Friday, March 25, 2011

Icy Cold Medallion of Zulu

Was randomly looking through captions I've made on Rachel's Haven, and I saw this one, and figured I would take a bit about it, since it is a caption that falls under the realm of a "free will" change, AND uses an established TG universe.

Most of my captions are done in the spirit of revenge or retribution, or at the very least, a sense of chaos. In this one, Erik wanted to experience being a woman, but only in small doses. I would say that this, other than the actual Medallion, is a realistic scenario for many TG caption fans. The whole sense of being someone else for awhile, and seeing what its like on the other side of the gender fence. Not wanting to BE one forever, and throwing away their whole life, but just enjoying a little mind detour.

I worked in a few details from Erik's real life, mainly that he takes his trash to the facility every Saturday and usually hangs out talking with other people. I guess that place is just a social area for the town. He's also someone that collects vintage things, so he has frequented Flea Markets and Yard Sales. Also, Courtney and Bren had been teasing me about a fridge I had for a long time that had to be duct taped shut because it was old and dying, so I wanted to make her a caption with a fridge.

One thing I wanted to touch on, and did so to dramatic effect, was the spatial differences between bodies. Just how you carry yourself and view the world can change BIG TIME by losing a foot of height and 60 pounds of weight. Things you do as a man MIGHT be harder to do as a woman, and drives home the change that the Medallion wrought for Courtney.

So in the end, I made a decent "willing" caption with a standard "Dee" twist.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Do you prefer "willing" captions or forced? Do you like when "willing" captions end up going too far? A combination of forced and "willing"? Is "willing" better with a magical change or just some game of dress up?


  1. I think ultimately I like a little element of both. I like reading about someone who's presented with the chance to change - perhaps have it initially thrusts upon them with an eventual acceptance of the new experience. They feel the most fun and in some ways the most possible.
    I the all out forced ones can be fun, but i feel it's less about the experience and more about the loss of control. I like the willing ones because they usually tend to be about the exploration of femininity and the sensations & emotions one could experience. those are the most sexy to me.

    I have a hard time choose between dressing and magical change. I love the illusion of becoming an attractive female and some of the sexiest stories I've read have been about transitioning girls who have experienced new sensations in a realistic way. However, the view I have that the vast majority of cross-dressers don't pass kills the fantasy for me. Magical ones can go further with the fantasy aspect for me, but the realistic exploration of femininity often becomes lost.

  2. If you would have asked this just a few short months ago I would have said 'forced' without a seconds hesitation. I preferred to make forced caps, I preferred to receive forced caps, and I preferred to read forced caps. But lately that's changed. I really enjoy reading some of the 'willing' captions, and I have enjoyed making a few of them as well. I think one of the things that makes me enjoy them is the situation you put here... someone is willing to try it, but doesn't want to throw their life away and start anew. That is something that I can relate to. I still prefer to receive forced caps, but even that is more fun when it starts out as 'willing' and goes too far.

    And I have to agree with Mistress Simone. I like both dress up and magical. Dress up gives it a real 'this could happen' feeling that is completely blown away as soon as magic is mentioned. But the magic ones can immediately draw you into a situation that just isn't possible with the dress up captions.

  3. Great caption. If she was desperate enough to reach the medallion she could've just stood on a chair. lol

  4. @ SP2000

    Awwww. bringing reality and reason into a TG caption discussion? How DARE you! Anyway, I'm not sure if he has time with his wife coming through the door AND doesn't he need to find one of his old pieces of clothes to change back? I'm not really up on the rules of the Zulu universe.

    @ Caitlyn and Simone

    I am all for realism, but oftentimes, Magic seems the most realistic in how the caption stories are presented. Hence, I am for whatever makes the story the best it can be.

  5. I think most people know where my preference lies, but I don't dislike Willing captions. As already mentioned by Simone, you can pull off certain feeling's and emotions in a willing cap, that you can't do in a forced caption.

    Something like You and your girlfriend experimenting and having fun playing dress up. Sure, you could do the same scene in a forced cap, but it wouldn't have that happy giddy feeling as her boyfriend/girlfriend models some lingerie or something.

    I've requested the occasional willing caption when asked what I am in the mood for. And I've even done my share of willing caps. Because of someone's prefs or just because I was in the mood to do one. It's just that usually, like Caitlyn, My mind will come up with something darker to write about.

    To me, Almost anything is better with a bit of realism, but just like willing captions, I enjoy magic caps too. But When I first started to cap I steered clear of any magic use. It wasn't something I consciously decided to do, it's just where my ideas and thoughts usually go with.

    After a while I realized I had never done a magic cap, and at first found it harder to do them then a surgery or dress up cap. It took me even longer to make anything with a body suit. Nothing against body suit caps, It's just not the first thing to come to mind while capping.

    Sure even the supposed realism of just painting your face and throwing on a dress isn't that close to reality. It's a very rare few that can make that work for them, But it does happen. So that's why I normally go for that sort of thing. Even though me myself Can't pull it off, I can dream.

    VR machines and some sort of tricked out machine or drug turning you into a woman also seems more plausible to me. I might not see a VR machine that feel's and looks a 100% real in my lifetime, but have you seen some of the stuff they can cook up? It's an exciting thought!