Friday, June 29, 2012

The Haven Quarterly - Issue 4 is now available!

This issue is packed with 127 (!) pages of TG captions, stories, and other wonderful distractions!

I made a few advertisements, a caption challenge for a Belladonna/Sarine Davis story, and answered a "Letter to a Mistress" which apparently was too hot for the regular section, so it resides in the Explicit Zone! Why would a person known mostly for amusing yet charming captions like me end up in a seedy area of the magazine? Why don't you spring for the cost of the ezine and find out!

Here is the table of contents .. notice all the contributors that you've come to know and love!

Honestly, if you can't find at least 2-3 people in there that just makes you all melty when looking at their work, you really shouldn't consider yourself a TG fan. The Haven Quarterly costs $10, ALL proceeds will be used to keep the site online. The eZine is loaded with EXCLUSIVE captions and stories from some of your favorite contributors on the Haven and is available no where else!

A simple $10 donation reserves a copy of the eZine for you or a friend! Really want to share the love? Donate $25 and we'll give you a copy and 2 more you can share with your friends. Or for $30 you can buy yourself 4 issues, either to share with friends or to enjoy the entire collection!

That means that if you missed out on previous issues, or haven't bought any yet, you can get ALL FOUR issues for 30 dollars! That is like getting an issue for FREE! Click HERE for more details!

Grab your copy today and tell them Dementia .. sentya!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Oh Shiny! ... Helping Jillisa!

Over at the Haven, Jillisa has been having a rough time with medical and financial issues, which mostly go back to the medical issues. Kayla has offered a caption gift deal on the Haven, where if you make Jillisa a caption gift (no return coming back because its a gift) she'll donate 5 dollars or more to Jillisa, up to 200 bucks. More details can be found on the Haven right here!

I love making captions and made many for Jillisa over the years, so why not make one knowing it will help out her situation?!? One of the requests if to make her over into her 'princess" persona, which is a pet. I have no problems doing that and had this picture saved for a while that I wanted to use, though I didn't have a plot until today.

As I was looking at it, I said, "Oh shiny!" and the hypnosis idea hit me like a flash, especially since Kayla was involved. I didn't want Jill to speak though, how to show what had happened? How about Jillisa's former best friend Alex falling into the same trap without realizing? I thought that sounded delicious and fleshed it out on the fly. I know that Alexia (one of my earliest TG friends) likes being a pet as well, and is good friends with Jillisa, so why not put a bunch some good people together?

I really enjoyed making this caption and I think it shows. Its for a good cause, so if any of you out there would like to help her out a bit, go to the links in the above paragraphs. Just make sure you proofread them first, as she's a stickler for good grammar and spelling! I used Steffie in case I missed something, you can blame her!

COMING SOON: Information on the Haven Quarterly Issue 4! 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Killing 'em with ...

Wanted to get something posted. Didn't really have a topic in mind at the moment. I'll do a quick recap of the cap and if something comes out I wanna discuss, so be it!

I wanted to make something for Scifi Kara. I still don't know if I owed her own or we were even, but I try to cap her at least every 4-5 months or so.She likes a good vengeful caption as you can tell from previous captions I've made like THIS ONE. They are fun to write, because I can just picture Tom as a Bruce Willis/Arnold type who ends up in the body of a woman and learns how to deal with it and ultimately gets her revenge on those who wronged her.

Odd quirk, usually when I make other characters that are sort of irrelevant, I tend to use the last name of Jenkins .. sort of the old Scooby Doo joke, "It's Old Man Jenkins!"  ... "And I'd have gotten away with it if it wasn't for you meddling kids!" When Scott Adams needs a generic character, he usually uses Ted, since its short and generic. I'm not sure if I've ever used Ted Jenkins, but I think I now how incentive to do so! Anyway, when I went to check out Kara's preferences, she has Jenkins as a last name! Obviously I had to come up with a different name (I wonder if Kara's been doing all those horrible things I usually have Jenkins do!) so I jumped at the chance to include more pop culture layers into it. MENDOZA!!!

Yes, its a Simpson's reference. Like that comes as a big shock to anyone. That show has one of the biggest cultural footprints on pop culture over the last 22+ years. I don't think there is a day that goes by where I don't use some sort of callback to the show. Other than MST3k, its probably my favorite tv show of all time, well at least through season 15 or so!

This is a compilation of the best riffs from "the PumaMan" movie done by MST3k.


UPDATE: Unfortunately this is bad news. If you knew Yvonne from a few of her blogs,  According to a post written by her brother, Yvonne commited suicide a few weeks ago. Her brother Mark wrote, "he left a note saying that she felt she could no longer go on living (in her words); "in between two genders, dysfunctional in one and unable to become the other."."

 For any of my readers out there. If you feel depressed or suicidal .. PLEASE try to reach out to SOMEONE .. ANYONE! There are people out there that can try to help you. It sounds like Mark cared, and in your darkest moment ANY light is better than total darkness.


Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Shortcut with something extra!

I made this back in January while on painkillers. Looking at it now, its more coherent than I thought it was back when I posted it for Chrono180. Yeah. it goes by REAL fast, but it does go from point A to point B in a straight line. I wish I could've had a bit more room to put in how the hell he got into a dressing room, but I would hope that most people would read that any "Asian mall store" with a perfume counter would probably have a women's clothing department.

Just looking at it again, I now realize WHY people didn't get the connection I was trying to imply between the Haiku perfume and the final "zinger' at the end. URRGGHH, apparently I can't count when I'm buzzing on pain meds. I had too many syllables in the 1st line for people to properly read it as a friggin' haiku! Eessh! Yes, I know its corrected NOW because I am posting a corrected version.



I will update this section as needed throughout the weekend as little thoughts pop into my head. I might make this a standard weekend thing if it works out well. Keep checking back in here!

Congrats to Caitlyn-Masked on getting the initials RN after her name. I KNEW she could do it.

Welcome to all of the new people that have joined here recently. I think this MIGHT have been the biggest week for newbies with ummm 5 people joining I think!

If you HAVEN'T JOINED yet ... why not?

Realfield joins the list of captioners leaving our community for a bright hew future! We'll miss you BUT I am so glad that you got to leave on your terms and I hope you have a wonderful life ahead!

YES, I probably stole this style of writing from Larry King!

Today is the last day for submissions for the Haven Quarterly Issue IV. I believe we are over 110 pages right now. It is going to be a humongous issue jammed packed with stories, articles and LOTS of TG captions. I'll have more to say about it in a week or two when it'll be available.

ALECTRA made it out of her first year of college, which I assume means she'll be cranking out a bunch of captions she's probably owed for awhile now!

If you have a trading folder at Rachel's Haven and haven't made a trade caption in awhile, THIS is the best time to make some new ones. We will be doing another housecleaning in 2 weeks or so and moving inactive people from the main folders. Its also a good time if you are INACTIVE to make some captions and get out of caption debt. I LOVE moving people back up to the active area!

A HAIKU in English is pretty much a 'poem' set up in 3 lines .. the first contains 5 syllables, the second has 7 syllables, and then the last line uses 5 syllables .. which is the correct way to do it in the above caption!


DISCUSSION QUESTION: Be truthful, did you see the connection between the name of the perfume "Haiku" and how her quote was phrased? If so, was it too subtle, or was the lack of a large amount of text make you think it was just a breezy little caption? If you want to comment on any of the little Dee-briefings, or give me something to post there, the comment section is right below!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Its a Consensus that Joanna is a great commenter!

Well, back a few weeks ago, I promised myself that when I hit 1000 comments, I would make a caption for the lucky person that posted that 1k comment. That person happened to be Joanna or Consensus as she is known on the Haven. She has a blog that she posts to called Happiness and I like to poke around now and again and give my unsolicited 2 cents (is that the same as 2 shillings in the UK?) whether people want it or not. Joanna doesn't seem to mind so I kept commenting!

I started making this caption a few weeks ago, as I found the picture and wanted to create a setting for it and go back to it later. Since then, its been sitting in my to-make folder because I wasn't quite sure how to tackle it, other than having a guy crossed dressed out on that fire escape. When I first pulled it back into Photoshop, I wasn't sure how it was going to end, so I wrote it on the fly.

Unfortunately, Joanna doesn't have a trading folder, so I sort of had to go by feeling as to what she would like. I know this story is probably a bit generic, but I'm hoping it still hits close enough that she's enjoy it! I mean, I know she's married so it could end up being a forced fem thing where Pete goes along with whatever is planned so that he won't get his ass kicked by an obviously tough broad! Or it could just be a story of one of his adventures when he was still single and in college.

I am really glad that she ended up being the 1k commenter ... as she does comment on many of my posts here AND on the Haven. I think she deserves one for the contribution she makes to TG captioners in giving feedback. See it DOES pay to tell captioners what you think about their work!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Leave your feedback on the caption here since it won't be posted to the Haven unless Joanna ends up with a trading folder.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Lesson in Envy!

This caption was created for a newbie and I wanted to highlight why preferences can really be important. Initially I glanced Raven's prefs over quickly and found this to be the center of where I was going to make a caption, since it was really highlighted.
Female Name: Raven-This name I like to keep for "Evil Bitch" kinds of characters. If the story needs me to be a bitchy head cheerleader, dominatrix or anyone else of a generally evil self centered disposition then Raven is the girl for the job.

Dawn (Though Raven is my main, I also have a soft spot for Dawn, so I'll be happy to see how people use her)- Dawn is the innocent character. I like to think of her as the naive nymphomaniac, the kind that doesn't know how much she will enjoy her new body until she has some experience that shows her how awesome it is to be a girl. You don't necessarily need to use her that way though, it's just a suggestion that I know will push my buttons, she would also do well as any other kind of submissive character.
I figured the best shot was to do a caption for her Dawn persona, especially since I had a great idea come to mind while glossing over the rest of the preferences.
My Character somehow starts out as a plain woman with little or no distinguishing features and so goes around stealing general attractiveness and/or slutty/bitchiness from characters she encounters, this can be intentional or unintentional (After Being Turned into a Girl Obviously). 
My thought was that men tend to be envious of material things they'd like to possess, like huge TV's, fancy cars, bikini model girlfriends, etc .. Women tend to be envious of other women's situations and their insecurities about their body. Along that line, I figured that I could follow the "stealing attributes" path that Raven had requested without making it a 'willing" caption, allowing me to use her submissive character.

From there, I just wrote out what I wanted to do .. and ended up with this:

I thought the execution was ok, but it was a bit of a clunker in a few ways. First off, while she said she didn't mind lactation, she didn't specifically say she liked pregnancy. That tends to be a deal breaker for some people and I didn't want the caption to fail just because of that. The main reason though was that I wasn't sure I wanted Dawn to offer any resistance, which is what the caption implies, that she has figured out what is happening and is trying to stop the inevitable.
I decided that I wanted to resolve the caption in a different way. I was happy with everything but the last two lines of text, which meant that I had to figure out an ending with a real economy of words to get it done. For me, I needed to use words sparingly and make them count. I went back and figured that making her Raven might be the best way to solve that, but HOW could I make her bitchy? Using guy logic ... Midol = period = instant bitch! Once I figured that out, it was just a case of rearranging and making sure the flow of the last 2 lines worked properly and eliminating anything superfluous.

In the end, reworking it made it a better caption, and one that fit in with her preferences much better than the original, once I figured out a way to put her preferences to best use. They didn't click for me when I started, but once I had something created, everything seemed to fall into place.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Because this is a TG caption blog, and most of the readers are fans of TG, we all seem to be envious of different aspects of womanhood. What are some things that women should be envious of men? In other words, why would a woman want to be a man?

Monday, June 18, 2012

Dreams DO Come True!

Hope everyone had a great Father's Day weekend, whether you were BEING honored, paying respects to your own Dad, or both! Clam Boil was freaking AWESOME and I followed it up with some of the best Frozen Lemonade on the planet .. Del's Lemonade which was invented in Rhode Island, and is now in 36 states apparently, though RI still has the most with 20 store locations. Nothing like getting it fresh from a cart, truck or store!

Here's a caption I made for Madcap McGee while she was offering a 2 for 1 caption trade deal. I love to do those as most people that offer them will often put up pictures they want made into captions, and sometimes include plots as well. I like working within a set frame that I can still yet be creative, and when they post photos, it makes it even easier since you KNOW that they like the image. You can usually find at least one that will tell you a story.

I used this picture that she supplied, though I did do some photoshop work on it to make it somewhat blurrier, as if in a dream. I layered it and took off some around the face as I still wanted to have it be clear enough to show the emotions. The blur was mostly to give a sense of transition to the story.

I think the idea came from some sort of Irish curse, "May all your dreams come true" which some people take to be a blessing. Just think about some of the fucked up dreams you've had in the past, and imagine if ONE OF THOSE were real! Not even the nightmares, but the leap in logic and weirdness of our GOOD DREAMS that could wreck our lives if they were to become a part of our lives. I'm sort of glad that we don't have that capability.

So anyway, its obvious that if Matt was given a "may your dreams come true" blessing/curse and reality had to match the dream ... and Dee was a lesbian .. Matt would HAVE to become a female to be able to seduce her, right? That's my reasoning and I'm sticking to it!

Her reply to the original posting in her folder needs to be highlighted.
Oh, you! Embarrased I am constantly in awe of what you come up with, and was super stoked to see you decided to take part in this offer.

The effect is noticeable, but subtle enough that it isn't distracting. Basically, as far as I'm concerned, it worked perfectly. And the cap you crafted with it, WOW! That's just plain hot! I know what I'll be dreaming about tonight! In Thought I absolutely love it, Dee! Thank you so much!
Now THIS is why I love making captions for her and for certain other people. If I do a good job, the response will be something like this. I enjoy making captions regardless of who comments. However, when you make something for another person and it gets a reply back like what she posted, it just makes me feel so appreciated. It also makes me super motivated to create even MORE mind-blowing captions for them in the future. Trust me, Maddie is definitely on my "NICE LIST"!!

Its things like that that can really go a long way to getting people to continue posting captions. Apparently, I comment I made to Petra early in her captioning that kept her from giving up. I found this out in a recent email back and forth when I thanked her for being such a great friend. It was just the act of saying, "you rock!" to her and that I always looked forward to captions from Petra back in 2008 gave her the confidence to keep going and she'd go back to that occasionally. It blew me away to think that something as simple as "you fucking rock!" would suffice for motivation!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: I do so enjoy a lovely crafted or worded "blessing/curse". Anyone know of some other good ones that have been handed down through the ages, especially those that could be expanded into TG captions or stories? Faust seems to inspire some good ones, as does anything with the Kokopelli trickster mythos. Maybe you have some TG stories or captions that you've written or read that you could link to here in the comments?

Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Father's Day Weekend!

Not sure if I'll get another posting up this weekend so I wanted to get this up now and wish all those Dad's out there a happy holiday ... especially those who'd much rather get a new pair of heels than another stupid tie! Usually I end up with a gift card which is nice. The best thing you can give your Dad though? Some respect and some peace and quiet .. something we probably never did when we were growing up!

We are going over my Memere's house for a big clam boil and cook out on Father's Day, and I plan on pigging out now that a few of my chompers have been fixed. For someone who has a figurative BIG MOUTH, I have a literal small mouth, and my jaw STILL hurts almost 24 hours later.

Anyone here that creates captions that doesn't belong to the Haven? I would be interested in doing trades. Perhaps if people indicate the need, I can certainly post my preferences here on the blog. I've gotten to the point where I think I could do any type of TG caption, from magical to realistic, forced fem and bondage to extremely willing. I've also expanded what I like to receive quite a bit from when I started. Let me know if the comments if you want to do a caption trade!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: When reading TG captions, how often do you imagine yourself in the protagonist role? Do you find yourself doing it more in certain overall themes or with certain creators .. or just randomly hit or miss? Is it the storyline or the photo that gets you thinking about yourself acting it out?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

"Where to, Champ?" . "Havenbrook College?"

Wanted to post SOMETHING and not sure I'll be in the mood after the dentist appointment this afternoon after work .. and I really like this one so we'll get it as a blog exclusive.

the caption falls on the heels of the one I did for Steffi that was posted on Tuesday. I was still in the non-magical mindset and I was lazily looking through pictures that might stimulate a story.

When I saw the picture, I knew it was great for a 'realistic' caption since there wasn't an abundance of cleavage and she had a girl next door look about her. I had just had the whole Financial Aid discussion with my daughter, and FUCK! College has gotten WAY expensive. No wonder everyeone is in debt up to their eyeballs. Most people go to college so they can earn more yet they are saddled with 40-200k in loans before they even start a full-time career. Gone are the days when you could just cruize along with a liberal arts degree and figure out what you wanted to do with your life later on in your 30's or something like that.

Anyway, with that thought, and the other thought that she was thinking about a girls only college .. lead me to this caption. All I needed was a framing device to explain why the hell she was in the back seat. I didn't want to venture into a forced femme thing with a mother .. I mean, if you are a 19 year old boy, are you REALLY going to go along with that plan? I was trying to be as real as you can get in a TG caption, and a willing participant seemed like the best way to go. From there, a cab ride seemed the best idea. And for those who wonder how Leslie could get all that done in a 3 mile drive .. you really should do rush hour in DC, NY, Boston, or some other large city with lots of Colleges. He probably had 20 minutes if not more.

I am not sure I'll post tomorrow and if it'll be a Father's Day caption or something else. I should have something posted by Sunday though!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Hope you enjoyed this, and since its not posted anywhere else, I would like to see comments and discussions about THIS caption in the comment section. What did you like? Anything you didn't like? Would it have been better as a magic caption?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Not the Weekend Ron Had in Mind

The other day I was looking through some photo galleries and saw "Smoking Hot Redheads" so I figured I would take a look. Yeah, they were pretty hot, but this photo is the one that grabbed me, specifically for Steffimarie since it seemed like it was right in her wheelhouse.

This is more of a realistic caption, as Steffi prefers non-magical. At this point in my captioning life, I'm probably about 80 percent magical / 20 percent other .. and its because I've really tried to stretch my creativity over the last year or so. There are others that do non-magical way better than me (Steff for one) but I think I'm much more consistant with this genre than I've been in the past. Before I could make a great one THEN have an absolute clunker. Now its more like 2-3 good ones in a row before I get to a stinker.

Its a short post, but even though its only Tuesday; its been one hell of a week and I've got dental work scheduled for Thursday so I wanted to post something. Profound discussion questions will probably have to wait a few days.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What TG media do you recommend? Things like Youtube videos or movies on Netflix I may not have seen. One of my favorites still to this day is the transformation scene in Deathstalker. I had it on VHS and used to play the hell out of it. I also wish there were more Doug Henning TV specials on youtube or elsewhere!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

EXXXposed in the Gallery!

Had a full day planned for today .. clean out all the winter supplies in the SUV, detail said SUV, do same thing for GF's vehicle, help Grandma with her AC unit, grab snacks for Celtics game, etc ... Then STOMACH ISSUES! Couldn't have done this during the week when I could take a sick day? NOPE! NOT AT ALL!

So I got derailed. Mostly hanging around the apartment wandering between the bed, the computer, and the bathroom. Luckily I have some reading material around to pass the time. Figured I would grind out a post since I'm not tired right now. I am hoping to keep a better blogging schedule than I have in the past.

This caption was made last night. I was looking through newer members of the Haven trading area, and Elise's preferences made me think .. I am pretty sure I saw a picture set with a blonde wig in it earlier that night! I went back to Southern Charms and found the model and the specific set I had seen. The model has long long legs and seemed to be posing at some fancy place. Looking at other sets of hers, I had thought she might be a post-op, but I don't think SC has any on their site, so I am just assuming she's quite androgynous when modelling. I decided, of course, to use that to my advantage.

The story is based off of a Halloween experience I had which I think I've detailed before, but will elaborate on slightly here to discuss where I was heading in this caption, and how it never quite got as far as originally thought.

When in boy mode, I could probably be dropped off in a remote city in the USA and would most likely be ok. I have enough things in my pocket to get me back to where I live .. ie. license, debit cards, cell phone, cash (I always have a hundred dollar bill for emergency purposes,) flash drive, keys, flash light, pocket knife, etc .. When you are dressed like Elise above, every inch of you is pretty much on display, and while women have more things in their pocketbook, if that vanishes, literally their whole life is in that bag.

My original thought was to have my character leave her posing there in the gallery without any ID and let her fend for herself. Of course I would come back later, but Jeff wouldn't be so sure.I figured I would flesh it out later as to what exactly the relationship was between Jeff and Dee.

As I was writing it though, it took on a different tone, one of playful teasing more than a harsh lesson. It also showed Jeff to be a much more open minded person that most of the protagonists that I write. Maybe this was her way of presenting Jeff with a possible new facet of their relationship and him wanting to please her, went along like a good sport. I liked that dynamic and I hope that Elise liked it as well. I think it made a better caption, and I can always use the abandonment plot point somewhere else down the road.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: I don't use "ready and willing" protagonists too much, though I think I've done more lately than ever before. I am still trying to get a comfort zone with it, especially when it comes to magical tales. Are there certain 'tropes' in this genre that you would like to see me work with more? In what ways do a "ready and willing" or "lightly coerced" plots hit your buttons? I could really use some good discussion in this topic as any meaningful thoughts might help me immensely with the psychology of these sorts of captions.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Close Shave .. Not Again!

This caption was the first one I ever did for Candy (One Eyed Pirate) back when she first appeared at the Haven. I am not sure if it was before or after TF Media had closed, but that is where *I* knew her from. She was offbeat in a fun way, and I wanted to make her a caption to welcome her that would be fun. Who wouldn't want a caption with a billy large mouth bass in it? In the bathroom no less!
Thanka Dee for the "welcomes", and the cappy you made 4 meh~love it. I couldn't help but get a laugh from the bass (fish) thats hangin on the wall right behind me, great pic to a good story that all fits together very well.
 Yeah, That caption is definitely a Dee caption!


This is where I take up where I left off yesterday. Since I didn't want to lose people to the length of the post, I figured I would jump back in with a post today.

Most likely, I am a TG lifer. Why do I say that? Well, I've been reading the stories since Carnegie Mellon had the gay/tg archive only available on FTP which was in 1994. I won't go over the rest since I've talked about it before in other posts.

I don't usually vanish for long periods of time either. I think the most I've went between visits to sites has been a week or so when I went to Florida in 1999 when I didn't have access to the internet.

I tend to be fairly steady in caption production. I'm sure I've slacked off a bit since I started, but I've not really been hit by any big writers' block issues or a lack of computer access.

I am not sure I could just walk away. I am not sure I have it in me.

Well, I mean, I could stop doing captions if they ceased to be fun. I wrote stories until I realized that they sucked because they were extremely short. Captions were the perfect vehicle for my ADHD.

I always had a knack for coming up with things that were descriptive but concise. I wonder if the fact that I started making captions right around the time I lost my voice and was unable to perform in any bands lead to my fervor at the Haven.  I don't write lyrics very much anymore because it pisses me off that I can't sing them the way I want to, so I've got more than 15 songs just sitting on my hard drive that I've written that probably won't ever get finished.

What does this mean for me? Well, it means that at some point I might become the TG version of the lady in the trailer with all the cats. I'll make some new friends here and there, and lose some too as they vanish into the ether.

I hope to never be the one that constantly says, "back in my day, we created captions while walking 5 miles uphill both ways in a snowstorm, and they had to be less than 300k in size and no bigger than 900x600 .. and we liked it that way, dammit!"

In fact, I am going to try to do this at least once a week. Sometime during the afternoon, I will pop on Yahoo and be visible to anyone/everyone. My nights have been relatively full, but I probably have some free afternoons starting after next week (night work meeting next Mon, daughter's foot doctor on Tues, daughter's guitar concert on Wed, my dentist appt. on Thurs).

So, with all this Petra talk, it made me think about my place in the TG world, how I got here, and where I'm headed. I think this gunslingers got many bullets left in my shooter, and I hope you all will mosey on down the happy trails with me every step of the way!

DISCUSSION QUESTION:  I took down the formspring box .. the newest release of it doesn't seem to let me control the way it looks, and a white box with blue banner is NOT the look I want. I haven't gotten asked anything in at least a month as it is so I don't think it was a good fit. Would you prefer me to list an email address I could be reached if you had a query? Just submit anything you wish to say to me in PM at the Haven? I did add one of those CLOUD LABELS thing toward the bottom so that if you want to see a certain topic, just click on it. Let me know how that goes. Any other plugins you'd like to see here at Dee-lusions of Grandeur?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pea gets to celebrate!

It has been a sad 24 hours or so since I found out that Petra will be resigning her admin position at the Haven and wandering off into the sunset. Its totally on her terms, as she's found a sweetheart of a gal that is moving in with her next week after almost a year of long distance dating. You can find the post HERE if you want to read the whole thing and are a member of the Haven.

It does make me sad BUT it also makes me really happy, as I often hear so many real-life TG stories that don't end particularly well. She's just not going to have the time to fulfill her duties AND she doesn't want to keep any secrets from her new love. As per her post:
This is by no means a decision I am making where I'm choosing to suppress any of my desires or feelings or as a means to hide anything. I've just come to a point in my life where this reality of me being Petra is no longer something that I want to pursue with vigor.
I don't think she made any secret of the fact that she was here to have fun and play with some friends. I mean the fact that her screen name was "PLAYIN PETRA" was probably a dead giveaway. That she isn't haunted by feelings that she isn't in the right body to match her mind or anything like that does make me glad that she can walk away and feel charmed to have known us.

It doesn't hurt any less though to know that I won't have her around that much anymore. However, knowing that she is at an incredible new chapter in her life gives me much joy. AARRGGHH, once again I'm in that happy/sad crying mood again. I am not sure how the hell women can put themselves through this?!? Yes, Dee is in "fried green tomatoes" mode!

TG sites come and go. Only a few really have a lifespan longer than a year or two. The fact that some even spawn communities is amazing. I guess what gets me is that many people that I considered contemporaries are starting to vanish into the ether, and are now compiled in the Haven archives, "banished" to the inactive trading folders, or disappear forever (like when Geocities finally collapsed) with only a faded memory.

I love the fact that there is always new blood making captions. Its what keeps things interesting and evolving. I dread that we are such a "anonymous" type collective that people can appear, make some part of an impact, then vanish without most people knowing the back story at all. If you were there, you know and remember, but otherwise its quite fleeting. With this situation, its nice that we have a chance to mention to her how much she's meant to us.

Others like Wildcard barely get a thought by most people now. Jayne was an active member of the Haven a number of years ago and was impacted by one of the major hurricanes. She made some thoughtful captions, and was a good friend, though others probably felt closer to her (Simone for instance) like the way I felt about Pea. She took care of real life things and is hopefully succeeding in life with her wonderful kids. To anyone though that hasn't been around much until recently though, she's just another folder they'll never look through, not someone that was worth knowing.

Why do I mention people like Simone, Jennifer, Pea, and others so often? Because they matter, and they matter in a big way in my life. I hope these people think that I matter to them as well. When Caitlyn says that she has an infection .. I care! And when she passes her nursing exam, I will be so excited for her, even though it means less captions to look at! I am happy when Alectra passes all her exams .. and pissed off when people insult someone I consider a friend.

I am SOOO glad I'm not wearing mascara right now because I'd be totally raccoon eyed right now!

I look forward to meeting the next Petra, and the next Bimbo Jessica .. while still enjoying the Rachel, Steffie, Courtney, Bren and Martha's because they are here for me. All the people that post here .. you have enriched my life so much and I want you to know that.

This post has gone on long enough, and I didn't even really get to everything I wanted to talk about. I'm sure I've lost about half my readers by now anyway LOL

If you are a visitor who doesn't usually comment and surfs the internet looking for the latest captions ... do you belong to Rachel's Haven? There are THOUSANDS of captions there .. both in the gallery (it as a ton of yahoo and lycos group archives among others) and in the trading area. Do yourself a favor and join if you haven't yet. If you do belong, head into the trading area and just start looking through the inactive member folders. Don't ignore the captions just because their owners aren't participating in trades anymore. They are still great quality captions! Its a great way to kill a rainy day afternoon!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Do you, the readers, mind me getting serious now and again? If so, should I mark it with a warning for those who just want to look at the pretty captions and wank away? In the past, people have wanted me to open up and let the light inside my head. This post happens to be one of those times. Feel free to talk about anything I said in the post. I will try to answer every comment for those that want a reply.

Monday, June 4, 2012

There's GOT to be a catch!

This is a case of the caption story getting away from me, and me deciding that I might as well go with the flow and see where it takes me.

I owed Anne a caption, and had something sort of in mind when looking at photos. I had just recently read about some of the people that were trying to stop cyber-terrorists from wrecking havoc on the internet. Most of them don't even work for the FBI or CIA or anything like that, they are just average people that work from home and surf the web looking for suspicious activity. I found the source picture above and thought about how you'd fund a terrorist group, and blackmail came to mind. I didn't want to use viewing TG captions as a blackmail option (though I reserve the right to use it in any sissy captions I might be making soon) so I figured, WHAT IF there was a way for those groups to kidnap a body through the computer (magical means of course) and hold it for ransom? This was pretty much the whole VIRUS-WARE program scheme but amped up fivefold.

So I had my picture chosen, set it up and started writing in the text box like I usually do. About half way through though, I started to think about the humorous spy cartoon Archer. Its always the sexy or handsome people that are usually the agents sent out into the field. The poor shlubs that are doing all the grunt work of hacking code never get to have any fun, and consider themselves desk-jockeys, one or two steps removed from "guy in boxers living in mom's basement." If *I* was one of those guys, I would probably consider this an upgrade, even if it meant the loss of my manhood!

As I mentioned in the posting to her folder:
I owed you a caption, and was wandering through my photo archives. I came across this picture and came up with the idea that you were an SIS agent researching the finances behind a website and ended up stumbling upon their real source of income. Half-way through though, I was like, "ummmmm, I think I lost Trevor's motivation." So I just rewrote the direction it was taking from the middle onward. Something just felt more true with the way it came out. Hope you enjoy!
Once I came to that realization, I had to really backtrack and rewrite. My writing my captions on the fly in Photoshop has its advantages. One is that I could just wipe out some of the frivolous stuff that no longer was needed, and just carve out a quick bit that fleshed out the new ending, which is probably WAY better than what I originally had. I think it was supposed to be more along the lines of "On *MY* salary at SIS, it'll take me a YEAR to make that much money! If only there was a way that a sexy blonde woman could make few extra bucks a night so that I could get my old body back. I'm sure I'll think of something at some point."

As Anne replied later on in the post:
Thanks, a great twist. I always think it is wonderful when the story decides to write itself ignoring your plans.
Yeah, it certainly was Anne! In my opinion, it rescued a decent premise done lackluster at best into something much better.

On a side note, this is the 2nd time I used a picture from the same set. About a year ago, I made Martha a caption that had a different pose. I was just looking at this and said, I swear I've used that model before .. let me go see! Viola! In the D'archives I found the Martha one.

Also, Anne is from the United Kingdom, so I made what I thought were good allusions to the way they do things over there on the other side of the pond. SIS being like a government agency, and the page 3 girls in the tabloids.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: How often do you come up with a caption or story and end up going in almost the exactly opposite direction that what you had originally planned? Do you try to stick with the original plan until its obvious that it isn't going to work, or just let it take you where it wants you to go? I'm wondering how stubborn people are and how much they are invested in their original idea.

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Red Wave ... of Neurotoxin!

Wednesday and Thursday were very productive for me in the TG realm. I ended up making a bunch of captions, some to cover caption debt I managed to accrue in May, and other things for the 4th Issue of the Haven Quarterly that will hopefully be out in the beginning of July. So far for the HQ, I've made a caption based off a song title from a story written by Belladonna from Fictionmania (aka Sarine Davis from Rachel's Haven) and a few advertisements. Since we want it to look as much like a magazine as possible, it definitely has to have ads. I think I like making those the most!

One of the captions I made to get out of caption debt was this one for Neurotoxin. When I owe, I try to look in their photo folder to see if anything there inspires me. I already know that they think its a great picture, so I'm already half way there in them liking it. This one jumped out at me because .. to me its visually stunning, don't you agree? I can see why it was in her "pictures to use for captions" folder and that is why I was drawn to it.

From there, I thought about her screen name, Neurotoxin, and I figured I would use that as a base for the caption. I also wanted to stay away from any sort of real plot, and focus on the RIGHT NOW changes as they were happening in the moment. It wasn't necessary to give it any back story as far as I was concerned.

Why muddy it up with something that could end up clunky? I would much prefer that Neurotoxin, and any reader, fill the plot in however they'd like it to be. Was it a jilted ex-wife? Lab experiment gone horribly wrong? Batman knocked him into the vat while fighting crime? I figure that the reader will have a much better back story than I can, since they know what they like.

Because of that, I was just able to write about sensations as to what he/she was feeling. I tried to make it a bit detached but I couldn't be TOO clinical or it would lose some of its impact. I am not sure I got the exact best balance between the two, but I think its still pretty hot.

On another note, I was able to check out the backlog of some of my favorite captioners and friends to this blog. Great work, and I'm sorry I couldn't comment on it when it was new, but Hey! Hopefully I got some people looking at the less current stuff now! Also, if you haven't checked out Simone's "Glamour Games" series yet, you are doing yourself and Simone a great disservice. Its WONDERFUL!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: If you had just seen the picture, what sort of story would you have come up with for a caption? Figured that I want to see what this photo would inspire others to write about. Also, traffic has slowed down her the last week or so. I know I haven't been posting that regularly, but I figured I would ask .. Would you like to see more older captions, or more recently created ones? I have many of both, so let me know what you'd like to see. If I made you a caption you haven't seen posted here, let me know and I'll see what I can do, especially if you have an idea for a discussion about it.