Monday, June 18, 2012

Dreams DO Come True!

Hope everyone had a great Father's Day weekend, whether you were BEING honored, paying respects to your own Dad, or both! Clam Boil was freaking AWESOME and I followed it up with some of the best Frozen Lemonade on the planet .. Del's Lemonade which was invented in Rhode Island, and is now in 36 states apparently, though RI still has the most with 20 store locations. Nothing like getting it fresh from a cart, truck or store!

Here's a caption I made for Madcap McGee while she was offering a 2 for 1 caption trade deal. I love to do those as most people that offer them will often put up pictures they want made into captions, and sometimes include plots as well. I like working within a set frame that I can still yet be creative, and when they post photos, it makes it even easier since you KNOW that they like the image. You can usually find at least one that will tell you a story.

I used this picture that she supplied, though I did do some photoshop work on it to make it somewhat blurrier, as if in a dream. I layered it and took off some around the face as I still wanted to have it be clear enough to show the emotions. The blur was mostly to give a sense of transition to the story.

I think the idea came from some sort of Irish curse, "May all your dreams come true" which some people take to be a blessing. Just think about some of the fucked up dreams you've had in the past, and imagine if ONE OF THOSE were real! Not even the nightmares, but the leap in logic and weirdness of our GOOD DREAMS that could wreck our lives if they were to become a part of our lives. I'm sort of glad that we don't have that capability.

So anyway, its obvious that if Matt was given a "may your dreams come true" blessing/curse and reality had to match the dream ... and Dee was a lesbian .. Matt would HAVE to become a female to be able to seduce her, right? That's my reasoning and I'm sticking to it!

Her reply to the original posting in her folder needs to be highlighted.
Oh, you! Embarrased I am constantly in awe of what you come up with, and was super stoked to see you decided to take part in this offer.

The effect is noticeable, but subtle enough that it isn't distracting. Basically, as far as I'm concerned, it worked perfectly. And the cap you crafted with it, WOW! That's just plain hot! I know what I'll be dreaming about tonight! In Thought I absolutely love it, Dee! Thank you so much!
Now THIS is why I love making captions for her and for certain other people. If I do a good job, the response will be something like this. I enjoy making captions regardless of who comments. However, when you make something for another person and it gets a reply back like what she posted, it just makes me feel so appreciated. It also makes me super motivated to create even MORE mind-blowing captions for them in the future. Trust me, Maddie is definitely on my "NICE LIST"!!

Its things like that that can really go a long way to getting people to continue posting captions. Apparently, I comment I made to Petra early in her captioning that kept her from giving up. I found this out in a recent email back and forth when I thanked her for being such a great friend. It was just the act of saying, "you rock!" to her and that I always looked forward to captions from Petra back in 2008 gave her the confidence to keep going and she'd go back to that occasionally. It blew me away to think that something as simple as "you fucking rock!" would suffice for motivation!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: I do so enjoy a lovely crafted or worded "blessing/curse". Anyone know of some other good ones that have been handed down through the ages, especially those that could be expanded into TG captions or stories? Faust seems to inspire some good ones, as does anything with the Kokopelli trickster mythos. Maybe you have some TG stories or captions that you've written or read that you could link to here in the comments?


  1. Very Sexy cap Dee! I'd love to live out a dream like that, but at the same time I don't dream that way so I had better keep those thoughts to myself!

    I absolutely love getting comments like that. It's rare, but I think that's part of what makes it so special.

    As to good 'blessing/curses' I've always liked "May all your wishes come true but one, so you always have something to strive for." I can imagine that working in a TG way... all of their dreams come true except for turning back into them self at the end. And of course they'll always strive for that.

    1. One I remember is "I hope you live in interesting times." It has that passive-aggressive underbelly to it.

      Yeah, and Maddie isn't "too cool for school" where she won't gush if she likes something. Its amazing how being appreciative of others work will get you special privileges! LOL

  2. Beautiful cap Dee! Certainly makes me look forward to dreaming tonight.

    I can't recall any interesting blessings/curses, but a phrase that's always boggled me has been "no news is good news". Is that supposed to mean that not hearing from someone is a good sign? Or that there is no such thing as good news?

    1. "No news is good news" was used a lot to reassure families about loved ones off in wars - if they heard nothing that probably meant that they were safe. Hearing something was generally a telegram informing them of the loss. I think it was a phrase used a lot in the UK during the First World War as I recall, though whether it was coined then I don't know. The BEF postal service could get letters out easily, getting them back was harder.

      It may have been used in the Second World War too, but I know little about the social aspects of that.

  3. I've always liked the Irish wedding blessing: "may your yesterdays always be slighly worse than your tomorrows" - which sounds like it ought to be more complicated than it is.

    I like this cap by the way, the lack of appreciation for it on the Haven is down to work. And yes, I am sacking it off to comment here!

    1. Glad that you liked it sweetie. I've slowed down over the last month or so in making captions due to "life stuff" but I'm hoping that I'm still bringing the quality to it when I get the chance. Its why I've mostly been posting new stuff on the blog lately. Might be time to break out an older one soon!