Friday, August 6, 2010

Sunday Morning Coming Down

This was made for Dalene back in November 2008, and really started me on a path I try to continue today .. that of using pictures that tell the story without using words. The bicyclist isn't really the focal point of the photo, but I wanted him to be a part of the finality of the caption. Once I figured that out, it was up to me to find out what the story was behind the picture and augment it with text.

I could see that it was an early morning street crossing, since there was no one else around and the streets were deserted. I figured that Dalene was returning home from a night out, and was almost on a walk of shame we've all been through when we return home from a night of partying wearing the same outfit we were in the last night. By the time I was done, it reminded me of "Sunday Morning Coming Down" by Johnny Cash, so I titled it that: even posting some of the lyrics which I'll reprint here...

On a Sunday morning sidewalk,I'm wishing, Lord, that I was stoned.
'Cause there's something in a Sunday, That makes a body feel alone.
And there's nothing short a' dying, That's half as lonesome as the sound
Of the sleeping city sidewalk, And Sunday morning coming down. 

Discussion question:  What makes you choose the pictures you choose when making a caption? Is it dependent on the person or idea you have, or do you have a definitive method of choosing?

Pregnancy .. In A Jiffy!

Here is a caption where the picture totally drove the story. I'm pretty sure that I found the picture online while looking for pregnant pictures to use for a caption for Jilly. To me, it just struck me that her belly was growing due to it being next to the fire .. and when I put that together with her name, it became obvious to me that she had a jiffy pop pregnancy. (Yeah, I know it's not a normal progression of thought, but often my brain actually works like that.) The fun thing is that this is not anywhere near my weirdest caption ideas .. though it might make the top 10-15.

Anyway, I think it's more verbose than I would like it to be, but considering this was made in October 2008, I am pretty happy with it overall. My other thought is how to really boil it down anymore and still tell the story I wanted to tell. I am not sure I would be able to make this caption now, since I tend to "show, not tell" on the narrative more so and really let the pictures and situation take care of themselves.

Discussion question: When you have odd ideas, do you tend to let them come out full force, or do you temper them? Do you let them blare sometimes but keep it more conservative other times?

The Play's The Thing!

I posted this over a year ago for Lyndee. She's big into drama and I wanted to incorporate that into the caption. Whenever I hear those classic lines, I think of how it's describing a transformation, so it wasn't a huge stretch to turn it into the catalyst or mode of transformation.

One thing I try to do is make the text box less intrusive on the picture by choosing background and text colors that match something in the photo. Oftentimes, the person speaking will have his/her text color match an article of clothing they are wearing, making it easier for others to follow the 'plot'. 

Discussion question: (1) Do you take everything around you that you see and/or hear and think, "That would make a great TG caption"? Is it from more true life situations or 'flights of fancy'?

Thursday, August 5, 2010


You might know me as Dee Mentia .. an admin at Rachel's Haven .. probably the largest collection of TG captions on the internet. If not, then you should probably check out the site and all the wonderful things we have there.

Anyway, I wanted to start this blog as a way to discuss certain captions that were made for the Haven and a deeper look into the creative process behind the scenes. Discussions on what was included and what was left out and why, how a story came out of a picture, and any and everything else that could be discussed.

It won't be a tutorial on HOW something was done, but a WHY it went the way it did, and the creative process that generated the caption. I hope it will stimulate discussion and offer insight, as well as fun and witty banter.

And if you just want to look at TG Captions .. that's fine too, but make sure you leave comments either way!