Tuesday, August 2, 2011

If only she could find the key!

When I first posted this, I thought it was fairly clear what I was trying to do, but quite a few missed the whole point of this caption. It wasn't brain surgery ... and yet, many people missed the answer, which was right under their noses, or above those shiny orbs at the least! I can understand why they were distracted!

Discussion Question: How often do you miss a totally obvious plot point, or at least one that seems obvious to most people? To me, that would be a definite "bimbo" moment, like laughing at a joke for all the wrong reasons, or laughing before the actual punchline. What was it that made you miss the central idea behind the caption?


  1. I have to admit on the first read I didn't get it. But after a closer look (and avoiding those glorious orbs) I spotted the key. In this case I don't think it was the writing, I think its the fact that the teeth of the key is obscured by the chain. So at a quick glance, its not obvious that it IS a key.

    I think the whole 'missing the point' is one of the background reasons I tend to write as long caps as I do. I can't stand the thought of someone reading a cap and ending up thinking 'What? I don't get it'.

    But overall this is a lovely cap!

  2. @ Caitlyn

    I assumed that was the reasoning as well for them missing it. The key isn't the focus of the picture.

    Then again, I don't see a lock on the chains, but what the hell! It is just a caption! LOL

  3. I don't see a lock on the chains either - I assumed she was locked in a room and couldn't find the key that they'd mockingly hung around her neck. Though I don't know why she'd be wrapping the chain around her hands - except perhaps a nervous habit?

    I may be revealing my blondeness, but the part I didn't get was the "line hits that squiggly thing" part... What's that mean? Is it some type of timer or something? (hehe, maybe I'm just tired)

    ... Other than that, great cap! I like when they have a way to get out of their predicament but either can't see it, or aren't smart enough to figure it out anymore... or it just feels too damned good to bother.

  4. @ Julia

    "The line hits the squiggly thing" is definitely the minute hand hitting the number twelve on the clock. Damn kids with their digital clocks and their hula hoops! :)