Friday, August 12, 2011

Gotta get this thing off of me ... oh never mind!

Wanted to make a quick post for everyone as I'll be away for the most of the weekend taking care of some family related issues that I would prefer not to be doing, and I mean in a sad way, not in a "Goddess I HATE going to Aunt Kerry's house. It always smells like burnt milk there."

I'd also like to thank everyone that posted in the "Dee's Haven" portion of the Haven. For those that didn't know, this week is my week with "owning" the Haven so to speak. We had lots of fun goofing around with Alectra and others. Nice to be recognized, but I'm one of many that do much there, and I didn't expect to have my name on the marque (sp) but if they were going to, you think they'd use the color BLACK a bit more!

Figured I would post another "naughty" caption to hold people over. I had no idea who the model was before Candy told me it was Kimber James. Since then, I've seen her pop up from time to time in other captions. Perhaps its the blond hair that was throwing me, because I mostly see her with black hair. Very pretty she-male, though I would guess that she's had quite a bit of cosmetic surgery. All it all, it was a perfect picture for what I was looking to create, and for those that like captions of this nature, I don't think you could get much more attractive looking than what Kimber has to offer.

I hope to be back posting on Monday or Tuesday. If I get a chance before then, I might pop into the comments, or even visit some other blogs. I see that Caitlyn-Masked has been cranking them out lately!

Instead of a discussion question, if anyone has something to bring up that you'd like to me elaborate on, don't hesitate to post in the comments or do the formspring thing. You could also PM me on the Haven.


  1. Gosh I didn't notice that man part hangin in there till the end heh heh heh...

    Enjoy your weekend ^-^

    Ouh and now I feel like part of the family. Given that I'm part of the jokes too "giggle". Thanks...

    Though I admit I would like to see the Haven in a black coloured theme "giggle"

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    Uhmmm for questions...

    I've been wondering about the use of "Brainstorming" to make caps. I think it could be useful for some people who struggle to make stories. What do you think?

  2. here's an idea, but it might be a downer concept.

    Thoughts on how the idea of femininity desired in captions is such a submissive and secondary role for TG stories and captions.

  3. @Dee

    I love the cap. It's nice squirmy and wicked.


    I agree with both you and Dee. I think that the Haven would look cool in a black and pink color scheme. But then again...look at how I designed my blog (which by the way was a blatant rip off of how Dee designed her blog!)

    As to 'brainstorming'. my brainstorming process is different each time but tends to follow the same path. When I find an image it tends to give me an idea of what happened. The brianstorming part comes in answering a few questions: How did this person get into this situation? What are they feeling 'now'? Is this the beginning of the story, or the end? Is there a 'zinger' I can throw in that will wrap up the story in a funny/gutwrenching/sad/happy way?

    When I've answered all these questions, I generally have my story. If I am struggling with a cap, I go back to these questions and elaborate on their answers a bit to see if I can flesh out part of the story.

    @Mistress Simone

    I've noticed that too. In my 3D life, I tend to look down upon people that can't find their own strength. I know that true 'submissives' ARE finding their strength, but most caps don't go in that direction, instead they make a weak willed sex starved shadow of a woman. I'm as guilty as this as the next person.

    But I think part of it is if the cap walks to close to 'reality' then it tends to be a dull story. I picture 'Oh I'm a woman now, but I am still a good person, and will find a happy balance in life between my newfound sexuality, and my intellect'. *yawn*

    As I like that humiliating feeling, this story just doesn't lead me there.

  4. @ Simone

    I would agree with you on that. However, I can see how a newly created woman (or man cross-dressing femininely) would at least in the beginning create a submissive and docile subject.

    If you were realistically changed into a woman, or became a sissy .. its such a new experience, that I would think you'd have to be be very apprehensive, and tentative with the new situation. I remember dressing up for Halloween, and it was such a trip .. from driving in heels and a skirt, making sure you don't get a run in your stockings, no pockets so everything must be carried in a bag, the constant stares (from both guys and girls) and making sure that everything is in place and looks the way it should (ie the female way to act and behave) .. you feel VERY vulnerable. I found myself relying on my girlfriend for much more than I would have if it was a normal night out.

    Still though, I think that the TG caption thing is those receiving the captions want to lose control and/or be controlled by a strong person. The easiest way to do that is to downplay the recipient of the change, rather than build up the dominating qualities of the one doing the controlling.

  5. @ Alectra

    I thought I had described my creative thought process before in this blog.

    Were you referring to "brainstorming" where you are chatting with someone and bounce ideas off another person?

  6. @ Dee

    Exactly bouncing ideas with a person to each other at a time. Sorry for not being so clear ^-^

    @ Simone

    A bit like Cait and a bit like Dee on that one for my personal feelings

    I enjoy both the receiving end and giving to the receiver, but I tend to left that in a second plane, if not it could turn (for me) boring!

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra