Friday, March 23, 2012

Rainbows are visions, but only illusions .. Rainbows have nothing to hide!

I had the background for quite a while, and wanted to use it for something really vibrant.  AnneOnimouse had made me a sweet caption on the Haven, and I was in the mood to make a sweet one back. When I saw the background just sitting there, I thought about the whole "Double Rainbow" meme that had made its way around the internet last year. That gave me the idea and I wanted to write a straightforward but descriptive caption that was the written equivalent of a rainbow.

I, of course, had to name it after some words from one of my favorite songs from childhood, and I still love it.  Honestly, I can't imagine someone not loving the Muppets. Kermit, Miss Piggy, Oscar the Grouch, and my favorite as a child, Grover, are just truly magical creations.

Anyway, I really enjoyed making this caption, Best thing though was in the comments. Victoria Hyde had the most perfect reply, "Anne is now an amazing technicolor dreamboat!" Oh how I wish I had come up with THAT line. It'd have been the best zinger! So, Victoria gets my "Dorothy Parker Award for Caption Commenting Excellence in the Field of Excellent Caption Commenting" which we call "The DPA for Ceitfecc". Still working out the kinks of that, which is exactly what Dorothy Parker would be doing if she was alive today!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: I have another semi-serious discussion lined up for Monday or Tuesday, so we go lighthearted tonight. Who is your favorite Muppet? If you were a Muppet, which one would you be? What about some of your favorite captioners, which Muppet would THEY be?

This song won THE OSCAR this year! Woohoo Muppets!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"tit for tat" .. and Baby It's Cold Outisde

Not that most of you were in any sort of suspense at all, but here is what "tit for tat" was, as posted in my trading folder. I will expand upon it after I quote the original posting:
ANYWAY! Here it goes!

WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR: People interested in trading captions with me. You don't have to make a caption for me until I make one for you, in fact, its probably the for the best that I make one first, so that I can make sure there is no creative pressure on me .. AND in case a metric shit-ton of people reply I won't be frantic to fix a caption debt.

THE CATCH: Well, it is not exactly a catch. My main concern recently has been that people are making their preferences WAY too narrow. I understand some things like "I LOVE being a blond!" and "NO male genitalia!" (I follow that one myself.) but some prefs are so stringent, I can't imagine that they'll have a multi-page trading folder a year from now. If you want to receive captions, you need to be a bit flexible in what you wish to receive.

THE PITCH: I will be using this post as a list of probable caption recipients over the next month or so. If you wish to be a part of this, then reply to this post, and list one or two things that you do NOT want in your caption from me. If you say "no anal" and "no she-male" then don't get mad if I make you a heavily tattooed cock-sucking Asian red-headed MILF. I will still try to follow a general "feel" of what you like, but if I see a good picture for you and want to turn you into a sissy, then I want to have the freedom to do so, and not stifle what comes out to fit a narrow set of preference guidelines.

This is a little experiment. I don't mind if it fails, since I enjoy a bit of a challenge. Not only is it an experiment for me, but hopefully it might open up a world for some that view captions in a limited scope. Never thought about being a she-male .. hey, maybe this caption leads to something you never thought you'd like.  Becoming a domme with a bunch of submissive lesbians in you thrall? Could be right up your alley!

This will go both ways .. hence the name "tit for tat" .. My two "DO NOT WANT" things are "no male genitalia" and "no women over age 35-40".

The main thing I want to say is .. its STILL going to be a Dee caption. Don't expect something else at all. They may be tame, or naughty, or whatever .. but they might not fit ALL your preferences.


PS. If you want to just do a normal trade with me, that is also perfectly fine. Just let me know or make me a caption. I usually make cap returns in a timely fashion.
I did some responses to others replies. I will elaborate a bit more after each quote.
The main point of this offering is that I don't want to have to match ALL of someone's preferences. If I have a story in mind, and find a picture that matches much of the person's preferences, but she's got short blonde hair and is skinny .. as opposed to the person liking LONG RED HAIR and BIG BOOBS .. I can just write the story I want to write.
There are quite a few newbies (and some others) who have VERY detailed preferences, in so much that they list not only their desires, but list elaborate set-ups for each of their character persona. Alectra wondered if I was sort of referring to her in my comments. Alectra wasn't at the top of my thought process, but she is one I think falls under what I was talking about. Here is my reply to her:
Actually I was referring to you a bit. I know you fairly well ... but if I was a newbie here, I would look at all the paragraph's you've posted in your preferences, and the number of scenarios and personas you list, and I would probably just move on to someone that I would consider easier to caption. I wouldn't even take the time to read it all.
There is hopefully A LOT of things to discuss  in the comments section here on Dee-lusions of Grandeur .. so fire away down below. There is also another topic that has been brought up by my 'tit for tat" posting which I will discuss hopefully sometime within the next few days here.

Caitlyn (welcome back sweetie!) made a comment in the last post that I thought was pretty spot on, and does highlight what I mentioned above:
I know that the people that have the most stringent requirements are the hardest to cap for... I like to think I'm treading some new ground when I'm capping people, but when the cap needs to be them transforming into a dominant, blonde, shemale, asian, leather wearing, whip wielding, person who is transformed by their girlfriend while they are at work using a gypsies curse... there isn't to much new ground to tread!
When you have a certain fixed (and set in stone) grouping of suggestions for others to make captions, it truly limits what others can come up with. I love making captions, but if I need a friggin flow chart to make sure I'm following the guidelines set forth by the recipient .. I might as well just caption the 10-12 people I know the best, since I know what they'll like. Even more, if I am creating something a bit off the beaten traditional path, I am much more likely to make one for a person I know that APPRECIATES something unique.

At some point soon, I am going to do an overhaul of my preferences, and perhaps prune them considerably. In wanting to "help" other captioners, I'm not sure if I have hindered their creativity by giving them scenarios about things I like. Perhaps I'm better off in telling people what I don't want, and even limiting that list to make it as sparse as possible. Maybe a more balanced approach can bridge the gap between stifling a persons muse and providing a spark of direction. 

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Where do you fall on this debate in regards to how strict a person's preferences should be? For instance, my "persona" is pretty much .. "Dee as a female name, even if a goth  ... Dee Dee is you are making me a bimbo or drag qeeen/sissy/she-male." since I consider Dee to just be me in female form. Others have a much more detailed guide to each persona. Jennifer mentioned this issue in her post last night in regards to a birthday caption she made for Simone. How much is too much information?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Self Basting Magic

I had an idea for a caption like this for awhile now, and making a "tit for tat" caption for Jackie Blue gave me all the incentive I needed to whip it up. I think it explains itself, but for those not in the know, many turkeys sold in the US have a "pop-up timer" for when the meat is fully cooked and ready to serve. Youngsters know its time to eat when the "Turkey's done!" aka when the timer has popped up, which sort of looks like the nipples in this picture.

What is the "tit for tat" caption idea you hypothetically ask? Well, I can give you a real answer to that! But that will have to be next post .. or look in my Trading Folder if you have need to know.

If not, you'll need a little more ..

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Who said nursing was so hard? Right Caitlyn?

I miss Caitlyn Masked. There, I said it! Often I'd get an idea on what to talk about here just by bouncing things off her. In the last few weeks, there have been some times where I said, "I wonder what Caitlyn would think of THIS?!?" The wonderful irony of all this is that she's only been offline for a bit over two weeks now, but it seems much longer than that. I guess it could be that she was quite prolific while I was laid up with medical issues, then she split right when I was getting back into the groove .. so it seems like I haven't chatted with her longer probably because I haven't actually chatted with her in some time.

She's really bright though, and I'm sure she'll be back soon. Until then, I'll probably just see some pictures online, think of using them for her, and then possibly give her a tidal wave of caption love when she gets back. For now, I'll post this little quickie I made for her tonight when I found this photo that screamed out to be done. I love making her a ditzy nurse. It just seems to fit her, since she takes care of her friends with support and guidance .. just like a good ditzy nurse would!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: I tried not having a "discussion question" for a few posts, figuring people would just say whatever they felt like saying, but that didn't really work, and I ended up with zero comments. So, here's one for you. Have you seen many "M@rch M@dness" type TG captions? Do you think you'd WANT to read captions dealing with "M@rch M@dness"?? (Misspellings are on purpose in case of copyright issues since I wouldn't want to piss off the NC@@!) You can still talk about the caption, Caitlyn, or anything else you'd like to discuss as well!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

2nd wedding .. and honeymoon too?!?

Originally when I posted this on Rachel's Haven, my exact quote was:
Hope you enjoy this .. had a bunch of bride pictures, but this one just came up and i was all DAYAMN!!
This was made a few years ago for Christina. Sadly, she seems to have become one of many that used to be involved with the Haven, but dropped away when real life intruded upon her fantasy realm in TG land.

In my head, everyone who disappears from the TG scene is gone because they've found exactly what they were looking for and no longer need our little community. Perhaps they have found their caring yet firm dominatrix, or gotten their wish come true when they dropped an enchanted coin into the magical wishing well. For others, it was either a passing fancy, or their real life was enriching enough that hanging around in TG circles took away from other things that were much more important to them. One person I knew VERY well has such an important job its almost 24 hours a day, with training others or just doing her own job.

The sad truth though is that many are no longer with us due to real life dealing some people a crappy hand. I know of people that lost much of their stuff due to Katrina, and had to almost start over again.  Others had issues at home with family members who found out about this side to them and weren't supportive. Some are serving their country in faraway hostile lands, just hoping to make sure they come home in one piece, and dreaming of being a woman could mean the difference between paying attention and losing a limb. Lastly, there have been some that have become quite ill, or shaken off their mortal coil.

I am so glad for all the people I've met in the TG realm, whether they've been there with me from the beginning, or just started out a few weeks ago. I value all my long time friends, and wish them continued success in all they do, as online personas and the genuine person they present in the real world. I look forward to new people, and the fresh perspectives they'll have on topics I've yet to discover, and viewpoints that will make me ponder new challenges.

And to those that aren't around anymore to read what I'm posting here .. I cherish all that we've shared. I hope that whatever you are doing, its exactly where you want to be, and that I was a small and memorable part of your life's journey.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Life's No Longer a Drag .. or is it?

Life is a Cabaret old chum, Come to the Cabaret!

Figured I would post another recent caption since I had made some newer ones in the last week or so. I was looking for a picture to use for Sarine Davis (Belladonna on FM) and when I saw this photo, I had a really good idea for what I would do, as "my life has no drama" flashed in my head as a talking point.

From there, it was just fleshing it out. Sara makes such awesome long form fiction, and much to do with workplace situations, that I knew I needed to focus a bit of that into the caption. My hope is that someone sees this and thinks that I took one of her stories and did a short summary/synopsis in caption form.

I tried to add some little touches to make it more detailed. In the movie Cabaret, Liza's character's name is Sally Bowles, so Jay becomes Sara Bowles. Not sure if anyone caught it on the Haven, but I try to bring in some pop culture whenever I can. Of course, I love to put myself in captions as a method of change for others, so it made sense to co-star with Jay.

Not sure if I made it clear earlier, but I adore this picture. It has the "backstage" feel I was looking for, and even though its definitely a woman .. she has the exaggerated make-up, costume, and posture of a drag show star hanging out at the dressing room table after a encore performance. I definitely wouldn't have come up with this plot-line unless the photo inspired me to write it.

I wish it got more love on the Haven, but it often happens. You create something you really like, and something about it just doesn't really connect with people as it comes across their radar. Perhaps its because its in B&W, or they didn't like the drag aspect. I do think though that later on down the line, someone like Nadine will comment on it and it'll get a whole new set of eyes looking at it that might appreciate it more then.

The bastards at Youtube wouldn't let me embed the performance of Liza, so instead, I'll give you the Dresden Dolls performing "Mein Herr" in England a few years ago.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

There's gold in them thar hills!

I hadn't made any captions for new members of the Haven in quite awhile. Then again I hadn't made many captions this year at all (I think 25 so far this year.) I was searching online for good pictures online when I came across this one. I had the overall story plot in my head, but wanted to make sure I was hitting someone's preferences before writing it up, so I took the photo and set it up visually, then went to find a recipient.

Brandi C's preferences were well within my theme for the caption, but when I saw her "2 for 1" folder .. there staring at me were a bunch of pictures with luscious lips all shiny and wet. Well, when you get a sign like THAT, I had to make her this caption.

To me, this is sort of a throwback to the captions I used to make. This one has a clear cut beginning, middle, and end.  Its pretty self-contained, and you don't have to bring any fore knowledge into viewing it, and I don't see it being the slightest bit vague. Everything is spelled out and concrete.

I enjoy this caption, and I'm glad that people in general seemed to like it. I guess that I really should do more straightforward captions (and the last few I posted to the Haven have been moreso) but honestly, I like doing more offbeat and/or nuanced pieces. To relate it to comedy terms, I would rather be Andy Kaufman than Robin Williams. Conceptual rather than popular but hackneyed. In fact, if I have to be a stand up, I'd rather be Louis C.K. or Patton Oswalt than Billy Crystal.

 DISCUSSION QUESTION: Do you prefer your TG stories and captions to be more straightforward, or give you some twists, turns, or downright WTF moments? Are you disappointed when a caption doesn't spell everythiung out for you, or do you prefer when it gives you lots of spots for vagueness?

Friday, March 2, 2012

Tears of the Dragon

I was listening to some music, and rewinding from the day (and week too!) when the shuffle mode kicked into this song by Bruce Dickinson. It is one of his best songs (other than possibly 'Jerusalem') and its very fitting, for those sisters in TG that are quite serious about becoming the woman they need to be, where the outside matches what has been just inside for far too long.

As I've mentioned in other posts, I have no desire to be a woman in real life. This is all fantasy for me. Someone posted in Rachel's Haven asking how much desire you have to be a woman from 0 to 10, with 10 being the most. Other posters who mention that for real life they'd probably be a 2, and if there was a magical change, they'd be a 9. I am closer to 1 for real life, and 8 for magical, figuring if there was magic, there would have to be a way for me to switch back and forth. Maybe once I tried it magically, I'd never want to go back to being the old me, but I'm pretty sure I would be the male me, with just slight vacations in female form.

Many out there are stuck in their male forms, either through monetary issues, previous life choices, relatives and significant other pressure, or whatever keeps them from being who they really are. That burden is excruciating.

I was sexually abused when I was about 6 years old by a family member. I suppressed it for many years, and wondered why I was so uncomfortable around him, especially once my daughter hit age 3 or 4. Around that time something happened, and triggered memories of most of the aftermath of the 3rd (I think) and final incident. I still don't recall most of the actual abuse (I remember him telling me not to tell anyone what was happening) but all the drama between my parents and the relative can still be called up in the memories of my mind. I don't know if they knew ALL that had happened, but it was sufficiently covered up within the family that no one ever spoke about it again. The incident I recall them fighting over was that he gave me quite a bit of alcohol for a kid. I am not sure if they caught him doing anything to me but the fight was much more than, "jeez, I just gave him a few swigs of brandy! Lighten up!"

Even now, I haven't brought it up to anyone in my family. He is in his 80's, and is in a weakened state. I have told my girlfriend though, and a few friends know about the trauma I've dealt with. Getting it out on my own terms and coming to deal with it has made me a stronger person.

Keeping any sort of secret is hard work. Something so ingrained and deep in our personality is even worse to bear. To all out there with the crushing sense of hopelessness in your life.. I hope you find the strength to let it out someday.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

A leap forward with Exot-i-fit

Made this one a few minutes ago for Jeannie, who was offering a 2 for 1 caption deal if you used one of the pictures she posted to her trading folder. There were only a few left, but the photo I nabbed gave me a good vibe, and had lots to work with. I edited the picture down somewhat to take out a bit of stuff I didn't need, and gave it a good focus with what I wanted to use, specifically the blonde cowgirl, and the banner in the background.

From there, I figured that the banner would be a product and that John would be looking for a sales position, along with his friend Jake. They'd of course have to try it out to make sure it worked properly, and hey, its better than selling steak knives.

Since its a TG caption .. of course it worked! It worked REALLY WELL, and now they have no choice but to fulfill the contract requirements for employment. Hell, I'd hate to see what they could do if you tried to back out of the agreement. I assume whatever it was for a punishment, they both figured it'd be easier to just go along with things, and earn a decent salary.

Lastly, I wanted to play around with a twist, so this time of year provided a good little stinger at the end to wrap things up nicely.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: I am feeling better now medically, and since Caitlyn is taking a sabbatical, Steffimarie has slowed down her output, and Jennifer is getting her new laptop under control .. any new TG sites or blogs I should be looking at that isn't listed in my side bar? Figured I would ask since I've been a bit out of the loop. Doesn't mean I WILL add them, but I always like to check out what others like. Feel free to give me ideas or promote your own TG blog here in the comments.