Monday, August 1, 2011

2nd period Chemistry is going to be different now!

I like these sorts of captions, where a position of authority is dressed down a bit, and now has to deal with being on the other side of the fence. Not necessarily in a demeaning  or punishing way, but experiencing things from the other perspective. When I was in High School, I could often picture myself in the hot teachers body, using it and my authority to get whatever it is I wanted, or being the shy but sexy nerd girl. Something (ANYTHING!) that wasn't my usual world (can you tell I get bored easily?!?)

Nothing mind-blowing involved with this caption, as its a basic set up and delivery, with a picture that is well within what you'd expect for the plot line. It is a typical point in time caption, and I think that it actually paints a complete picture. There wasn't much in the way of vagueness here, unless you wonder if she'll go back to being Mr. Broderick, or stuck as Tatiana.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: I didn't really get answers to a question I asked previously, so I will ask it again. What do you do to spoil yourself? Do you ever splurge? If you do, what do you splurge on?


  1. I don't really spoil myself, not these days anyway. I might buy a few DVDs every now and again but usually it's people and places that set me off. I like going to conventions or going out with friends.

  2. Splurge? That sounds awfully naughty Dee.. :P

    Anyway, What I used to splurge on, was things like comics, games and little collectibles here and there. Some times it was bigger stuff though, like a statue. (thank you payment plans!) But not so much any more. No money to do it.. ugh..

    And I used to spoil my self with a hot bubble bath. (strawberries and cream or milk and honey! Mmmm..) But Now we only have a handicap shower.. so, no more relaxing baths for this girl. :(

  3. I don't think that I'm splurging, however I tend to spoil myself by visiting a fine restaurant. Or buying some new Blu-ray discs.

  4. I like Tatiana's style... what was that formula again?

    I splurge on a few things now and then. A big book, eating out... a nice pair of shoes...

  5. I try to keep my wants reasonable so that its not splurging when I get them for myself. A new game once in awhile, a new gadget occasionally. I think the last time I 'spoiled' myself was when living in Chicago. I was DIRT POOR, and had trouble putting food on the table, and paying rent. But about once every two months I would go to a fine cigar shop and buy me and a friend some really good cigars, head out to a fine resteraunt and just sit back and enjoy. Sure the next morning I realized I blew enough money to put food on the table for a month, but those little spending sprees made the every day pain of worrying about everything worthwhile.

  6. Just some playstation3 games and once in a while some beer and scotch. (i totally go nuts when in the dog bar getting treats for my k9)