Saturday, June 9, 2012

EXXXposed in the Gallery!

Had a full day planned for today .. clean out all the winter supplies in the SUV, detail said SUV, do same thing for GF's vehicle, help Grandma with her AC unit, grab snacks for Celtics game, etc ... Then STOMACH ISSUES! Couldn't have done this during the week when I could take a sick day? NOPE! NOT AT ALL!

So I got derailed. Mostly hanging around the apartment wandering between the bed, the computer, and the bathroom. Luckily I have some reading material around to pass the time. Figured I would grind out a post since I'm not tired right now. I am hoping to keep a better blogging schedule than I have in the past.

This caption was made last night. I was looking through newer members of the Haven trading area, and Elise's preferences made me think .. I am pretty sure I saw a picture set with a blonde wig in it earlier that night! I went back to Southern Charms and found the model and the specific set I had seen. The model has long long legs and seemed to be posing at some fancy place. Looking at other sets of hers, I had thought she might be a post-op, but I don't think SC has any on their site, so I am just assuming she's quite androgynous when modelling. I decided, of course, to use that to my advantage.

The story is based off of a Halloween experience I had which I think I've detailed before, but will elaborate on slightly here to discuss where I was heading in this caption, and how it never quite got as far as originally thought.

When in boy mode, I could probably be dropped off in a remote city in the USA and would most likely be ok. I have enough things in my pocket to get me back to where I live .. ie. license, debit cards, cell phone, cash (I always have a hundred dollar bill for emergency purposes,) flash drive, keys, flash light, pocket knife, etc .. When you are dressed like Elise above, every inch of you is pretty much on display, and while women have more things in their pocketbook, if that vanishes, literally their whole life is in that bag.

My original thought was to have my character leave her posing there in the gallery without any ID and let her fend for herself. Of course I would come back later, but Jeff wouldn't be so sure.I figured I would flesh it out later as to what exactly the relationship was between Jeff and Dee.

As I was writing it though, it took on a different tone, one of playful teasing more than a harsh lesson. It also showed Jeff to be a much more open minded person that most of the protagonists that I write. Maybe this was her way of presenting Jeff with a possible new facet of their relationship and him wanting to please her, went along like a good sport. I liked that dynamic and I hope that Elise liked it as well. I think it made a better caption, and I can always use the abandonment plot point somewhere else down the road.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: I don't use "ready and willing" protagonists too much, though I think I've done more lately than ever before. I am still trying to get a comfort zone with it, especially when it comes to magical tales. Are there certain 'tropes' in this genre that you would like to see me work with more? In what ways do a "ready and willing" or "lightly coerced" plots hit your buttons? I could really use some good discussion in this topic as any meaningful thoughts might help me immensely with the psychology of these sorts of captions.

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  1. I'm not feeling much on the mood to comment, but I did wanted to comment and occupy my mind on other things... (read the news, you'll understand)

    So I think, being willing is kind of double edge weapon. You can say, I'll do this and I'll accept this and then your acceptance can take you: This one will do anything without question and there it comes the problems as the final sentence you put in the caption. That's some sort of mild punishment for those willing types. Personally I think blackmail as lightly coerced work best, and it's less akward...

    A plot where someone will uncover a secret about you, such as here, where it could be revealing the identity to everyone (I must say this is a great crossdress, and I dunno if I would be that passable... never tried to that extent, nor in my current age) could be a good start, and it could also get complicated if this turn to be an important exec from a big company or cliche wichever road you may take it...

    So In order for this to work, the important is to catch on the level of acceptance and use subtetly against this person. It could start somewhere at looking at how pretty you are with makeup or those stockings looks really good on you.

    What I think of this is that the starter point for me would be on accesories and the go further, to clothing, makeup, pose, expose and then be "slightly" forced to pass en femme. Of course I'm taking this from the mistress point of view. I would like to know the point of a sub *giggle*

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra