Ask Dee!

 Please don't ask stupid questions you know I won't even try to answer!

Lets see if this new form works! Hopefully I will answer questions within a week of them being asked.


  1. Missing my black leather knee boots with the 5 inch stiletto. Can you send them back please?

  2. <fingers crossed the form works>

  3. I understand thir was going to be some slowness due to migrating to a new server but Emily said that wold occur between the ninth and thirteenth. So the uestinis did they move up the date or is there another reason the Haven went down and shows as a site not found?

    1. This would be a good blog to follow even though it is rarely updated.

      It will let you know of any issues we may be having at the Haven. We had an issue with our host who said we were behind on our payments so they shut off the site. We currently had enough to keep the site current and were dealing with them about it this afternoon.

      Emily just posted a new reply about an hour ago:

      With their own records on my side I apparently was able to do enough to get the site back online. That said, they now claim up to 24 hours for the domains to repropogate.

      After the events of the past 12 hours Rachel has decided she can no longer trust our web host to conduct business fairly and honestly. This is likely to mean changes in the costs of keeping the Haven online as things change to a new host soon.

      If you happen to have a web host you love, it wouldn't hurt to let Rachel know about them.


  4. I had the blog bookmarked but searched and couldn't find the bookmark. I'd gone there before when there were other outages. I just posted here as an alternative because i knew you'd get a notification.. By the time I saw your reply the Haven was back up and I sent you a PM there. Thanks for responding though.