Thursday, December 30, 2010

Even Bimbos Can Use These!

Wanted to post something before 2010 came to an end, but didn't have much to discuss, since I am still quite sick. I hope everyone had a wonderful year, and if you didn't, I WISH that your 2011 will be the best year you've ever had! Keep track of this blog, as I hope to have more discussions soon!

Anyway, as to the posted caption, I posted this mostly because I was looking through stats and noticed that people are actually looking at this blog through the Nintendo Wii and Playstation 3 among other things. There are so many more options to surf the web now, and since I'm not a fan of Apple, I just HAD to post this caption I made for Lyndee awhile back. "It is so easy, even a bimbo can use it!" should be their new sales pitch!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: We are going to have an open discussion here. Any questions you'd like to ask me pertaining to captions I've made or just random thoughts? Post away!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays Everyone!

I've been VERY sick for the last week. I'd wanted to post 1-2 a week, or at least ONCE a week, but this virus has taken a ton out of me, including robbing me of my voice yet again. I will also be home by myself as I'm not able to travel the 3+ hours each way like we normally do (plus one family member is going through chemo and I don't want them to even SNIFF what I have.) It sucks but I'll deal. Perhaps that time alone will help me truly rest, and not get all antsy that I'm not doing something productive.

Anyway, I am up over 50 followers now, and even though a fraction contribute with comments, I am very content. I want this blog to grow organically and it is doing just that. Viewing TG captions as more than just spank material is what I am trying to accomplish. Sure it turns people on, but I like going further than just the shiny alluring surface. Its the mindframe of the creator, how that creator adapts the story to the recipient, the pictures chosen and why, what part should be focused on, plot development, etc ... that all leaves me curious and made me ask if others felt the same way.

I guess that is why I love "bootleg" recordings of musician "scratch tracks", live versions, and unfinished demo / unreleased recordings. Even recording acts I'm not a big fan of. There is a bootleg album from the Beatles, and its about 50 minutes of Strawberry Fields Forever. Starting at the acoustic demo and from there, it gets fleshed out to the full version. I am not even a fan of that song, but I can listen and see the levels being added and appreciate the vision as its coming from the collective heads to the recording tapes. Sometimes, I'll get some unreleased songs from a band I do like and say, "why didn't they release THAT on the CD instead of " when to me, its obvious they left the best song off the damn disc (or their record company did). In 2010 though, bands let the listener inside much more so than in the past.

This is how I feel about this blog, and I'm glad that we've got 50+ people on board. I've noticed that some people are detailing more of their creative process when posting captions to their sites. BRAVO! I can only see the caption from my own perspective, to add the creators (and recipients) take on the same caption makes me understand everything better.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: When the end of the year comes around, are you more or less likely to view/create TG captions? Some people have a much busier end of year time and can't find the time. Others need to escape from the duties that the end of the year provides, and use TG captions to escape. Which side do you fall under?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dee is always right!

This is to follow up on Petra's comment that she will often use body shots without a head when working on sissy and realistic captions. That brought to mind this caption I made a few weeks ago for Samantha1 and the reception it received.

I've done this style caption before, and I don't mind using the transformation technique over and over. I call it the salesman behavior modification system. In general, a salesperson wants you to see the same things they do, and vice versa. Anytime a potential client says YES, they are step closer to doing what you want them to do, People tend to like to (1) agree with others, and (2) be positive. Guiding them to YOUR conclusion, and avoiding negative responses is imperative. They never want you to say the word NO.

What I did in this caption is solve a series of problems for Sam. Each time, I've lowered his resistance to my suggestion since they seem to work. If you notice at the end, he has no idea how the black dress is going to work, but seems resigned to find out afterwards. There is no resistance in actually WEARING the dress.

If you haven't seen it by now, this sales technique is very similar to hypnosis techniques. Usually, a good Domme will use this methodology in subtle ways. Think about THAT the next time you go to buy a car, large screen TV, or some other luxury item

Discussion Question: Would you be more susceptible to the "positive guidance" technique that I used in the caption above, or some other form of control? Does that figure into what type of controlled change you prefer in captions made for you? For creators, do you think of the psychology of the caption and the characters in it?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Still too competitive!

Not sure that many people will like this caption, but I think I did a good job of fulfilling Steffimarie's preferences. She doesn't particularly like magic, and trends towards sissy type captions. Its not quite my forte, but I think I've done a fair share of decent ones.

The main reason I like this one is I used a male trait to ensnare the "victim" into being more feminine. Often men can be incredibly competitive, and Ronald is willing to be even more femme than what his wife is making him do, IF the endgame is winning. Even when the winning involves a "sissy beauty pageant". If anything, he'll probably realize how wrong he was to do this, and probably feed further into his wife's plans. I mean, if he wins HERE, there must be more competitions to enter, and further training to undergo.

I came up with the story by finding this picture. none of the models are particularly busty, and could possibly be considered sissy males after some intense dieting. Ronald himself looks like there is a VERY slight bulge in the swimsuit bottoms which could be a tad bit humiliating as well. I mean, not even having to TUCK? I think it was the look on the middle girls face that really made the caption. The look that Ronald was probably more femme than him sealed the story in my opinion. That and the "innocent bystanders" in the background, watching each sissy parade around in swimwear.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Does the picture make the story better, as it is pretty realistic in my opinion, or should I have used a bustier and more feminine styled pageant picture? I don't find any of the models particularly attractive, but as was mentioned in an earlier post, I like to think that this made the caption more grounded in reality, since there was no element of magic involved.

Friday, December 3, 2010

The "Lost" Artifact

This is one of the newest captions I've created, and I'm not quite sure if I like it or not. The reason I say this? Well, I've been known to be vague in fleshing out the transformations, with an alarming deficit when it comes to back story, but I'm not sure if this is the most "blank-slate" caption I've ever done.

I say blank slate, because when I was looking at comments people posted about it on the haven, I reread the caption. If it wasn't posted at a TG site, and for someone that had posted TG preferences, would you even KNOW it was a TG caption? Perhaps I've taken for granted, and for the sake of brevity, not given enough "content" for the story to be delivered.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: I believe in the intelligence of the reader and try not to (1) talk down to them, and (2) assume that they are in on whatever inside knowledge is necessary to enjoy the caption. I think that everyone knows of the archetypes inherent in all most/TG captions, which gives me the leeway to omit, or completely deconstruct the basic structures within them. Do you think that this caption is too wide-open, or is the story not that hard to follow? I was hoping that the general idea and plot is there, but by leaving some of it loose, that most people can add it up on their own, which would make the caption a bit more universal.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pea Wee's Big Adventure

 Ask anyone who knows me, and they'll tell you that I am a pop culture junkie. I appreciate quirky things, and will recite entire scenes from old television shows, cartoons, or anything else that is rotting my brain. Some people might think its a waste of a perfectly good intellect. Nah, its who I am and I totally embrace it.

When Pea offered this picture as one she'd like captioned, I'm not sure that THIS was what she had in mind, but it practically wrote itself. All of Petra's dialog is directly from the movie (I've done this a few times over the years with different movies) and I just had to re-imagine it to fit into a TG caption mode.

Luckily, Pea loved it (well she SAID she did anyway, and that is good enough for me! I had that feeling that she would dig what I tried to do, even if it ended up an overall failure. It is another reason that you should have post in your trading area containing pictures you'd like to have captioned for you in trades. You never know how it can jog someone to make a wonderful (or offbeat) caption for you.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: If this picture was in a different person's folder, I might NOT have even attempted to caption it. Have you encountered pictures that made you say, "Dammit! If it wasn't posted in Miss Prissy Panties folder, I'd have had a much more fun time with it!" or thought about filing it away and using it for another person a few months later? We'll follow up with another pop culture caption or two in the next few weeks. Speaking of, I just gained my 42nd follower aka "the answer to life, the universe, and EVERYTHING!" Truly a DEEP THOUGHT.

PS. If there *IS* a Miss Prissy Panties out there ... I didn't mean to single you out. Drop me a note and don't be shy!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Up the Staircase Quickly

Well, I figured I would post another caption, since there seems to be one person out there that is disappointed that I haven't posted any captions in awhile (I have gotten like 1 vote for "post less like this" for all the discussion postings I've done) so I figured I would capitulate and post one.

Seriously though, if you love TG captions, why aren't you a member of Rachel's Haven yet? I think I've posted almost 1000 captions there, and there are so many talented captioners among the Havenettes that you'll never run out of stuff to look at.

I made this caption "realistic" even though it involves magic. How is it realistic, you ask? Well, first off, if someone on the street turned you into a woman, would you really be cocky and demanding, all "you change me back right now or I'll ..." Dude, she just turned you into a chick, what makes you think you have ANY power whatsoever?!? You would probably do what Jake did in this caption, run home to his wife, try to convince her of what happened, and see if she could fix things. Well, at least that is what I think. Your results may vary!

I like captions that are grounded in reality, yet have that magical nature to it. Perhaps it is comforting to think that situations exist slightly to the left of real perception? Not sure what it is, but maybe my fine readers can enlighten me!

DISCUSSION QUESTION:  How grounded in reality should "magic" TG captions be? Should it be totally realistic, except for the method of change? Should it be a total flight of fancy?  Somewhere in between?

Also, feel free to post comments in any of the other postings. This blog is not about "just the most recent posting" but an open-ended discussion.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

another insta-discussion!

When replying to something that Petra had said, I wrote something that I decided made a better topic. I will paraphrase, since I'm not sure I left it in the posting.

After viewing a good amount of captions in my lifetime, I can usually tell who made them. Doesn't work all the time, but I usually can figure it out by its design, content, theme, overall plot, and even spelling mistakes!

I've mentioned this before somewhere, but I seem to have a style that is remarkably "Dee" so that I am not particularly worried about someone plagiarizing my work. Its why I don't have a watermark of "Dee" posted on it. I think that most people I know would tell me if someone has been passing off my work as theirs.

Anyway, I think its due a recognizable style, and that leads to the discussion topic. I am hoping I can get the readers to be a bit introspective.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: How would you describe your style if you had to do so? Would others be able to say, "that caption is definitely from your brain" if they hadn't seen who it came from? What would you like to develop going forward?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Caitlyn Masked said... It is interesting seeing how people write their caps. You write the ending to your caps last, while I generally start with the ending. When I look at the image I have chosen it is almost always at the end of the story, so I have the end situation in mind. I then work at the beginning. Once I have those two parts I try to work in some interesting details in between. Of course nothing is safe from the edit monster, but while the beginning and details change quite often, the ending almost always remains the same!

Once I had those details, I started writing. Sadly in that example I wrote much more that I originally intended to. The image was a single one that I found and not part of a series so I had to find other pictures to fill it out. I'm finding this problem more often as my cap length keeps growing. (much like this post!)

I think it was Dee that told me one day I would end up writing stories. I think that will come true as I feel I am leaving SO MUCH out of the caps that would make them better. 
Thought this would be a good start to another discussion. Kaitlyn had made mention in a previous posting that she writes her captions chronologically, and has the ending written last. Caitlyn has mentioned that she does the "Ending" then works backwards. I figured I would post what I tend to do and see if it jives with others who create.

Usually I come up with a "stinger" as MST3k would describe it (it was a snippet of dialog from the movie they had just riffed, and it was usually a very odd bit of dialog that strangely seemed to sum up the whole movie) and then work everything else around it. Kaitlyn would call it a "punchline" if it was funny:  but if not, it would be one piece of dialog or main idea that drives home the entire caption. I would say that 85-90 percent of all my captions have that "stinger" whether it is in the beginning or the end.

With that, I flesh out the story of the caption (as we've determined, I almost always have a picture before the story) based around that "stinger". Often, the stinger is near the conclusion of the caption, and other times, it can come at the beginning. No matter where it is, it will always be the focal point of the caption, and I am either elaborating on it, or building up to it. It helps to have a stinger, as if I am being too wordy, it helps to keep my eye on the goal, which would be to eliminate or consolidate anything that refers to something not related to that main idea. If I don't have enough text (which does happen from time to time) it is really easy to add some flourish to the story and pad it out.

That is the basics involved in my creative process. Of course, I don't ALWAYS follow that set course, and I've written some captions that I've thought meandered without really saying anything. Those I hope are more of an aberration, but sometimes a caption needs to be a "snapshot" in time and no resolution is needed. For me, that is what I call a "Lebowski" moment.

And yes Caiitlyn, I think I mentioned in the past that perhaps you should be making captions in Powerpoint or PDF's since you seem to really write mini-stories.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: For those that create captions, when you write, do you start at the beginning and write 'til the end? Do you start with the ending and work toward that ending? Do you create more like I do?

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Second Topic of Discussion

Jennifer said...
What about when Humiliation is featured in caps? How can you put something like that in a caption with few words, or in a long series and make sure you hit that button, and still not offend the person? I've used it as a theme in many of my caps. I've also had it used in captions made for me, expertly so in some case's. but when I roleplay the scenario the person I play with almost never can get that across. May I add, your blog is a very interesting idea and I do love to see the creative process. I notice you only have two links, but if you had more you might attract a larger audience.

Well, I tend to tread VERY lightly when using humiliation in a caption for someone else, especially someone that I do not know well. Usually I take into account how they've responded to (1) other captions made for them by others, and (2) if/how they respond to captions I've made for others. This is where people leaving comments pays huge dividends. If a person has responded well to something I've done, then I am more likely to target them in a future caption AND I have a decent guide to what they are looking for.

Preferences are even more important when working with humiliation. Not so much in what people like, but in what they DON'T like. I would rather make a relatively safe caption, then one that goes too far. I can always push the envelope in future captions for them. For instance, with Jennifer up above, I know her really well, and I'm pretty sure that I know exactly what will make her shiver and where the line is that I need not cross. I got to that point by becoming friendly, chatting in YIM, and just comments we've left for each other through the years. There should always been an open line of communication involved.

How to put across the situation in a smattering of words? I would suggest using a picture that explicitly gives a huge amount of background so that you can save on word space. Bondage pictures would imply being forced to do something, though even just having the girl on her knees or below another would show submission of some sort. A public photo would already lend itself to embarrassment scenarios. For text, it would often be better to just have dialog between the humiliated and the dominant, or the humiliated and someone that person knows. There is no real WRONG way of doing it though.

I do have more to discuss, but I am curious to see what others have to say before I elaborate more, as someone might do so more eloquently that I could.

Lastly, I thank you for thinking this blog is an interesting idea. As I've said in the past, I love creating captions and I don't think the craft gets enough attention. Its a vehicle for fantasy, but often the best captions are those that make you think, whether it is conscious or not. I'd like to think my captions appeal to more than just a prurient interest, and that the composition is done correctly, instead of just slapping some words on top of a smutty picture.

Friday, October 22, 2010

First discussion topic as suggested by commenters

Here is our first discussion topic as proposed in the posting below.

Martha said...
I always wanted to know if people have specific wished about their transformations. Some seem to know exactly how they want to look like (mostly those who would want to be permanent a woman) others (like me) don't really care or they are at least more open to changes. Like those who like the GS. You can end up as anyone, not always the hot 18 year old blonde cheerleader slut. lol. So my question would be:

Do you have a precise idea of how you'd want to look like as a woman or do you just want to be a female?

I hope that made sense.

I might have to make some admissions here so pull up a chair and let's dish!

I have no desire to be a woman in real life. Maybe 30 days so I could experience it, but definitely not for real and forever. I am pretty happy with who I am, and as everyone that knows me online as Dee, I am "Damien = Dee" in pretty much all ways other than gender (though I'm much more of a suburban punk / biker type than a goth at this point in my life.) I am not portraying some sort of over the top femme or anything like that. Dee is probably a more refined version of Damien, but in essence, there is not much difference between Dee and Damien. It is pretty much why I created Deedee, so that people can have fun with her and I can be a bimbo without the mind-fuck involved.

In general, I love looking at how I would be a different person if circumstances where different, and its why occasionally I will read animal transformation stories too, along with lots of mind control and bimbo creation fiction too.  Loss of power, change of status, swapping of roles, etc ... are all great talking points for me.

The main reason I have set my preferences a certain way is this: not everyone is incredible when making captions, so by following my guidelines, I SHOULD get a caption returned that is acceptable to me. Let me explain a bit more .. I am not fond of male genitalia in captions made for me. There are probably some people out there though that could create an INCREDIBLE caption for me that involves a few penises and me smoking (another thing I'm not fond of) and I'd LOVE the caption. However, I wouldn't want to see someone see me raving about how awesome that caption is, and then piece together something that I find hideous and creepy. I think that with what I've supplied in way of preferences and even pictures, I should expect a caption return that is in keeping with what I like. Will I accept something out of the norm is people ask? Yes, but often I will ask that they not post it to my folder.

Do I have a specific type though that I enjoy more than others? Yes. I would say shortish and curvy, with a nice size set of boobs and sexy legs. I'd prefer a few pounds overweight to waif-like thin. Fair skin with no tan. Pretty much if I *was* a female, that is what I'd like to look like anyway, as referenced by how my mom looked when she was alive and how my daughter is developing. Do I HAVE to be portrayed like that? Hell and no!

So, any other things in this topic that you'd like to discuss in the comments? How would you answer the question that Martha posed?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Discussion Ideas? I'll take suggestions

Figured I would ask around and see if people had topics in mind to discuss.

I can drone on about a myriad of topics dealing with TG captions, and if possible, I could post captions that would fit into the discussion. I consider this blog a bit of an extension of when I had the writing clinic topics in the Shop Talk section, back when I was just a writing coach.

Anything is fair game for a discussion topic, as long as it is at least tangentially related to captions and how they are created and viewed. I don't think the "behind the creative minds" part of TG captions gets enough exposure, and getting people to dish about the process can only help us further our "craft".

Even if you have never created a caption, feel free to suggest something to discuss. That point of view can be quite refreshing to someone that just often cranks out captions with little to no feedback.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Embarrassed? He's as red as his platform heels!

This is probably one of most well received captions that I've ever done. It's onto it's 2nd page of comments, 1300+ hits, and it was only posted last December. I think it struck a nerve for many people, in that it is somewhat reasonable to assume that this COULD happen. The person that it was captioned for was appreciative, though I was as well, since I'd probably not had any drive to even MAKE a caption like this if her preferences hadn't led me to it.

The picture lends itself to the story in spades, and I didn't have to drone on that much about what was going on. Here is the set-up, here is what is happening right now, and here is the plot twist that drives home all that was mentioned before. I'd like to say that I labored over this mightily, but I think it took me 10 minutes total once I found the picture.

My only negative thoughts dwell on how much degradation should be incorporated into a caption. How far is too far? I guess you could say that it probably depends on the recipient and what their threshold is.In the end, does the scenario depicted go too far if it was real life, but is fine in terms of fantasy / wish fulfillment? Please discuss .. as usual, there are no right and wrong answers to any of these discussions.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Whoops! Enjoy your new life anyway!

I did this one a few months ago, and while it seems innocuous, when you actually think about it, "Evil" is the first word I think of. It can be bad enough when the person deserves the fate that is about to be placed on them, but when it's just random chance, that raises it up a notch I think. My choice would probably be to know why and who had done something to me so I could at least wrap my mind around it and ruminate.

I had this picture for at least a year before I tackled it for a caption. There were so many different ways I could go, that it actually baffled me on how best to use it, and use it properly. The body is very feminine, but the pose has that underlying masculinity to it. Perhaps it's the towel on the bottom half is wrapped in a traditional male position, while the hair towel is distinctively all "WOMAN" with no thought to covering her boobs.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: If you, in real life, ended up in a situation like a typical caption, and were to be changed into a woman .. would you prefer it to be a specific revenge carried out by someone you knew, or in a random manner that was just out of the blue?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Better than day labor ... right?

I mostly do transformation captions, but I have made straight up feminization captions as well from time to time, and they seem to go over VERY WELL. I guess another driving force for people that like TG captions is the possibility for embarrassment. I will post another one in a week or two that was probably the most popular caption I've ever made as far as comments go.

I do like this one but I'm not sure why. Perhaps all the elements really came together well, or that I'm not sure how I could improve it. Sometimes things just click right into place perfectly. I'm not one to usually stress too much over a caption. I can walk away and sometimes never look back if things don't feel right, or revisit it somewhere down the line with a new way of looking at it.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: How often are you perfectly content with a caption, that it is the absolute best that it can be? Is it easier or harder to be content when the caption is being made for someone else?

Monday, September 20, 2010

We Might Need to Redefine What An 'Abduction" Is!

I like switching around conventions of the TG genre and juxtaposing what people expect in a caption. This is a recent example of one I did where what you see in the picture isn't necessarily what you are getting through the story line. In a way though, it's probably wish fulfillment for many readers on the Haven, though they would say, "Nah, I would NEVER want that!" With "Forced feminization" as a majority of trade captions on the Haven, I figured it'd be sweet to start this one off in that direction and then tweak it slightly. What's wrong with admitting that it ended up being fun?!?

And yes, once again I pop in as a character in a caption I created. Oftentimes though, having myself be a co-star really helps drive the caption, as people already know who I am. It's so hard being infamous, ya know? LOL What is even more fun is reading a caption made by someone else that has me co-starring as the agent of change. It's awesome when people imagine me spreading my evil across the globe!

Discussion question: What is the deal with the Haven having tons of forced fem and revenge type captions?

Friday, August 6, 2010

Sunday Morning Coming Down

This was made for Dalene back in November 2008, and really started me on a path I try to continue today .. that of using pictures that tell the story without using words. The bicyclist isn't really the focal point of the photo, but I wanted him to be a part of the finality of the caption. Once I figured that out, it was up to me to find out what the story was behind the picture and augment it with text.

I could see that it was an early morning street crossing, since there was no one else around and the streets were deserted. I figured that Dalene was returning home from a night out, and was almost on a walk of shame we've all been through when we return home from a night of partying wearing the same outfit we were in the last night. By the time I was done, it reminded me of "Sunday Morning Coming Down" by Johnny Cash, so I titled it that: even posting some of the lyrics which I'll reprint here...

On a Sunday morning sidewalk,I'm wishing, Lord, that I was stoned.
'Cause there's something in a Sunday, That makes a body feel alone.
And there's nothing short a' dying, That's half as lonesome as the sound
Of the sleeping city sidewalk, And Sunday morning coming down. 

Discussion question:  What makes you choose the pictures you choose when making a caption? Is it dependent on the person or idea you have, or do you have a definitive method of choosing?

Pregnancy .. In A Jiffy!

Here is a caption where the picture totally drove the story. I'm pretty sure that I found the picture online while looking for pregnant pictures to use for a caption for Jilly. To me, it just struck me that her belly was growing due to it being next to the fire .. and when I put that together with her name, it became obvious to me that she had a jiffy pop pregnancy. (Yeah, I know it's not a normal progression of thought, but often my brain actually works like that.) The fun thing is that this is not anywhere near my weirdest caption ideas .. though it might make the top 10-15.

Anyway, I think it's more verbose than I would like it to be, but considering this was made in October 2008, I am pretty happy with it overall. My other thought is how to really boil it down anymore and still tell the story I wanted to tell. I am not sure I would be able to make this caption now, since I tend to "show, not tell" on the narrative more so and really let the pictures and situation take care of themselves.

Discussion question: When you have odd ideas, do you tend to let them come out full force, or do you temper them? Do you let them blare sometimes but keep it more conservative other times?

The Play's The Thing!

I posted this over a year ago for Lyndee. She's big into drama and I wanted to incorporate that into the caption. Whenever I hear those classic lines, I think of how it's describing a transformation, so it wasn't a huge stretch to turn it into the catalyst or mode of transformation.

One thing I try to do is make the text box less intrusive on the picture by choosing background and text colors that match something in the photo. Oftentimes, the person speaking will have his/her text color match an article of clothing they are wearing, making it easier for others to follow the 'plot'. 

Discussion question: (1) Do you take everything around you that you see and/or hear and think, "That would make a great TG caption"? Is it from more true life situations or 'flights of fancy'?

Thursday, August 5, 2010


You might know me as Dee Mentia .. an admin at Rachel's Haven .. probably the largest collection of TG captions on the internet. If not, then you should probably check out the site and all the wonderful things we have there.

Anyway, I wanted to start this blog as a way to discuss certain captions that were made for the Haven and a deeper look into the creative process behind the scenes. Discussions on what was included and what was left out and why, how a story came out of a picture, and any and everything else that could be discussed.

It won't be a tutorial on HOW something was done, but a WHY it went the way it did, and the creative process that generated the caption. I hope it will stimulate discussion and offer insight, as well as fun and witty banter.

And if you just want to look at TG Captions .. that's fine too, but make sure you leave comments either way!