Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Trixie .. The Prom King?

Someone had challenged Caitlyn to make "oblivious" captions, where the 'victim' is completely unaware that they are not just as manly as they were before." I love those types of captions, and made quite a few as well, so I decided to post my favorite of that ilk. It seems to be the one that I remember, even after all this time.

Sambecomes was one of my favorite captions way back when before I even thought about creating my own. I wanted to make something that could compare to what she'd done in terms of quality, and looking at her preferences, I saw that she didn't mind cross-dressing or she-males, and had a desire for "I would especially like to have sexy feet, whether they are bare or in heels (it's really not a requirement though).  Slow changes are of course the best."

I had an idea that if someone could be hypnotized to believe that certain acts were the epitome of manliness, it would make a path to femininity even easier to achieve, while giving the illusion that they are fighting the conditioning. I've made a few captions with the premise, but they were usually more grounded in magic. I really hadn't done anything much at that time with straight up humiliation through crossdressing by way of hypnosis.

The idea coming through here is that Samuel will have his "Carrie" moment, though he'd be oblivious until something on stage triggers everything ... his awareness of the situation and the fact that he'll continue to act and want to be feminine. BMOC is going to be a possible pariah with a ruined reputation.

The picture is what makes this caption good though. I cannot even put forth that the story really carries this at all. The model has GORGEOUS legs, a great ass, and a wonderful taste in clothing if I do say so myself! In addition, the androgynous hairstyle and lack of heavy makeup give her a look of a feminized boy, which comes out when paired with the story.

One last thing is that I wasn't able to get either a male name or female name into the caption anywhere. Since it is essentially a monologue, there wasn't much of a chance to get that across. I mean, how often do you say to another person in the kitchen, "Would you like to make Dee some pancakes. Dee is very hungry and I want something to eat, and when Dee wants something, Dee gets it!" In this case, I think that it gives this caption a bit of universality that most trade captions don't.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: This is totally subjective. What do you think happens to Trixie/Samuel up on stage and afterwards? I want to hear what you think happened to him/her once he became aware ... or did he? Could he continue to be Samuel but look and act like that?


  1. Love the oblivious angle. Perhaps Sam/Trixie realizes she has been feminized up on stage and then is comforted.

  2. @ Mingle

    do you belong to Rachel's Haven? There are so many captions posted, and I know of at least 3 others I've made that are of the "oblivious" angle.

    There are so many captioners there that it would take you MONTHS to see them all!

  3. I think the response of everything will cause a crack. The new girl will have to either pretend it's all normal or she will fall apart at the seams.

  4. @ Simone

    My hope is that he'll figure it out, but Trixie will take over, leaving him trapped knowing how he is acting, but really unable to do anything about it.