits that most of those sitcom employed. I didn't want to make it too specific, as it could have been ANYTHING that changed Shauna (and Nate for that matter) since sitcom's back then were so episodic, they was no real "canon" as to how they would behave from week to week. I mean, for an "uncharted" island, Gilligan and the crew were visited almost every week by someone, whether a cosmonaut, movie star, etc ... and never was closer to getting off the island at the end of the episode.

It was really fun to write and I thought the story went well with the picture.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: How would YOU set up a TG sitcom? What would be the plot, and how would you make it so that there would be a running story throughout seasons? Mine would be to rip of "My Name is Earl" where I would have the main character travel around and make amends for all the crap he pulled as a guy.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Quite the External Drives You Got there!

This caption was just a case of seeing a photo in someone's picture folder and thinking about it in a straight forward manner. I saw the picture and said, "Damn, those gazongas certainly don't have any silicone in them. There is silicon in computer chips, so if those boobies DID had that inside, there would be a ton of memory storage available .. OHHHH, there we go!" and it was an almost instant story.

I want to know how they know we are using only 10 percent of our brains. they can see the synapses firing, but what if the 90 percent they don't see is just doing something else? I tend to believe in evolution, but if that is true .. why the hell do we need the other 90 percent empty and unused? You'd think we'd have modified it for some special purpose by now OR we are not evolving but DEVOLVING! I mean, why did the Egyptians make the BEST pyramid FIRST then spend the next 1000 years making shittier ones? Perhaps the 90 percent is just cushioning and padding for when we bang our heads against something hard.

So anyway, boobie storage would be the best, since you can lock away all the knowledge and experiences in there, and let the new brain fill up on its own. Since guys supposedly think with their dicks, putting their brain in the boobies is just good organization, since tits are one of the things that they think about extensively.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What draws you into a woman first? How would that change if you became a woman, would you probably pick the same thing, or do you think your desires would be different? What do you think your best feature is, and how would that be different if you were born a woman?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

If only she could find the key!

When I first posted this, I thought it was fairly clear what I was trying to do, but quite a few missed the whole point of this caption. It wasn't brain surgery ... and yet, many people missed the answer, which was right under their noses, or above those shiny orbs at the least! I can understand why they were distracted!

Discussion Question: How often do you miss a totally obvious plot point, or at least one that seems obvious to most people? To me, that would be a definite "bimbo" moment, like laughing at a joke for all the wrong reasons, or laughing before the actual punchline. What was it that made you miss the central idea behind the caption?

Monday, August 1, 2011

2nd period Chemistry is going to be different now!

I like these sorts of captions, where a position of authority is dressed down a bit, and now has to deal with being on the other side of the fence. Not necessarily in a demeaning  or punishing way, but experiencing things from the other perspective. When I was in High School, I could often picture myself in the hot teachers body, using it and my authority to get whatever it is I wanted, or being the shy but sexy nerd girl. Something (ANYTHING!) that wasn't my usual world (can you tell I get bored easily?!?)

Nothing mind-blowing involved with this caption, as its a basic set up and delivery, with a picture that is well within what you'd expect for the plot line. It is a typical point in time caption, and I think that it actually paints a complete picture. There wasn't much in the way of vagueness here, unless you wonder if she'll go back to being Mr. Broderick, or stuck as Tatiana.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: I didn't really get answers to a question I asked previously, so I will ask it again. What do you do to spoil yourself? Do you ever splurge? If you do, what do you splurge on?