Thursday, June 30, 2011

Never Satisfied .. A Guest Birthday Caption!

This comes from Steffie and was posted last night (which was a few hours before my actual birthday) and since its only one panel, I thought it would be perfect to post today, other than how friggin' awesome it is.

The comments section is just about as fun as caption. Here is Steffie's posting and some of the replies ...
I guess it's that time of year when all the little kiddies cower under their beds, virgins clutch the sheets tightly to their throats and Wal-Mart closes early, just in case. No, I'm not talking about Dennis Kucinich's yearly visit to bean town... I'm talking about the anniversary of the birth of the queen of triple sixes herself!

I know I'm a bit early but I wanted to give everyone the heads up so they can all show you how much they care. So get off your butts girls and start's not like Dee turns 666 every year... oh, wait...

from Terri:
Ah, Dee's birthday, I thought I had spotted all the signs and portents. Thunder, lightening, a sale at Hot Topic, the cat suddenly sitting up and looking around before going back to sleep.

from Petra:
Huh, all I saw was butterflies flitting, bunnies hopping, kitties being cute and birds singing. I thought maybe Courtney was coming around, but I guess all the cuteness hustled out of the east coast towards the Midwest in honor of Dee's day of birth.

p.s. Wonderful cap Steffie. I love the layout and the story and the pic and the oh so cute wittle vampire teef. Such an adorable wittle vampire. I just wanna hug her and squeeze her and rub her and pet her.
Wanted to make a final push for 500k today ... we are actually quite close .. something I wasn't sure of yesterday. Please feel free to look at the last few posts and comment. In fact, I would love for some questions to answer for those that ask them.

I am not sure if I'll be posting much over the 3 day weekend. Probably depends on things I have no control over. Keep checking in though and I might have something new!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Answers? I Want Questions!

Well, since I have been quite busy and with other things going on, I've been mostly whipping up discussion questions on the fly that sort of fit in with whatever caption I've been posting. I usually try to have some forethought in what I am posting with a decent discussion topic already in mind. I haven't had that luxury in the last few weeks.

So, I am opening up the floor to questions at large, especially if it is in regards to some sort of captioning issue that you might have had. Other questions are welcome as well, but I noticed (and have had a few people ask me questions recently about fonts and other more basic issues) I have sort of drifted away a bit from the concrete things and moved into more abstract ideas. I figured that this is where the readers and especially the comment crew were at. They tend to be captioners as well, and I wanted to focus on keeping the discussions fruitful.

However, I started this blog to reach out to all levels. If you are just a lurker, but would like to give TG captioning a shot, post here about what the biggest block has been so far as to why you haven't made something yet.

Lastly, if there is a caption I've done for you and would like to know a bit more about it (and if I can remember creating it!) you can let me know which one it is and maybe I'll whip up something in a future posting.

Blog Stats: Hoping to hit 500k posts by July 1. This is my 102nd post since I started almost a year ago.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Well, I think you need to read the above post again then huh? There are lots of different things you can comment about!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The One Hit Wonder

Just made this one and posted it for Nadine in the Haven. Had the picture for awhile, and had an idea in mind, but pretty much forgot all about it until now.

I originally used comic sans but I HATE it and it looked just BAD! Went back to my original font, and just played with the shadings and depth a bit to at least get it focused. I wanted it to remain a black and white caption, holding the source material in such high regard as I do. I honestly think that music video is in the top 2-4 videos of the 1980's, and it is probably my favorite pop song from that decade.

I named it "The One Hit Wonder" because in the US it was their only big hit. They were still pretty big in Europe into the late 90's before they broke up. I guess they still do reunion shows and he can still hit that friggin' high note.

Anyway, here's the video that inspired this caption:

 DISCUSSION QUESTION: Any other significant 80's videos that we could possibly mine for TG captions? I would think Thriller by Michael Jackson would be a given. The problem is that there are only so many iconic images from 80's videos. What ones can you think of?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Long Dark Tea Time for the Soul

+++ Image has been removed .. as per model's request +++

Not quite back to normal here but things are slowing down and becoming less stressful. I might try to make a new caption either tonight or tomorrow if the mood hits me. I haven't made anything new in at least a week, due to lack of time and the real life issues.

Wanted to keep updating though so I can keep people interested. This caption pretty much speaks for itself. I am pretty sure the picture was supplied by Janesmoke and when I saw it, the idea was basically there, even the stinger at the end. It was just a case of getting it out in good fashion and keeping out of my own way. The title comes from a Dirk Gently Holistic Detective Agency Novel by Douglas Adams. I wish he had spent more time on this character before he died. It was quite interesting.

I want to thank all the people that have talked with me or left a comment, whether here or through a PM. I'm glad to have friends like you all out there to share both absolute tons of laughter, smatterings of kinkiness, and occasionally moments of sadness. That you all have been supportive makes me smile.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: How obvious was the story I concocted for the photo? Blatant, or were you thinking something else when you looked at it? What story would you have made out of it?

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Something I Can Never Have

Beware! This might be some tough sledding, but I hope you will take the time to read what I've written which comes from deep within me.

This started out originally as a caption for Vancouverite, who had an interesting f2f request she wanted to see. Below follows what she had listed:

Any preference to situation?  I'd like you to write a cap that features a girl experiencing a "downgrade" in body type or lifestyle.  If possible, please include before and after shots.  (snip with some situations) The focus of the cap should be on her new life and what she's lost.  The story should not be about (or contain) sex.  Please do try to avoid the cliched "justice" caption. I don't want a caption where the girl is just so mean or self-centered at the beginning that she "deserves" the punishment.  In fact, I'd prefer it if she didn't deserve the punishment!
I had the picture and I had a song I wanted to work with, perhaps integrating it into the story. What I had though was MUCH too dark for a caption, especially for someone like Jeff .. and especially since the last caption I made for him was dealing with a best friend changing into his friends dead wife with a misplaced wish. It ended up being a sweet caption, but it was still a heavy mood.

The reason I had chosen the picture was it was somewhat ambiguous in sexuality. The shape looks female, but how much so? It really drew me in. The lyrics are from the first NIN album, and Trent really knows how to bring the emotions, especially tortured ones. There are some different interpretations of them, but for me, there was a huge gaping one that called out to me, and especially for those that WANT to be women, but probably never will be. If you looked at the caption first before reading this (1) shame on you! LOL and (2) read it again and see if you can make some more connections. I just decided to use the lyrics and nothing more. I wanted them to be the centerpiece, even if no one ever saw it.

I will preface this by saying that I love the haven and captioning because its a pleasant escape from reality and I don't really want to be a woman. However, like Rachel, I know a few people that are transgender and the pain they feel is so real its palpable.

It brought out so many emotions in me (I am actually crying right now) because I remember a friend (not from the haven) that self-harmed because of that ONE THING that they can never have. No matter how well the surgery goes, you are (in their minds) not a real woman. You do all you can to make yourself appear, act, and present yourself as feminine, but no matter how well you pass, there is SOMETHING that can keeps reminding you of who you used to be. It is even worse if they don't even have the comfort of a "fake organ" to delude themselves. Every bit of self confidence can come crashing down, even if there isn't a rational thought. It is ALWAYS there in the back of their minds, and down.

I wasn't planning on posting the caption, or for that matter, the very post I'm typing. I made the caption a few weeks ago, but it quite cathartic for me to post all of this right now. I have had such a rough week that went from bad to worse in the last 24 hours or so. One of the people that I love most of all is someone that falls into the category I mentioned up above (though she isn't the self-harmer .. well only once.) Even though she had been through a lot this week as well, she has been an absolute rock for me, along with my girlfriend.

This person knows about the Haven, and kind of thinks its silly, but understands the need of escapism. She wonders why anyone would WANT to be like her. She says she wouldn't wish that pain on anyone. I wish that EVERYONE was more like her though, as she is so compassionate yet snarky (almost every day she asks how Rachel and others with health issues on the haven are doing), and the absolute best friend a person could have. No matter how much I tell her that she is the total package, there is always that ... one thing she can never have. I hope and pray that someday, even if for a few moments, she will have EVERYTHING that she ever wanted .. and more! I can't think of a more deserving person.

Damn, this seems to be much more of a Livejournal post than a supposed light hearted TG caption blog. If I wanted to apologize for this, I would. Tough shit though if you don't like this one ... Stay tuned for titties and funny pop culture references on another day.

*addition* I thank you to all who have commented so far. I am going to try to get some sleep after getting maybe 2 hours in the last 40. I will comment on those I haven't so far and hope that people will continue you to do.

I wanted to add the actual song that the lyrics came from in case there were people that hadn't heard it. For me, it is even more of a tie to my best friend. It is probably her favorite group of all time.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Piano Lessons make the (Wo)man

I am going from memory, since I can't access the Haven right now, and I haven't heard from the server company to say if something crashed, perhaps its just slow. Usually I just cruise the Haven and pick out a caption then write about it.

This was made for Terri, and I found the picture while looking for fancy dress photos, which is one of her preferences. Here is where I admit that I took my inspiration from Pop Culture. Seeing this photo, I immediately thought about the Family Guy episode where Lois gives piano lessons, and Stewie has it rigged where if the child plays wrong, the piano will blow up. Abject fear is a good way of teaching, don't you think? LOL

Anyway, as someone who took years of piano lessons, teachers are always harping on keeping your wrists in position and the posture to play correctly. I just channeled all my hatred for them into this caption, figuring that since the teachers seemed to be stern taskmasters, why not HAVE an actual dominatrix? I actually at one point was being taught by a nun, who had a ruler that she would use to lift my wrists up if they were sagging, or run it along my back if I was slouching.

The story came real easy to me, with the whole one upping the situation until it was ludicrous. I can't imagine that this would ever happen in real life, unless it was a kinky fetish thing. The picture is also vague enough that it could be a boy in the outfit wearing a wig? Something that is grounded in reality but is beyond what we'd expect to see. I think we all want to see that in a TG caption, right?

DISCUSSION QUESTION:  Its Friday afternoon and I've had a hard week. How about you ask me some questions, either in regards to captioning or whatever? I will check in fairly consistently and answer as honestly as I possibly can.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

You Wouldn't Believe .. Or Would You?

Haven't been around much, stuff going on in the real life that is draining my energy. Hope to be back to my "normal" self soon. I quoted the word normal because that is always relative when it comes to me.

This caption is short and sweet, which is how I'm going to keep this post blog. Ron is a man of few words when it comes to captions, and I've followed him back when he was doing Yahoo groups with all captions based on songs from old music groups (like the Beatles and Elton John.) He likes women in men's clothing so I usually save some for him when I find them, and then usually whip up a tribute caption to his style, though I try to throw in some color backgrounds that still make it look like it came from me. He is still doing the white background with a common black font. I am not sure how long he's been at captioning, but he was veteran when I first started back in 2008.

I like his style because its often sparse but descriptive. He definitely isn't long winded, and captures the moment nicely. I've tried to take what he does and expand upon it in different ways. Foreshadowing and shading the stories to give them some more depth but still appeal to my ADD.

I like the setup here because it feels like an old 60's sitcom, where Dick Van Dyke gets home and Laura greets him at the door, wondering what happened. Perhaps later on Dick goes to a bar to drink away his problem with Rosemarie and the other writer, and Rosemarie gets made because Dick is getting all the attention of the single guys.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: I've seen enough posts on the Haven in regards to when people first discovered they liked TG things, and what website first appealed to them. I would like to know, what was the first TG caption that you saw, and (for the captioners) what was the first caption that inspired you to create?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Total Immersion Lingerie Therapy

Something tells me that many people that are reading this blog would be running down to their local university to get involved in this sort of clinical testing! You'd think with all the weird shit they study, that there would have been some sort of emasculation project.

This is sort of a followup to the previous post and what was discussed there. Many women are very self-conscious about how they look and even the hottest model will have SOMETHING they'd like to change about themselves. I guess being a flaming ball of insecurity is one of the treats of being female (and knowing one or two MtF individuals, it is amazing to see what female hormones can do .. WHOA!)

Hence, this caption, which is another variation of the "Walk a mile in my shoes" variety. I would LOVE to see someone make a story that closely follows what I've presented here (And they probably have, but I don't recall any off the top of my head other than something Karen Elizabeth did like 15 years ago) which would fill in the gaps. Perhaps people can recommend some in the comments section?

The main difference between this one and the previous posting is that this one is more voluntary. He isn't stuck, but mentally he is because he is finding out he likes dressing that way. What was supposed to be a punishment definitely isn't, though it probably is causing some embarrassment to his male ego.

I like this caption, as it gets to the heart of the matter while being economical with words. When I can convey something sharp and precise, and zero in on a specific feeling, it makes me quite proud. The picture drew all of this out, since I didn't really have an idea in mind when I found the photo. It was a "wow, great photo .. wonder what the story is behind this? ... OH! I have to write it out right now!" It is so much easier when everything just flows organically.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Which "walk a mile" caption do you prefer, the previous one or this one? What makes it "better" in your opinion?

EXTRA THOUGHTS: When I post the discussion questions, that isn't the only thing allowed to be discussed. If you would just like to talk about the caption, the reasoning behind something there that I didn't explain, or even a response to another comment, please do so! I am not trying to dictate the discussion, but often (a) I wish to get more feedback on a certain talking point I am wondering about, and (b) like a good host, I am trying to stimulate interaction.

Yesterday, I had a question of Alectra of why she kept typing in "eh eh eh" in her responses (in mine and Cailtyn's blog where I posted the question) and we ended up with a side discussion of how other cultures designate laughter in the written form. It had nothing to do with what Caitlyn had talked about, but still was quite illuminating. It got me thinking about to how other cultures deal with social issues, and might appear in a upcoming caption, if and when I can caption again.

So feel free to ask questions, or just make statements about the captions themselves, and we'll see where that leads us!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Pappy's Day

You never really win an argument when you are a dad and you have a teenage daughter. You might "win" in the moment, but honestly, you've still lost the war. They have so many ways of extracting victory, and that isn't even counting the magical ways that you'll see in caption format.

This is a basic "walk a mile in her shoes" caption, and the picture fit what I was looking to convey. It also makes mention of a simple fact that I've learned over time .. women dress sexy for themselves. If it turns on other people, then that is a bonus. It makes them feel good, sexy, alluring, flirty .. however it is they want to feel. Knowing how damn insecure ALL women are, it makes total sense.

It is amazing how much of what a woman is .. is defined by how she looks. That is why men tend to have one mode of dress, with a weekend look of "comfortably sporty". In the space of one week, a woman can be MANY different people, just by what she is wearing. If she doesn't want to commit to a total look, she can underscore what she's wearing just by a different set of earrings, or heels when wearing jeans.

It is a study in psychology really. I have dressed in drag a few times, but the most pronounced one was Halloween over 10-12 years ago. After about an hour, I REALLY felt different. The heels made me walk with shorter and more tentative strides (even though i walk in heels really well, so says everyone I know. I blame it on the amount of Rocky Horror I did as a teenager.) and I was not used to all the attention I was getting (some was good actually, a friend was apparently admiring my legs before realizing it was ME .. said it made him question his sexuality for a moment) which women must constantly get used to. Not just the "HEY SEXY!" thing, but the scrutiny that women go through 24/7. Carrying around all my important stuff in a bag was a PITA too, as I am used to things being in my pocket. Other than when I've lost my voice for months at a time, I had never felt so vulnerable in my life.

So to all the dads out there .. "DON'T DREAM IT .. BE IT!" We know that you'd LOVE to be the stay at home housewife, even if it was for just one day .. especially if your spouse took you out dancing that night! If not in real life, perhaps in reading a TG story or identifying with a TG caption.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What  'Rite of Passage' that almost every woman goes through would you most like to experience as a female? There are no wrong answers, but I am just curious. I will give my answer after a few others talk about what they would like to have gone through. I don't wish to "poison the well" with my thoughts, and perhaps someone my persuade me to change my opinion.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Slumber Party infiltrator .. and a Question

There had been MANY good TG stories and some captions dealing with slumber parties, and I wanted to stick my toe into the water and make one as well. I did this almost 3 years ago,so it is no where near as refined as I like to think I am now when it comes to making captions. Its much more straight forward and the storyline was pretty much ripped off from the movie "Just One of the Guys" with one of the hottest teen girls of the 80's, Joyce Hyser AND the immortal WILLIAM ZABKA! See it if you can, as she goes undercover as a boy to write a journalism story (sort of like a Black Like Me thing, I think) where she sort of looks like a girlish Ralph Macchio when in guy drag. Also, contains a great line of dialog, "where do you get off having tits?" and later on, the same guys says, "Its OK everyone, its alright. He has tits."

I'm hoping that the slumber party that "Emily" is going to is as fun as what Steffie had last night on the Haven. Heard it was a real blast for all involved!

Now here is a question from Alectra:

Surely you are bound to know a lot of folklore on American History but are you in touch with any folklore outside of your country? by folklore i mean culture, myths, legends, customs, etc. related to the country...

I know a fair amount of world history and some traditions, due to taking some folklore classes in college. I also know many stereotypical things that aren't true, as per the filmstrips we watched when I was in elementary school. I've also mentioned here about Joseph Campbell and the Archetypal Hero and how those relate to myths. Every culture has its own myths and each seem to have the same roots. I think that is one of the reasons that TG captions can play well across cultural boundaries. The ideas behind the captions are universal.  The witches, gypsies, tricksters, etc .. we all use tend to be the same across all cultural boundaries, from Baba Yaga to Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

However, my captions can be an island unto themselves and distinctly American. I tend to litter them with cultural references that are relevant to me and those of my generation. In addition, there is a huge smattering of pop US culture, and pile onto that, instant memes that will fade quickly from our consciousness, unless prodded in a way that you'll say, "remember when that was popular 10 months ago?"  For instance, there was a moment where some old guy sung a song called "Pants on the Ground". It seems like a long time ago, but it was less than 2 years ago. It was a huge sensation for about 3 weeks, then it disappeared. I can't even tell you the name of the guy that did it. Rebecca Black and her song "Friday" is another one of those instant pop culture references that will probably disappear fast. 10 years from now, they'll do a "where are they now?" feature and they'll reflect on it, even though at that point, she'll probably just be getting out of college.

Anyway, my point is that what I write is often contingent on when you are viewing it and where you live. You'll get the main point of it, but there might be some place where you aren't getting the whole GESTALT of what I was playing around with. I mean, how many people honestly read the caption above and KNEW the movie reference I was working with? Perhaps you got a Twelfth Night vibe (which the movie sort of ripped off) but unless you were a teen in the 80's, the caption just sort of "sat there" and existed.

I guess I might need to take a step back occasionally and try for some universal themes, un-littered with obscure (for the world at least) references. Just so I don't leave people out. I will make an effort, but honestly, I put a lot of myself into what I create, and this is who I am. Someone that makes constant pop culture references (the writers of Family Guy really understand my brain, and Seth went to college not too far from where I'm from) is someone that will probably be a good friend of mine. Otherwise they'll just sort of sit there puzzled at why I'm yelling "ROWSDOWER!" when a Molson Ice commercial comes on the television.

DISCUSSION QUESTION:  Do you lose any enjoyment in not being completely aware of everything that is going on in the caption? Does it make you enjoy it more when you catch something that is an obscure reference that most won't get? What percentage of a caption should be universal to all vs cultural references as a good balance?

Perhaps the link will work here in the main posting? It is here to show an interview I mentioned in the comment section.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

We Want the Cup!

We wanted the cup, and we GOT the cup!

Oh, for those that might complain there is no TG stuff in this blog entry, this one is for you:

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The LAST One Night Stand? or Not?

This is a caption all about expectations, especially stereotypical expectations. When men engage in one night stands, usually all the work is done before the act itself takes place. They work on the set-up, the introduction, the follow-through flirtation, then on sealing the deal. From there, it is usually smooth sailing. The woman's work is different in that she is more likely conducting her night like a job interview, weeding out the lesser lights and finding someone that will be compatible and hopefully up to the task at hand.

If the guy is satisfactory, or even good, the roles will switch the next morning. She'll have to sell herself on the "slut in the bedroom, goddess in the kitchen" among other things. The guy got what he wanted that night, and if SHE wants more, then she needs to step up her game.

It was sort of what I was going for in this caption. The curse was that Nadine had to have a perfect one night stand as a woman before she could turn back into Henri. To be honest, I don't think I've ever had a perfect one night stand, so it is probably a herculean task for Nadine to be switched back anyway. However, I wanted to show the progression to where Henri thinks it was a great one night stand and figures in the end that it is going to be a LONG TIME before he is male again. For those that don't know, making crepes is NOT the easiest thing to make. Usually if I still liked the woman the next morning, we'd go to Denny's for a grand slam breakfast or something.

With that in mind, I thought I had found a perfect picture to go along with my story. The photo drummed up an image for me of a woman reflecting on the night before while watching the sun rise. There is a feeling of contentment and yet a longing for something more. "That was fun, but why am I not back to being Henri?" seems to be what she is thinking.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: When making TG captions, we often do the trickster thing where a goal is set, and somehow its never achieved due to traps set along the way. The deck is stacked so that its a 1 percent chance that the protagonist will actually succeed. What do you think is the best way to plot that out in a caption? Should the failure be set up in the beginning where you can use it to ramp up the humiliation and show most or all of the aftermath? Or is it better to make it seem like the goal is attainable, then have it yanked out from them with flourish, akin to Charlie Brown and the football that Lucy is holding? Do you prefer another way I haven't mentioned?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

An Easy Diagnosis

Its a nice, simple approach to captioning. Take the picture, and just elaborate on what you see. Let everything breathe, and know when to prune down what you have written.

I think this would've made a wonderful Bob Newhart show episode, don't you think? It is the voice I hear when I read the psychologist's monologue. I guess Frasier Crane would fit as a voice also.

I can remember thinking about adding the line, "Gwen? Please hold all my calls and cancel all my appointments." but it just didn't need to be there.

I know that, realistically, this panel is nothing more than a "rimshot" caption, but dammit! I LOVE this "rimshot" caption!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: I made this for BimboJessica who is/was a good friend of mine. It is the kind of caption I would make for her, or Petra, or another close friend. Would you have some apprehension making a caption like this for someone you didn't know very well? It is definitely sexy and fun, but I'm not sure I would give it to a newbie.  Do you really need a familiarity with the recipient, or does this stand on its own enough to be a return caption for a first-timer?

Friday, June 10, 2011

A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing? Ewe are kidding right?

I wrote this one a little while after the Carmen Sandiego caption I posted a few weeks ago. I thought it was a fun diversion and I wanted to use more pop culture references, since many people dug what I had done with the cartoon super-villianess. I also wanted to pay a bit of tribute to my friend Bimbo Jessica (who I mess dearly and wish wasn't so busy so we could have fun online again!) She is a huge Warner Brothers fan, and I wanted to highlight a lesser known set of cartoons made by that studio. As much as she is into the cartoons, she digs Monty Python as well. Those two things were the main influences on this caption.

Some people enjoyed it for what it is at face value. It is a decent enough, with some humiliation, abuse, and some cuckolding thrown in at the end. However, I would think that if you knew the references behind it, then the caption is much more enjoyable.

Here is what I posted a few days later, as a way to explain for those that didn't quite get what I was going for.
The Warner Brothers part is the Ralph the Wolf and Sam the Sheepdog cartoons. Ralph would try to steal sheep, and Sam would thwart him, mostly using standard Tom and Jerry type methods. At some point though, the work whistle would blow, and they'd punch out with a time clock. Once that happened, they'd be quite friendly, then say, see you tomorrow!

The Monty Python stuff is The Argument Sketch from the original series. Its more of the beginning part with Graham Chapman, but still has that "turning on (or off) strong emotions at the whim of a cash payment."
I don't think I succeeded as well as I would have, but all in all, it is still a fun little romp in TG captions. In a way, I think it flogs the whole "Doms are nasty and evil people that want to ensnare every man so that their feminist plot will help them take over the world."

DISCUSSION QUESTION: How dis-jarring was the "DING" in the caption for you as a reader? Did you see where the the caption was heading? Did it enhance or distract from your enjoyment?

BONUS: Here is one of the "Ralph and Sam" cartoons.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Trying to be Convincing!

Sometimes, doing things simply is the best policy.

I think this is a hot caption, and I"m glad that I made it for Jennifer, because I think she not only GETS the idea behind it, but appreciates it. As I've said before, the MIND is the biggest erogenous zone that humans have. It is what makes us appreciate something that not everyone else would like (fetishes) and keeps things interesting sexually. You can see it when browsing through the preferences databases and Haven members personal requests for what they do and don't like in captions made for them.

In this panel, I was trying to capture a bit of what I used to do when captioning, but still present it with my current presentation. It isn't complex, but gets right to the heart of the situation, and doesn't beat around the bush. There is technically a stinger at the end, but it isn't a twist as much as an affirmation about the whole situation that lead up to the ending.


I tend to fall into this form of submission. I have no desire to be tightly restrained. I would probably freak out and it would not end well. I also appreciated those with rope and knot skills, and wish I had studied more in boy scouts! However, being lightly tied up with nylons or fuzzy cuffs, and instead of a hood, perhaps a pair of a females panties over my eyes (perhaps pre-moistened by her aroused passion for controlling me) would NOT be rejected in my bedroom. I prefer my Dom/sub relationships to be more cerebral than actually physical. When I am Dom, I will taylor my control to what the sub would prefer, though I will always put my spin on it. IS that an actual knife I am using to trace a path down your spine, or just a letter opener? Does it really matter if your eyes are closed?


That is why I probably like this caption A LOT! Jennifer thinks much more about things like this, so I won't speak for her. She can probably talk much better about this, but I think the caption taps into that cerebral nature of submission.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: For you, does the control have to be more REAL or illusionary? What would the percentages be in your actual life? in TG captions?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sold Out .. and Double Crossed!

This was a straight forward caption that was made because I wanted to do something for totalditz. She's pretty good about commenting on other peoples work, and she has a fun set of preferences. I also had the idea for Dean Mentia after thinking about Animal House and movies like that. Seems like a nice way to introduce a character patterned off my screen name and have it be a part of the caption. Feels like I'm giving it a personal touch. The sports pub theme played out for Kevin / Ashlee through her appearance, with the baseball shirt and she had that "just turned into a really cute girl" look about her.

But when I was done, it really seemed like the story was incomplete. I mean, what actually happens when she goes to her job. I pretty much thought about how Kevin would be picked on, and the bosses would figure that they could earn much more money if Ashlee was a waitress/hostess making tips. I found a few pictures but nothing that would help move the story forward.

Then I figured, the Dean always gets his comeuppance in those college movies, through pranks and whatever else seems to happen. From there, it didn't take me more than a second to realize that Ms. Rachel was probably going to be behind the entire scheme.

This picture has that same vapid helplessness of the 1st one, but much more sophisticated. It also made the sports pub / restaurant definitely plausible. Once I had that, the rest was really simple to figure out.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: For me, it is a rarity that not only did I see a spot to elaborate on a caption, that I was able to find a picture that made the story come alive. When you make a caption, do you have sequels or continuations in mind beforehand? If not, when and how did the idea come along to flesh things out more? For regular caption readers, how often do you read something and wish there were more stories set in that universe or want to see what happens next?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

From the Mouths of Babes

Been busy since I've been on vacation (since Friday afternoon). Though I was able to make a few captions, I didn't feel motivated enough to make a posting here. Also, I am quite enjoying my recent run of captions, and since I want to post most of them, I figured a few days distance would give me the space I need to be more objective about what worked and didn't work. Hope you didn't miss me TOO much!

Anyway, the above caption is the one that I posted to Rachel's Haven as a payback for a lengthy caption series from Davewashere25. What made it so cool was that he used the basis of this blog as a stepping off point, so it had a realistic feel to it. I wanted to give him something in return that hit some major buttons, as I am not usually one for creating epic mini-series. I can do a great job of showing what is happening "in the moment".

In the past, I've turned Dave into a little girl, as a former husband was cuckolded by his wife, who became pregnant from another man.  I wanted to do another caption where I went at it with a different angle in using a conversation between a daughter and Dave's wife. I don't recall too many captioners using that device before, and it made sense to me that it could/would be a humiliating experience for him. The daughter's innocence could be played as well, since the mom would then have to explain things ... and children in general are clueless when it comes to anything of a sexual nature, especially fetishes. They also tend to be painfully honest and without social filters.

I had that idea floating around in my head for a day or two, but it felt a bit off. I wasn't sure I could pull it together with a picutre that went well. THEN I found the picture I used in the caption. It felt much better to me that there wasn't a child in the photo AND it seemed perfect in that, the parents were switching places and seemed to be getting ready to head out somewhere.

When i was a child, I can recall my mom getting ready to go out on a Saturday Night and it was a time of apprehension and wonder. My parents were going out and I was in the hands of an old aunt. Would I ever see them again? An entire night seems like forever to a child. It also was a moment of transformation, as my mom, who I mostly saw dressed in comfy clothes, would become this glamorous image of femininity, towering over me in heels (though she was only 5' tall) and wearing a dress with perfect makeup and hair. My dad usually put on a nice dress shirt and slacks, though he waited until 5 minutes before they left to shave since he always had heavy stubble.

From there, it was just fleshing out the story. I took some liberties with his preferences, which he usually doesn't mind because I guess he likes getting captions from me, which I consider an honor. It is obvious in the picture that the blond is stunning, confident, and smitten with her image in the mirror. That made me decide that Dave was definitely a crosdresser, albeit one that was hiding it from his wife. He doesn't list that in his preferences, but I felt that if it was well written, he wouldn't mind that much.

The main point I wanted to get was that Dave was going to be outed by his daughter, innocently of course, which would set up further situations for him down the road. I also wanted to show that his wife could go from 0 to Bitch in about 5 seconds flat, further establishing the trouble that Dave was soon to be heading into.  My original caption didn't quite show that as much though. Here is the original and below I will talk about why I went from this to what was posted above.

One is that I clearly didn't specify enough of what was going to become of Dave. Having Clarissa say that Dave could be home everyday as Dani made it a bit clearer what was going to happen. In the original it was left a bit fuzzy. Here you can see the finality in what Daddy Kim is thinking.

Another thing was I didn't want to make the text any smaller, and since Clarissa is a child, I figured the best way to gain some space was to reduce her font size. It works because it sets the speakers apart even further.

Lastly, I want to tie everything up into a nice clean bow. The last line in the original .. you really weren't sure if Daddy Kim was mad or being playful. I wanted to drive home the situation as it pertained to what was going to be happening with Dave (and I can only imagine what happened to him there at the party!) For that I wanted to tie in something from my own real life. I have been separated from my daughter's mother for at least 14 years now. I technically have custody, but she does stay with her mom from time to time. Its always "our daughter" when she does something awesome, but when she misbehaves, it is always "YOUR daughter just set her teacher on fire!" I always found that line of reasoning amusing, and played off of that to create the stinger at the end.

(Damn this is quite a long posting. Whew!) All this, plus probably other things I forgot to mention, made this caption what it was. The irony is that I am not a huge fan of crossdressing captions, but some of the favorites I've created have come from this genre. I guess it could be that since I don't dabble in it too often, it seems fresh to me? Or maybe I like them more than I let on? That is for another discussion I guess.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Does the interplay between the mom and daughter seem genuine? If you were to be outed as a TG caption fan or crossdresser, who would be the most embarrassing person to be outed in front of? What could make the situation even worse? Lots of questions I know, but hey, I haven't posted in a week! What did you think of the caption overall and did the changes I made make it better? worse or the same?