Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Boy Named Sue .. and disappointments!

This was created for the person now known as "Emily" on the Haven. Rachel had a little contest to name give her boyfriend a female name, since she was sick of calling him "the boy" when talking about him, and when he was en femme, she wanted to use a female name. Not sure the winner got anything other than that satisfaction that they'd named Rachel's concubine, but what the hell? It was fun.

I decided to go the easy route, and use a song lyric to make a silly little pop culture caption. He already was known as "the boy" so it wasn't a stretch to hit upon "A Boy Named Sue" by Johnny Cash.  Hell, the only thing I did was cut out a verse or two of the song. My thought was that being named Sue would just cause him to be more and more feminine as time went along, resigning to the fate that his name provided.

Since this was one of the few times I had a story before I had a picture, it all hinged on finding something that would work. Not only does the picture fit, I think it makes the caption 100 percent better than it would've been otherwise.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Where the hell are all the fans of pregnancy captions? People who MAKE captions were looking forward to hearing why fans enjoy them. All the usual commenters were looking for input, and yet ZERO replies.

I know they HAVE to be popular, as I've gotten almost 3k in hits since that post was uploaded, and I've gained a few new followers. Even though they were posted 3 days later, they are only 10 hits behind the previous post that had a blowjob in the caption.

Here was a chance to talk about what makes preggo caps enjoyable. I really am disappointed in the lack of comments, since this specifically was geared towards readers, not creators. My plan originally was to make a few captions based on what information was given, with the possibility that those commenting would be STARRING in them. Oh well, I guess that saves me the effort I was going to put into it.


  1. I've just found this site and there are some great captions on here :) Can't say I'm a massive fan of the pregnancy captions but I'm sure there are plenty of people who do like them. Don't despair! You make good captions, and fun discussion points

  2. I share your disappointment Dee. I have to admit that Pregnancy is one of the few things that turns me off in a cap. Visually I don't find a pregnant woman to be particularly sexy. And psychologically I find it just off putting. Its a bodily function that is purely feminine, but so are periods. And I don't want to see caps about that either. So I am really interested in seeing what people like about them. I actually have someone I want to make a cap for that is a big fan of pregnancy caps, and I really don't know where to start.

    And I like your 'Boy Named Sue' Cap. I agree that picture makes the cap.

  3. @ Julia

    Thanks for commenting. I am not fretting having a small amount of people viewing my captions per se. I know that I tend to skew towards caption creators.

    My concern was that the post was looking for input from those that do not create. I can understand when those who visit this blog have no comments due to them being fans but not captioners. I do hope though that they will contribute something to the blog when it is within their realm. ESPECIALLY when, to be honest, it was immensely popular from an initial page hit standpoint. People were viewing those captions, possibly much more than the other ones I've done, and I wanted to know what made them popular. Right now, i'm still as in the dark as I was when I made the original posting.

    @ Caitlyn

    You were one of the usual commenters that was looking for some answers, and I thought SURE that you'd have some to help you with that caption you have to do involving pregnancy.