Thursday, March 31, 2011

Never Trust an Exchange Student

The dialog rambles a bit here, and that is by design. If you've ever heard teenage girls talk back and forth, they use their words like weapons. There are quick bursts of rapid-fire declarations, and then rambling treatises on whatever it is that happens to come into their minds at the time, bashing you over the head with an innumerable amount of syllables, all slammed together without pause. I couldn't write that out officially, since over multiple lines, it would be something like:


Instead that first sentence in the caption is more of an exercise is throwing a bunch of prepositional phrases together to imply that Nadine is thinking a bit more like a girl, specifically a late teen.

Another element I wanted to through in there is how SAVAGE teenage girls can be. Of course, they can be best friends, but that doesn't mean that a friend can't swing right into that BIGGEST ENEMY EVER!! mode and its fun to watch how passively aggressive they can get. There is a bit of that in the envious tone that Dee strikes. Notice that Nadine doesn't dispute the assertion that she has better legs than Dee, and probably has sized her up as competition already, something that Dee seems to have already done.

The whole caption was built around an exchange of dialog I had in my head, that of the "You're not helping! with "I'm not TRYING to help!" I had sent it to myself in email to remember, but didn't use it until I found an appropriate picture. This one has the perfect pose and look on her face that screamed to be captioned. From there, I worked up the angle of doing a favor, but the person that asked is no longer around to resolve the situation. I thought the idea of being trapped and then being "helped" out by a female friend had some great possibilities for fun.

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: If you are making a caption, do you usually have BIG PLANS and then fill in the details? Or do you have little things, and try to make a BIG PICTURE out of them? If you are a reader and not captioner .. do you prefer captions that are constructed like a story (ie beginning, plot, ending all tied in a bow) or more of a "slice of life / moment in time"?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mindi and the Imp

This was a very bizarre picture that was in Mindi's folder, just waiting for someone to capture it. She assures us that it is a REAL picture and that there is a before and after shot somewhere. I took this as a challenge of course, and got to put my two cents in about thinking male vs female.

For instance, if guys think with their dicks, then those private parts are often very logical. They are the Mr. Spock of genitalia. Guys tend to also think rationally, and when they don't, it is still goal oriented. Just like in sex, the thinking is often brute force, penetrating, and blunt ... everything tends to be out in the open, just like the genitals.

However, with women, the thinking always has something just below the surface that needs to be probed. The sex organs are also that way, there needs to be a feeling out to get them in just the right spot. Just the wrong move and you've lost it, which is exactly like how quickly moods can change the ideas brought from the woman's mind ON A DIME. Women are like Captain Kirk, impulsive, focused on winning no matter what the damage, and let emotions rule the day. Screw the rules, I am doing it MY way.

So anyway, seeing that picture made me think of Brainiac and aliens with big cranial capacities. That became an easy way of explaining why she looked like that. I definitely wanted to use a different source of change too.  As I wrote in this posting on Rachels Haven .. "PS how come we don't use Imps in general for our captions? We've got werewolves, witches, gypsies, chaos pixies, bunnies, goth girls, ghost possessions, etc ... how about some caption love for Imps?"

 DISCUSSION QUESTION: What other ways do men and women process information differently? What would be some good ones that might make great TG captions? Perhaps I'll whip up an exclusive caption for the blog if someone posts a juicy and delicious one here in the comments section.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I wanted to change my SAX!

I have to admit it .. sometimes I just like to have fun, and use lots of horrible plays on words and puns and try to be as GROAN INDUCING as possible. People have bad days, and a caption like this can often lighten up their mood much more than seeing themselves tied up by a mistress and condemned to a life of servitude. Nothing wrong with that, but if you've just gotten home from being metaphorically chained to your desk working overtime for "the man" .. no matter how great the story is, you just won't enjoy it the way you should.

It is captions like these that have given me the reputation for not bringing the sexy all the time. I can't really stop though, since I don't have a regulator on my creativity where I can just crank out a perverted and depraved caption whenever I feel. If I'm feeling frisky and playful, then THAT is what someone is going to get. If that causes people to not look at some of my darker and sexier captions .. OH WELL, sucks to be them! Its always the quiet one in the corner that is the real tigress in bed!

DISCUSSION QUESTION:   Do you have to be in a certain mood to read captions? Do reading captions (or creating captions) get you in a better mood? Jennifer mentioned a list of songs in her blog recently that helps her get into a mood when she's capping. You can read my reply right here (not that you NEED the traffic Jenniger!) What other ways get you in the mood to caption?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Icy Cold Medallion of Zulu

Was randomly looking through captions I've made on Rachel's Haven, and I saw this one, and figured I would take a bit about it, since it is a caption that falls under the realm of a "free will" change, AND uses an established TG universe.

Most of my captions are done in the spirit of revenge or retribution, or at the very least, a sense of chaos. In this one, Erik wanted to experience being a woman, but only in small doses. I would say that this, other than the actual Medallion, is a realistic scenario for many TG caption fans. The whole sense of being someone else for awhile, and seeing what its like on the other side of the gender fence. Not wanting to BE one forever, and throwing away their whole life, but just enjoying a little mind detour.

I worked in a few details from Erik's real life, mainly that he takes his trash to the facility every Saturday and usually hangs out talking with other people. I guess that place is just a social area for the town. He's also someone that collects vintage things, so he has frequented Flea Markets and Yard Sales. Also, Courtney and Bren had been teasing me about a fridge I had for a long time that had to be duct taped shut because it was old and dying, so I wanted to make her a caption with a fridge.

One thing I wanted to touch on, and did so to dramatic effect, was the spatial differences between bodies. Just how you carry yourself and view the world can change BIG TIME by losing a foot of height and 60 pounds of weight. Things you do as a man MIGHT be harder to do as a woman, and drives home the change that the Medallion wrought for Courtney.

So in the end, I made a decent "willing" caption with a standard "Dee" twist.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Do you prefer "willing" captions or forced? Do you like when "willing" captions end up going too far? A combination of forced and "willing"? Is "willing" better with a magical change or just some game of dress up?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Trixie .. The Prom King?

Someone had challenged Caitlyn to make "oblivious" captions, where the 'victim' is completely unaware that they are not just as manly as they were before." I love those types of captions, and made quite a few as well, so I decided to post my favorite of that ilk. It seems to be the one that I remember, even after all this time.

Sambecomes was one of my favorite captions way back when before I even thought about creating my own. I wanted to make something that could compare to what she'd done in terms of quality, and looking at her preferences, I saw that she didn't mind cross-dressing or she-males, and had a desire for "I would especially like to have sexy feet, whether they are bare or in heels (it's really not a requirement though).  Slow changes are of course the best."

I had an idea that if someone could be hypnotized to believe that certain acts were the epitome of manliness, it would make a path to femininity even easier to achieve, while giving the illusion that they are fighting the conditioning. I've made a few captions with the premise, but they were usually more grounded in magic. I really hadn't done anything much at that time with straight up humiliation through crossdressing by way of hypnosis.

The idea coming through here is that Samuel will have his "Carrie" moment, though he'd be oblivious until something on stage triggers everything ... his awareness of the situation and the fact that he'll continue to act and want to be feminine. BMOC is going to be a possible pariah with a ruined reputation.

The picture is what makes this caption good though. I cannot even put forth that the story really carries this at all. The model has GORGEOUS legs, a great ass, and a wonderful taste in clothing if I do say so myself! In addition, the androgynous hairstyle and lack of heavy makeup give her a look of a feminized boy, which comes out when paired with the story.

One last thing is that I wasn't able to get either a male name or female name into the caption anywhere. Since it is essentially a monologue, there wasn't much of a chance to get that across. I mean, how often do you say to another person in the kitchen, "Would you like to make Dee some pancakes. Dee is very hungry and I want something to eat, and when Dee wants something, Dee gets it!" In this case, I think that it gives this caption a bit of universality that most trade captions don't.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: This is totally subjective. What do you think happens to Trixie/Samuel up on stage and afterwards? I want to hear what you think happened to him/her once he became aware ... or did he? Could he continue to be Samuel but look and act like that?

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Staredown .. with a question answered

This question comes from Alectra, via Formspring:

How can you describe a person in a cap without turning out overdescriptive?

I searched out for a random caption I posted to Rachel's Haven. This ended up being what popped up. I think this will work in answering Alectra's question nicely.

Since the picture is for a post-transformation, I really didn't need to go into much detail as to what Mark looked like .. other than to describe his face as "stern and cold" which is more of a character trait than a physical appearance. The only other thing I needed to set up was the gun in his pants. If this was a story, I could describe the type of gun and the caliber, then talk about the style, cut, and color of the pants, etc ... however, in captions we need to only supply what is absolutely necessary. What was necessary to the setup was Mark being a rough dude that was packing serious heat.

During the transformation, I focused on the mental part of the transformation first, which made Mark more mellow and feminine, then the physical transformation came next. Once again, I didn't really have to describe anything as the picture conveyed what was transpiring. What you see is what the guard is seeing. To finish off, I described the vibrator and booty shorts (the aforementioned gun and pants) and then tied it all up with the stinger at the end, which references the 1st paragraph.

To tie this into the question .. If you make an outline of what is happening in the caption, you should be able figure out anything that isn't needed. Things that aren't needed are those that are already seen in the picture (unless you want to REALLY highlight something there) and extra plot devices that don't serve the main story.

For instance, the staring is what drives this caption, so the picture is focused on that. If I had a full length picture, I'd have cropped it to what is in the caption, as I don't need her body .. in fact it would probably distract viewers from the look she is giving here. There is also no reason to talk about an accomplice, or a second security guard ...since this is a ONE ON ONE situation. Anything else would keep it from flowing directly from the beginning to the end.

DISCUSSION SUGGESTION: Go back and find a caption that you've created that you'd like to edit down. Do a quick outline of exactly what is going on. Then try to edit out, and tighten up anything that seems like it doesn't get you from the beginning to the end in a timely manner. See how much you can remove and still have it be a complete story. Perhaps you can get the text down to 50 percent of what it was. If you aren't a captioner, find a short piece of TG fiction you enjoy and carve out the extraneous bits. Post in the comment section if you were able to trim it, and how much you could. This is something that anyone can do, so go for it!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Invasion of the Body Snatches!

Got a question from Formspring for discussion:

What mainstream movie scenario would make for an interesting TG themed story?

Well I think that just about any mainstream movie has elements that can work in a TG caption. The above example fits into that mode, as well as many others I've created, including ones you wouldn't think of, like The Shining and Chinatown.

It would probably be harder to make a TG story that follows the plot closely though. I would think that Sci-fi movies would lend itself best to a TG treatment. From what I hear, Inception would be great fodder for a TG adaption. Now that I think about it, The Wizard of Oz could be interesting if someone decided to play around with the plot. There is a standard TG plot that is also based on Pygmalion aka My Fair Lady.

I am sad that I can't really give this question the type of answer I should, since my ADD seems to keep me from really watching many recent movies. I know them based on synopsis and pop culture references, but I think I've seen maybe 5 movies in the theater these last 15 years.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Which movie do you think has influenced the most TG Captions and/or stories? What movies would make the best TG story if the plot was reused with some minor corrections?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Corporate Spying Can Get you .. Busted!

I was randomly going through a few members folders looking for something to post, and this one said, "Post me!" so I did. The caption was popular enough that a few people requested it when I was doing a "retro-fit" for those who'd posted extra comments in others captions.

I think it is a good caption, not necessarily one that screams out "I rule!" by any account. However, I think it is a solid caption that hits on many things that people enjoy in their TG captions. First off, you have a relatively normal situation, aka a work office. There is a bit of un-ethical behavior by the protagonist, PLUS the person they are spying on has a magical edge to his work performance. Then the punishment for the action, which isn't quite as bad as it seems, since Bob doesn't get caught in the end. Then there is the topper to conclude it, where it makes your mind think about what happens next. Also, who wouldn't want to look like THAT?!? The fact that the magical device is, for me at least, subtle in its arrangement and integration into the story makes me like it more.

Why did I post this caption though today? Well, it features one of my favorite repeat characters .. Jenkins. He made an "appearance" in one of the captions I posted a few days ago, and I like using that name as someone you never see, but is referred to by the main characters, specifically in captions involving work. I mean, say the name in your head with an indignant tone right now .. "I sent the report to Jenkins yesterday!" ... "Jenkins approved that deal, I swear!" .. just sort of rolls off the tongue in a way that "Jones" or "Smith" don't ... as a generic name that is a bit more specific. Also Old Man Jenkins would've gotten away with it if it wasn't for those meddling kids!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: I consider this to be a "consistent" caption, in that, it is about the average quality of a caption that I produce. I make a few clunkers here and there, and occasionally put out a classic, BUT most of my 900+ captions fall into this area of story-telling, skill, and design. At what point did you become aware that your skill level remained fairly consistent? I mention this because I see new members of the Haven hit an imaginary wall at some point. They start off like a house of fire with the first 8-15 captions, then it slows down. The ones that can get over that first hump usually stick around for awhile, and the rest fade away. What tricks did you use to get around or through that wall? What was it that hung you up in the first place?

I will be following up on this topic within the next month. It is a topic I've discussed with others privately, and if I can find that source material, I will expand more about this, and incorporate what others bring up here in the comments.

PS. I just noticed that I had a double "a" in the caption, Sometimes things fall through the cracks in proofing. Oh well! Que sera, sera!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sweet and Innocent Dee ... Bwahahahaha!

For some reason, I've got this reputation as someone that doesn't really get too extreme in their captions. I admit that I am not often a purveyor of smut, but I think the subject matter themselves often veer into some over-the-top moments. I wonder if my love of puns and not-so-clever wit end up making people underestimate my capacity for kink.

Whenever I tend to go extreme, I often use semi-normal pictures, and make the subject matter more intense. That way, people might not expect what is coming, and it ups the ante when the payoff strikes. Even someone that knows me well, like Petra, seems to be a bit shocked when I get into the gutter occasionally.

Here is a caption that I think is indicative of what I mean by an extreme caption with a relatively normal picture. Who am I kidding?!? It is a creepy picture but there is no real prurient nature to it. However, I took that creepiness and made what is perhaps my most directly disturbing caption I've ever made. Not sure I will really top it, and not sure I *want* to either. Luckily for me, Dave loved it.

Why am I bringing this up right now? Well, its mostly because Davewashere25 made me a caption recently, and I seem to be at my most Dee-vious when I am making captions for him.The above captions were all made for him, and I figure I will have to get in that mindset to make a return caption. I'm not there right now, so I am going to have to get into that mindset. When I do though, you really have to watch out. I think that is when "Mistress Dementia" really comes out to play.

DISCUSSION: Do certain people bring out different moods when you are capping for them? How do you get into the mindset to make a caption for that person, knowing what they like? I tend to find some pictures that fall into their preferences and see if I can FEEL the mood of those images, and let it feed me ideas, hoping I can get into that zone to let the story come out to its fullest, without me putting my judgement on it. How well are you able to let your mind wander out of its comfort zone?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A New Family Tree.. and a question!

We have a question from formspring that is an actual question! Here we go with something I can sink my teeth into!
If you could teach a class on 'Captioning' what would the title be?
Well, what an interesting and thoughtful question. Maybe "A Brief History of Time by Steven Hawking" as I could probably make a few bucks doing a captioning class if I called it that. "Do It Exactly like I Do It, or It'll Completely Suck" sounds too confrontational and egotistical. I think I'd probably go with "Ways to Not Fuck Up your TG Captioning Projects with Professor Dee"

LESSON ONE: Don't run your caption into the ground by over-thinking and over-writing it.

Captions should be proofed to the best of your ability, but that is not what I am talking about with over-thinking. Both the picture and the story should breathe, and work together to form a cohesive whole. HOWEVER, there is no reason to have to explain every little detail. If there is a red skirt and heels in the picture, you do not have to describe them as they are already seen, You can mention them getting caught in a street grate if it is imperative to the storyline, but not, "his shoes turned a bright red color, the heels lifting his now silk-stocking covered feet several inches higher than they were a moment ago, as his ankles felt restrained by the strap of the now-changed pumps." Guess what, the picture is already showing this. It would fit into a normal story, but you have pictures so don't bother!!! Use the picture(s) as a shortcut to establish what happened before, is happening at that moment, or is about to happen at the end of the caption. Often, you've got the whole background mapped out for you in picture form, and you just have to supply the action!

LESSON TWO: Stereotypes/Archetypes  are your friends .. use them accordingly and with aplomb!

Once again, you've got instant back story. You can either go straight ahead with the standards of behavior, OR go for a twisted version. Either way, people will follow because what you are providing is expected. Guy with a white coat and a clipboard is obviously a doctor. Goths are obviously witches, and cheerleaders are ditzy! Ladies Rooms are where women go to contact the mother ship and enslave the men of this planet. A woman laying on a couch is obviously trying to get a psychiatrist to believe that she used to be a man. Use these to your advantage!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Yes these are not exactly Post-graduate level topics, but some ideas on how to not fuck up a caption you are making. What words of wisdom would you impart on someone just starting to make captions? I will call this "Captioning 101" and ask that everyone think about something basic that SHOULD be done, but isn't always done. If you had a time machine, what advice would you tell the you that was just starting to make captions? The above lessons are things I think that would be a big help to someone just starting out.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Boy Named Sue .. and disappointments!

This was created for the person now known as "Emily" on the Haven. Rachel had a little contest to name give her boyfriend a female name, since she was sick of calling him "the boy" when talking about him, and when he was en femme, she wanted to use a female name. Not sure the winner got anything other than that satisfaction that they'd named Rachel's concubine, but what the hell? It was fun.

I decided to go the easy route, and use a song lyric to make a silly little pop culture caption. He already was known as "the boy" so it wasn't a stretch to hit upon "A Boy Named Sue" by Johnny Cash.  Hell, the only thing I did was cut out a verse or two of the song. My thought was that being named Sue would just cause him to be more and more feminine as time went along, resigning to the fate that his name provided.

Since this was one of the few times I had a story before I had a picture, it all hinged on finding something that would work. Not only does the picture fit, I think it makes the caption 100 percent better than it would've been otherwise.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Where the hell are all the fans of pregnancy captions? People who MAKE captions were looking forward to hearing why fans enjoy them. All the usual commenters were looking for input, and yet ZERO replies.

I know they HAVE to be popular, as I've gotten almost 3k in hits since that post was uploaded, and I've gained a few new followers. Even though they were posted 3 days later, they are only 10 hits behind the previous post that had a blowjob in the caption.

Here was a chance to talk about what makes preggo caps enjoyable. I really am disappointed in the lack of comments, since this specifically was geared towards readers, not creators. My plan originally was to make a few captions based on what information was given, with the possibility that those commenting would be STARRING in them. Oh well, I guess that saves me the effort I was going to put into it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

EXPECTING certain captions with pregnant pause!

This was inspired by a formspring question that so eloquently asked, "pregnant" ... No, I am not, and to be honest I've actually lost a few pounds since Christmas. I can only assume that they thought the box was where you could search through the posts?

I don't recall posting any pregnancy captions yet, so this seems like as good a time as any to do a few.

The one above is pretty consistent with the one style of caption I love to do ... a change has been made, and the person is relatively aware of what happened, but still has a compulsion to act, even when they know it is wrong, or not a good time to do the act. I enjoy that theme, and I think that many others feel the same way, so I will likely keep making captions like that one.

This next one is also a standard style of caption. I think it is called "the rule of 3" where you state something, then elaborate on it, THEN you put a topper to wrap it all up. It is use especially in comedy, and though this caption isn't funny, it is sort of set up like a joke. First you have the setup, then the action which takes the setup and reverses it, keeping him pregnant for awhile. After that, I set up the mechanism that will trap him in this way of life for a longer period of time (breast feeding, and an exaggerated version at that!) THEN I lower the boom, and make it so that it really doesn't matter, because there is no way out.

One of the side benefits of this caption is that I went against the whole "trapped if pregnant" theme that seems to pervade TG stories and captions (the addendum seems to be the dreaded "trapped by sperm" clause) so anytime you can subvert one of the cliches, I am all for it. I have nothing personally against cliches, if they can at least be expanded upon, but it can be a path to "the dark side" so to speak of laziness in captioning. Short cuts are one thing, laziness is certainly another!

Anyway, I don't think I am anything special when it comes to making pregnancy captions. Maybe it is that I'm not a huge fan of it. I don't mind them necessarily, but I find they seem to be much more cliched than some of the other genres of TG captions. I rate them around the same location as Maid captions. It is always exciting when a captioner can take these topics and make something fresh and interesting.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: For those that do like pregnancy TG captions, What is it that makes you enjoy them? Is it that it is the ultimate act of femininity, something that no man can do? The chance to be a stay and home mother? A breastfeeding fetish? There are no wrong answers here either. I would like to understand it a little better, and possibly make my future captions in this genre more appealing to their recipients.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Euphoria *blink* Cognizance *blink* Euphoria!

I posted this one for Sissytif about 2 years ago, and I'm sure I'll be posting another one I made for her (that one is probably in my top 5 favorite captions I've ever made!) because not only does she have wonderful preferences, but she comments often, and it makes me feel the need to reward her for that.

Looking at it, this is quite the evil caption. The facial expression is what drives the storyline. That moment of realization, reliving what had been done to her, the repulsion at the same moment of an orgasmic rush of emotions: all wrapped up in that facial expression. Then the blink, and its back to normal as a slutty bimbo, looking for the next score.

This discussion was inspired by a posting that Jennifer had last night, dealing with a blowjob caption and a question from the peanut gallery about why she likes the taste of spooge so much. She (and Caitlyn) talked about not really like it in real life, but for fantasies, it was a big one for both. I put my two cents into the comment section with the following:
I would assume for your fantasies (both Caitlyn and Jennifer) that its an ultimate act of submission. Taking something as manly as another guy's seed, and swallowing it (even worse if you are getting it directly from the source) is probably the most submissive thing you could do.
Of course, I was referring only to a transformed man into woman (or someone turned into a she-male) having to submit to another man. I am trying to think of anything that would be more (1) submissive, and (2) emasculating, in a TG caption. You can remove a man's power and he could still have some personal dignity, but sucking a guy off would HAVE to be the ultimate token of submission, wouldn't it?

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Here is where the visitors of my blog come in! What do you think is the most submissive act that could be put into TG caption? There are no wrong answers, as personal opinions will vary I am sure. Hopefully I will get enough answers in here to make a caption or two. Give a good enough comment, and perhaps that caption will have YOU as the STAR! I am betting there are at least a FEW readers that would love to be in Aaron's position up above! What submissive act is the ULTIMATE crowning glory?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We All Wear Masks

Well, I was working on a caption for Cailtyn last night, something that was both sweet and somewhat humiliating, but ultimately, a self-realization and discovery of her true self. The idea really hit when I saw the picture. Please look at the 2nd caption first before reading, as I don't want to give away plot points until you've seen the caption at full size.

I had a story of a party, where Calvin was trying to prove that we all wear masks, so that wearing one would expose the true nature of someone. The gist was that Calvin was so sure of his theory, he was over-confident that things would fall into place. Dee was pretty much along for the ride after prodding Calvin to prove his theory.

After the set-up (adding make-up to help hide Calvin's appearance in case there were people that knew him at the party) the first step in the plot kicks in where both Dee and Calvin recognize that, at least for Calvin, his theory is probably more true than he could ever have imagined. Then he wanders off on his own, probably as his "true persona" guides him through the party, with Calvin just along for the ride.

As time passes, Dee wants to head home, and tries hard to find Calvin. Upon finding him, she finds him overwhelmed with all that he's been through, and definitely not "Calvin" as that true self had never been released until the mask was worn. Sensing that, Dee awakens the alternate persona, Caitlyn, which according to Calvin is actually his true self.

The problem is that some of the things I wanted to highlight would not fit into the caption, or weren't clear by the way I had designed it. Below is the 1st draft, which confused Jennifer when I asked her to interpret it with fresh eyes.

Of the feelings I wanted to convey, but am not sure if I did, was that Dee didn't really fulfill what Calvin had said. She didn't feel that different in her mask, at least until she came upon Calvin. In the initial caption, it ended upon the discovery of Calvin's true self. While a great place to end emotionally, it didn't really validate Calvin's point. If Dee was exactly the same as before, the whole "We All Wear Masks" statement isn't true.

There also wasn't much description of how he felt after being masked. The way this was designed, with only one picture to work with, meant that there HAD to be an economy of words. I shrank down the size of the font to something that gave me an extra 10-15 words above and below the picture. From that, I was able to throw in a sentence detailing how he felt with all eyes upon him, and below to flesh out the meeting in the bedroom slightly.

I was also able to make me sound somewhat less boring, that I had partied a bit but was ready to head home. As seen in the finished caption below, I also was able to make the case that me waking up Caitlyn was an epiphany for both Calvin AND Dee. For Calvin, it was the realization that Caitlyn was a huge part of her. For Dee, it was that she LIKED seeing Calvin like that, and wanted to ensure that it would happen again. Just using the word MISTRESS in that context adjusts the balance of power between them. Dee's true persona as a dominant woman happened, just as Calvin had predicted.

This happens to be one of those rare captions I made that easily could have been 3-4 panels if I had the photo source material to do so. The constraints of a single panel made me economical with phrasings but didn't hurt it too much overall, at least to my understanding. Others may disagree. The one thing I am really cheesed about is using the word "truly" tn two sentences in a row at the end! URRGGHHH!!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Did I manage to convey everything in the caption as I had described it? I left some of the story vague, but did foreshadow the sexual nature of the events. There maybe a few things I shaded that I forgot to mention here as well. Was the first caption too vague, and was the second a huge improvement over the first? Did the final version of the caption succeed?