I never had my preferences posted here on my blog. As often happens, they've expanded as time has gone on, and I get a bit less picky about what I receive. I posted these mostly to guide people that don't know me too well and wish to make a caption for me.

Maybe this helps you in coming up with a caption trade for me. Maybe it will help you refine your own preferences, or give you some ideas you hadn't thought about asking for.

Male Name(s):        Damien
Female Name(s):    Dee (or Dementia if Goth) DeeDee if bimbo
Starting Race:         Caucasian
Ending Race:          African, Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic
Starting Age:          18 - 35
Change Age:           nothing more than 35-40 

Method of Transformation:     I would prefer magic, revenge, wishes, tricked, Hypnosis or Curse with gypsy / witch / goth / punk / teacher / GF or ex GF/ boss or employee / daughter or wife changing me. If you have something in mind, ASK ME ... I might be interested!

I'm very partial to pantyhose/stockings and heels 

Situation(s):    Abducted, Accidental, Bad Luck, Caught with Consequences, Punishment, Dare, Forced, Humilation, Involuntary, Lesbian Friend, Lost a Bet, Misunderstanding, Revenge, Tricked, Wishes, Witchcraft, Workplace Situations
More Situations:    Changed from a rock, punk or goth guy to a "claire's shopping, girlie girl, mall hanger" Wouldn't mind being a teenybopper ALSO:  Loss of power/control ... Young executive /  boss to junior secretary or receptionist, chef to waitress, teacher to student, older brother to younger sister
Transformation Favorite(s):    Age Regression, BBW, Beauty Parlor / Spa, Bimboization, Bookworm to Cell Phone Obsessed, Cheerleader, College Girl, Goth, High School, Honeymoon, Lesbian, Loss of Intelligence, MILF, Pantyhose, Pin-up Girl, Porn Star, Prom, School Girl, Secretary, Stockings, Strippers, Teeny Bopper, Waitress.
Current Favorite:    We've been talking about sissy captions here on the blog, so I wouldn't mind captions where I am feminized and/or sissified and/or bimbotized using mind control, magic, or especially hypnosis. The captions should still fit into my other preferences though, especially the 'things to avoid' and use Dee Dee as my character name. I don't HAVE to be changed into an official girl, I can still have some boy parts, just not shown in the cap. I would prefer female photos as opposed to she-male pictures, unless it is Sarina Valentina, Bailey Jay, or I've supplied the photo.

Another current topic that I am into is uncontrolled compulsions and behavior, especially that can lead to embarrassing or awkward situations. Things like going into a hair salon looking for a hair cut, and instead asking for a blond dye job and a perm. Hitting a store to get some shaving cream and razors and instead buying Nair, or pantyhose instead of tube socks. Having a big presentation at work, and I end up dressed as a sexy secretary and talk like a vapid high school girl.This could be a part of the above "Sissy" request above, or something that would stand on its own as part of a transformation caption. Either way is fine with me!

Along with that, perhaps Trying to order a steak or biggie size a fast food meal and instead getting a salad and diet soda because "I'm watching my figure!" OR the inverse of being a small woman trying to still do things I had done when I was a male! Stuff like this sounds like FUN!
Things to Avoid:    I would prefer no male genitals in the pics unless it is decently tasteful. No cum shot facials either.

I'd would like to mention that if someone does a caption for you, even if you don't like it, you should at least thank them for the effort. I know quite a few captioners on here that wonder why people haven't responded to a caption that was created for them.

Also, if you have ideas that do not conform with what I've posted, please do not hesitate to PM me with what you have in mind. We might be able to find some common ground!

Wanted to highlight this one more time. Dee is pretty much Damien in real life, which just so happens to be me! Dee Dee is the persona for many bimbo / slut and all drag queen / sissy captions. It can be jarring to see "Dee" mincing about or on her knees, especially if she isn't in control. In the last few months, I've gotten some captions that have "Dee" doing degrading things (as opposed to just girly compulsions) and I didn't want to complain, but over time I've seen it happen more, so I wanted to address it here in my preferences, so it won't happen again.

Here is something new that I regret to say has to be done so I can keep my sanity. If you are making me a return caption (ie. I have already made you one and you are returning the favor) PLEASE mention that it is a return caption somewhere in the posting. I have so many captions in my folder that I honestly have no idea if I owe people anymore and it would take me some time to hunt through my trading folder to figure out if I did owe. If I do happen to owe you a caption at this point in time, please PM me to let me know, and I'll add you to the list!


  1. I am Mr. Enigma Mystery, the father of The Seven
    Deadly Sins, and if you ever meet Anger, who is 16 years old for eternity, whatever else you do,
    DON'T call her Wrath, because she'd rip your head off if you did. This is just a friendly warning. By the way, Dee Mentia, when did you
    start making captions, and would you ever consider making a caption competition, in which the most imaginative and original captions get made into a story, while all you do is supply the photos?

    1. According to time stamp for the posting on Rachel's Haven, my first caption was made on March 27, 2008. My first trading caption was made on April 1, 2008.

      We do monthly competitions at the Haven, which sometimes supplies photos, but mostly offers a theme that the captions must use. People then vote on their favorites. I am the admin that currently supervises it, so I have input on the themes that are used. I've also run other competitions there, where the prize was money donated in the winners name to the Haven to keep it running.

      I like running and creating caption competitions, but I would possibly have issues with the one you suggest, mainly in that I wouldn't be able to properly award the winners. If you've read many of my captions, you'll see that I have no attention span, and if I *COULD* write substantially fleshed out TG fiction .. I WOULD be doing it already. There are writers out there that are envious of my brevity .. I am envious that they are able to plot out a story, stick to the main points, and keep peoples interest for 10k or 15k words.

      If I could up with a prize people would want, I would run a TG caption competition. If anyone out there *IS* running one, I would certainly be a judge if you needed one!