I do not claim any ownership of any photographs or drawings that I use in any of my captions. They are all owned by their respective copyright holders. I do not make, nor did I intend to ever make money from any of my captions. This, for me, is an exploration of my own feelings, and an exercise in my own creativity. If I had the means to create my own photographs or have the artistic wherewithal to create drawings to use, I would certainly do so.

That being said, if anyone sees their images used in any of my captions, and would rather them NOT be used in that way, please let me know. Comment on the individual posting containing the infringing work, and I will make every attempt to remove it as soon as possible. We have had this issue once before, and the image was removed within 24 hours. I do not always know the original source.

If anyone would like to post one of my captions elsewhere, I have no issues with it as long as the caption(s) is not being defaced or altered from my original posting. Also, I ask that you let me know where it is being posted, and provide a link back to this blog.

Hopefully I have changed enough of the content in this disclaimer that Caitlyn won't ask me to remove this page due to my stealing the content of HER disclaimer and altering it for my purposes!

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