Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Delivering the Goods .. Steaming Hot!

This is another example of using a picture that was provided by the person I was capping for, Dalene in this case. From the looks of it, I have a feeling that this is the cleanest photo in the series. Dalene has been around the haven for a LONG TIME, and she has some varied interests, though Bimbo and Baseball are her two biggest preferences. Since I've done a ton of those, I had focused on something that she doesn't seem to have listed anymore, which is being unemployed and trying to earn money. In that scenario, I wanted to make it seem dangerous if she was discovered by her wife, and what would happen then.

I left the ending vague, but shaded it towards being discovered by the wife. I mean, what fun is it if she gets away scot-free? Women are very observant anyway, so that increases the risk. Perhaps with a rack like that, his wife would get Dalene to start working in a Strip Club for some REAL money? Its not one of my best captions, but it did what it needed to do, and Dalene enjoyed it.

Site note: For I think the 1st time in the blog's history, we hit 5k in one day (I don't want to have to read all the blogs to see if this is true, but I am assuming its true) and what makes it bigger is that I had post the day before, so it wasn't a huge rush to see the latest posting. Weird though that I got no comments at all. I hope that the usual band of commenting miscreants are doing ok, and that it was just a lack of compelling things to comment upon. I really could use some good questions in formspring, or if you are a captioner and would like a critique of a certain work you've created, email me a link and I'll see what I can do if you'd like suggestions / thoughts.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: There seem to be more people posting to the haven that they've told significant others or real-life friends about their TG nature, either in the creation of captions, stories, or of their cross-dressing exploits. While this is not uncommon, the amount of positive experiences seem to have increased! If you have had positive reactions, please post them in the comments, as I'd love to see (and possibly discuss) ways to make peoples "coming out" easier. For those that haven't shared their TG nature with others, would you if you could do so, and how much of a burden is it for you to stay silent?


  1. Keeping it a secret is a bit of a burden to me. I'm proud of my blog and my captions, and all I've done to help the haven and friends who enjoy this little world of ours. But I can't tell anyone I know in person that *my newest caption got 7 comments!* Instead I have to keep that excitement away from my brothers, my friends, and my the rest of my family.

    It especially hurts to keep it from my brothers. We are very close and I share just about every single thing with them. except this! So that is sad for me, I want them to see some of the things I'm proud of. Like my Jennifer series, blog, or a few of my creative uses with comic life.

    Maybe one day something will come up and it will actually be accepted. But I'm not going to test the water and see if they would be ok with this side of my self. I sometimes think if I could share my feminine side, I would feel a little less bound up and feel free to express my self in ways I can't. like crying or sharing my stress.

  2. Perhaps the hardest part of things for me is keeping a level of creativity to myself. I'm generally a creative person to begin with, but I have a hard time sharing some of my wilder fantasies with people. Otherwise, it's not very difficult.

  3. My family would never understand. I don't get along with them or care what they think about things more often than not, but I'm not without regard for them. I know the force of their reaction would be...let me try to explain. When I was I was a tween, I almost told my older sister, who was a pretty wild and liberal teenager. She didn't offend easy, and she had openly gay friends despite our parents' homophobic sermons.

    Before I did she took the rest of our siblings aside and, in tones of disbelief and disdain, told us that one of her boyfriend's cousins had gotten a sex-change operation. She went on to explain that that wasn't the worst part. The worst part was the cousin was still trying to get a girlfriend. Why would you even get that operation, she asked with derision, if you didn't even want to date a guy? My siblings echoed her response. That was the start and the tip of the iceberg. It never got better as the years went on.

    That kind of left me feeling it wasn't safe to tell anyone. Maybe I still haven't gotten over that. I never get the feeling any of my friends would understand, or at least, ironically, that most likely to I'm not really close to for unrelated reasons. I've almost told my best friend, but I'm not certain how he would react, and he's close to my entire family. I've almost told him anyway because sometimes I almost can't bare to keep it in.

  4. I was hoping that some people here would have some "happy ending" type reveals, but I guess not any that would like to share.

    I agree with Simone that the creativity aspect is probably the big thing for me ... telling someone, "look at what I've done with these stories and designs".

    I am sorry that people can't be more tolerant, especially people that are related to you. I bet though that they are more against the "idea" of TG or gay people than actually being confronted with someone they love admitting to being part of the group.

  5. As I haven't shared my TG nature with anyone in my 3D life, I guess I'll tackle the second part of your discussion question. Would I share it? Hmm... the answer at this moment is no. I want to, but I also don't want to disturb the status quo. No matter how accepting my friends and family may or may not be, the relationship will change. And I think that THAT is what is stopping me from sharing it at all. I know there will be people that I never share this with... they are just too closed minded to ever see me as a 'good' person if I admit this fetish to them. But I picture a very good friend... one that deep down I KNOW would accept this in me... and I think this would be something that changes our entire friendship.

    As to the burden of remaining silent.... its big. I am a very open person and share almost everything about myself to just about anyone that cares to know. For the longest time, I considered this just a mild 'fetish'. It didn't define me any more than me getting a bigger sexual thrill out of a sexy secretary rather than a sexy nurse. And it wasn't something that would come up, so I didn't feel the need to share it. But now... hell... I've defined that part of my life, named it, and given her a bigger online presence than I have.

    So now I'm actively hiding a big part of my life away from those that are very dear to me. I've even gone so far as to make up a fairly elaborate lie to explain my hours upon hours online away from everyone I know. I almost get the feeling that people I've met in the past two years know me better than my friends that I've known for decades.

    Just writing this out... putting my own vague and blurry feelings into concrete words, and expressing it makes me sad. How can I keep this from these people? At the same time, how can I risk my current relationships with these people by telling them that I've been lying to them for so long? I don't have an answer to that.

    Now I wrote this before reading anyone's comments, so I'd like to add a little more.

    I think the thing that really scares me about admitting this isn't being shunned. Yes.. there are those that would shun me, but they aren't the closest people to me. My immediate family can be fairly close minded and even bigoted... but we are family. And we accept each other's strengths and weaknesses. But acceptance would still change our relationship.

    And not sharing my creativity... oh god Simone you hit that nail on the head. I love showing my friends and family what I create, and it eats away at me that I can't share this side of my creativity to them. I hope to one day have a 'happy' ending to this. I know there is a woman out there that I will spend the rest of my life with... and to do that I can't hide this from her.

    I may never share this with anyone else... but I'll share it with my soul mate.