Friday, September 24, 2010

Whoops! Enjoy your new life anyway!

I did this one a few months ago, and while it seems innocuous, when you actually think about it, "Evil" is the first word I think of. It can be bad enough when the person deserves the fate that is about to be placed on them, but when it's just random chance, that raises it up a notch I think. My choice would probably be to know why and who had done something to me so I could at least wrap my mind around it and ruminate.

I had this picture for at least a year before I tackled it for a caption. There were so many different ways I could go, that it actually baffled me on how best to use it, and use it properly. The body is very feminine, but the pose has that underlying masculinity to it. Perhaps it's the towel on the bottom half is wrapped in a traditional male position, while the hair towel is distinctively all "WOMAN" with no thought to covering her boobs.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: If you, in real life, ended up in a situation like a typical caption, and were to be changed into a woman .. would you prefer it to be a specific revenge carried out by someone you knew, or in a random manner that was just out of the blue?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Better than day labor ... right?

I mostly do transformation captions, but I have made straight up feminization captions as well from time to time, and they seem to go over VERY WELL. I guess another driving force for people that like TG captions is the possibility for embarrassment. I will post another one in a week or two that was probably the most popular caption I've ever made as far as comments go.

I do like this one but I'm not sure why. Perhaps all the elements really came together well, or that I'm not sure how I could improve it. Sometimes things just click right into place perfectly. I'm not one to usually stress too much over a caption. I can walk away and sometimes never look back if things don't feel right, or revisit it somewhere down the line with a new way of looking at it.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: How often are you perfectly content with a caption, that it is the absolute best that it can be? Is it easier or harder to be content when the caption is being made for someone else?

Monday, September 20, 2010

We Might Need to Redefine What An 'Abduction" Is!

I like switching around conventions of the TG genre and juxtaposing what people expect in a caption. This is a recent example of one I did where what you see in the picture isn't necessarily what you are getting through the story line. In a way though, it's probably wish fulfillment for many readers on the Haven, though they would say, "Nah, I would NEVER want that!" With "Forced feminization" as a majority of trade captions on the Haven, I figured it'd be sweet to start this one off in that direction and then tweak it slightly. What's wrong with admitting that it ended up being fun?!?

And yes, once again I pop in as a character in a caption I created. Oftentimes though, having myself be a co-star really helps drive the caption, as people already know who I am. It's so hard being infamous, ya know? LOL What is even more fun is reading a caption made by someone else that has me co-starring as the agent of change. It's awesome when people imagine me spreading my evil across the globe!

Discussion question: What is the deal with the Haven having tons of forced fem and revenge type captions?