Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Its a Consensus that Joanna is a great commenter!

Well, back a few weeks ago, I promised myself that when I hit 1000 comments, I would make a caption for the lucky person that posted that 1k comment. That person happened to be Joanna or Consensus as she is known on the Haven. She has a blog that she posts to called Happiness and I like to poke around now and again and give my unsolicited 2 cents (is that the same as 2 shillings in the UK?) whether people want it or not. Joanna doesn't seem to mind so I kept commenting!

I started making this caption a few weeks ago, as I found the picture and wanted to create a setting for it and go back to it later. Since then, its been sitting in my to-make folder because I wasn't quite sure how to tackle it, other than having a guy crossed dressed out on that fire escape. When I first pulled it back into Photoshop, I wasn't sure how it was going to end, so I wrote it on the fly.

Unfortunately, Joanna doesn't have a trading folder, so I sort of had to go by feeling as to what she would like. I know this story is probably a bit generic, but I'm hoping it still hits close enough that she's enjoy it! I mean, I know she's married so it could end up being a forced fem thing where Pete goes along with whatever is planned so that he won't get his ass kicked by an obviously tough broad! Or it could just be a story of one of his adventures when he was still single and in college.

I am really glad that she ended up being the 1k commenter ... as she does comment on many of my posts here AND on the Haven. I think she deserves one for the contribution she makes to TG captioners in giving feedback. See it DOES pay to tell captioners what you think about their work!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Leave your feedback on the caption here since it won't be posted to the Haven unless Joanna ends up with a trading folder.


  1. I don't suppose climbing down the fire escape wa an option? Probably left money etc inside. Still with that MMA friend it sounds like a case of out of the frying pan and into the fire!

    Congratulations to Joanna on her commenting expertise!

    Out if curiosity, how do you tell which number comment people get?

    1. In the updated Blogger stuff, there is a spot where ALL the comments are listed from most recent all the way back to the first one received. When I got close to 1k (I saw from the overview section) I just kept on eye on the comments until I figured out who the 1k person was.

      Yeah, all his clothes, IDs and such were inside the apartment.

  2. Great caption Dee! This set up a wonderfully squirmy moment with the choice of either being beaten up by a girl, or meeting an MMA fighter with a taste for 'sissies' dressed up as you are. A good guy helping someone out getting in over his head.... just wow! Love it!

    1. I'm glad you think its squirmy because you are usually a good judge of that!

      And ummm, if you think I'm going to let Joanna wear my graduation outfit to pleasure an MMA guy, you don't know me very well! I'm sure I've got plenty of lingerie she could wear instead that she could wash out by hand afterwards!

  3. Oh it's definitely squirmy!

    I am... blown away. Thank you, it's a lovely image and a good plotline to boot, I didn't notice it being particularly generic - but I was probably blinded by the fact that you put me in it... One of these days I shall get round to captioning a few more people at the Haven and ask for a trading folder! Love the dress and the shoes are to die for.

    I'll happily pay for the loan of the dress (edit) by washing ant lingerie you'd like by hand (end edit) and... uh... yeah, I think I may just be skipping the place - with or without ID...

    I am quite giddy about this!

    Pounds, shillings and pence all make perfect sense, it's just based on 6s rather than 10s... I do hope cents aren't worth shillings, that would make the exchange rate simply awful... ;)

    Okay, if I smile any more I'm going to look insane and/or dangerous. Thank you!

    Can't edit! Had to repost! Sorry.

    1. I took care of the deleted post.

      I am so glad you liked it. That is the best that a captioning trader can hope for, that the person it was made for enjoyed it. After that, its all gravy!

      I hope you saved it or bookmarked it so yuo can see it when you want. You can always repost it on yours if you wish, just have a link back to here.

    2. Thanks for taking care of the deleted post!

      I quite like the blue running through it too, it's really clever and the fact that you were flying blind...

      I have now saved it, thank you very much, I have linked you in my blog already because you made me so giddy, which I appreciate. Still a bit giddy to be honest!