Thursday, August 11, 2011

Up close and personal with .. something personal!

JPL had this picture in his folder, and as he is another person that is constantly putting me into caption debt, I figured I would try to keep up by using something I knew he'd like. It is a bit more "risque" than I like to use, but I think that worked to my advantage. I mean, we've seen our private parts since we were tiny, but we don't usually see them from other positions unless we are watching ourselves on a sex tape. Even then, its not live and in our faces. So that, plus the loss of power in a relationship, made it a caption that I'm pretty sure that JPL enjoyed. Looking at the picture again, I think I OWN that same graphic EQ rack at home!

Haven't been in the best of moods lately, as life hasn't exactly gone my way. BUT I will try to persevere as best I can. I hate when the real world interferes with my fantasy time. This place is an important part of that fantasy time. I am also sorry for not replying to comments or even PM's lately.

For fun at lunchtime here, I was trying to stump Google by searching out weird terms and to see if there was anything that went along with it. The most fun one was "Noid Cosplay" ... as apparently there ARE people that dress up as the old Domino's mascot for "Avoid the Noid"! He did have a videogame and was killed by Mayor Adam West on Family Guy so he's still in the pop culture realm, but people will really dress up as ANYTHING huh?

DISCUSSION QUESTION: How would you react realistically to the scenario in the caption above? Would you freak out? Would you go for it, knowing that you'd never probably get an actual chance to go fuck yourself again? Would you enjoy it?


  1. it depends on who my significant other is if I had a kinky partner who liked to play then I might not have a problem with it. I might actually try to enjoy it. If it was someone i thought might be trying trick me, I would have a HUGE problem with it.

  2. I would be grossed out with the idea of having sex with myself. It's like my reaction towards incest x10. I wouldn't freak out, but my answer would be a firm, "No."

  3. Great Comments!

    I am not really sure what I'd do. I guess I know where I've been, but then again, it *IS* me!