Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Father's Day Weekend!

Not sure if I'll get another posting up this weekend so I wanted to get this up now and wish all those Dad's out there a happy holiday ... especially those who'd much rather get a new pair of heels than another stupid tie! Usually I end up with a gift card which is nice. The best thing you can give your Dad though? Some respect and some peace and quiet .. something we probably never did when we were growing up!

We are going over my Memere's house for a big clam boil and cook out on Father's Day, and I plan on pigging out now that a few of my chompers have been fixed. For someone who has a figurative BIG MOUTH, I have a literal small mouth, and my jaw STILL hurts almost 24 hours later.

Anyone here that creates captions that doesn't belong to the Haven? I would be interested in doing trades. Perhaps if people indicate the need, I can certainly post my preferences here on the blog. I've gotten to the point where I think I could do any type of TG caption, from magical to realistic, forced fem and bondage to extremely willing. I've also expanded what I like to receive quite a bit from when I started. Let me know if the comments if you want to do a caption trade!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: When reading TG captions, how often do you imagine yourself in the protagonist role? Do you find yourself doing it more in certain overall themes or with certain creators .. or just randomly hit or miss? Is it the storyline or the photo that gets you thinking about yourself acting it out?


  1. I think the thing that is most important in a cap to let me sink into the protagonist's role is good writing. If it's a compelling story I can find myself drawn in even if it's not to my preferences. About the only cap theme that I can't get into is a younger girl or high school girl theme. I can picture myself in college, but not in High School or before.

  2. I'm not sure there's just one thing that draws me into a caption as the protagonist. I mean, sure, there are captions that are more my bag than others but then there are the ones that blindside me when I least expect them, one of which was here on your blog as I recall. Steffi published one recently that had me identifying from the dress alone, she could have written any text she wanted and I'd've been hooked. Equally, Elle sent me on that ticked none of my boxes but worked by sheer force of sentimentality coupled with the 'right' image. I guess that makes me very visual. I tend to be much less forgiving of text alone.

    Also, had to smile at the heels/tie thing. I used to hold a forlorn hope that someone would get me a dress for a special occasion, I even thought that there'd be something feminine, even flowers, for my first Father's Day. I know that to be a whole new level of unlikely now, mind. I hope you hav a good one!

  3. If I like the cap, that is.. if it pushes buttons or touches me in some way, I will most likely picture my self in that role. and if it's really good and inspires me. I'll imagine more to the story.

    I can't think of anything besides a certain set of fury's, (non cat girl stuff) and younger girl's, as something i wouldn't picture my self in. perhaps if the cap stated it didn't like something, that I clearly do.