Friday, August 19, 2011

Miki Loves PETA

Just a quick little Friday post to keep people going throughout the weekend. Hope this blog post finds everyone in good spirits. I hope everyone has done something during the summer to make another person's life better, in even a small way. Helping others always seems to make ME feel better, and what better side product can you get than that?

I've tagged pretty much all of 2010's posts along with everything posted so far in August. I will be working on Jan - July of 2011 as things move along. I did not post as much in 2010, so it was much easier to figure out, though I'm still not quite sure of the tags I've made so far. I know I haven't done any yet for MILF, and I'm making "Mind control" count for hypnosis, magical control, or anything else that makes people act differently, rather than REALLY make it TOO specific. I mean, the whole point of this blog is to get people talking about the discussion questions.

Speaking of, we have a good question and some great answers already in the last post about femininity. Please put your two cents in, even if its just to agree with a particular commenter.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What stands out the most to you when it comes to makeup, especially in a TG caption? I know that lipstick gets lots of love, and its easy to link that magically into a transformation as anyone can smear on without issue. However, I think that eye makeup is a harder effect to achieve, and using it as a mode of showing how far along someone is into their transformation can be a subtle window into how much control a person is under. Perhaps pulling out a compact at an embarrassing time and looking in the mirror might also be a fun little diversion! What do you, the readers, think about makeup in captions, and the best ways to use them in a story plot?


  1. you already took my answer!! Mascara and eye shadow are a huge thing for me!

    I always try to use make up in my cross dressing caps. Emulating women and femininity in anyway and conveying that sex appeal or feeling of being a girl. I used to sneak down stairs in the middle of the night and put on some makeup. The smell of it, the taste of lipstick, the feeling of it weighing just a little more on my face.. *shiver* So in my cross dressing caps I just HAVE to put in some mention of makeup.

    It's the action's being emulated, the senses being filled, wrapped in a blanket of something so femme and bathed in it. It's also why I like to add in spritz of perfume or the feeling of dangly earrings.

    oh.. and I can' deny the appeal of lipstick.. especially when it leaves a stain... >_>

  2. The eyeshadow is normally the makeup I notice the most unless the lipstick is a bizarre colour. I rarely use makeup in my caps, don't know why. I guess it just adds that little extra touch of femininity and if a new girl starts doing makeup then she now cares about her appearence and has become more feminine. Pulling out a compact at an embarrassing time is a great idea too, just shows he's started to care.