Sunday, March 27, 2011

I wanted to change my SAX!

I have to admit it .. sometimes I just like to have fun, and use lots of horrible plays on words and puns and try to be as GROAN INDUCING as possible. People have bad days, and a caption like this can often lighten up their mood much more than seeing themselves tied up by a mistress and condemned to a life of servitude. Nothing wrong with that, but if you've just gotten home from being metaphorically chained to your desk working overtime for "the man" .. no matter how great the story is, you just won't enjoy it the way you should.

It is captions like these that have given me the reputation for not bringing the sexy all the time. I can't really stop though, since I don't have a regulator on my creativity where I can just crank out a perverted and depraved caption whenever I feel. If I'm feeling frisky and playful, then THAT is what someone is going to get. If that causes people to not look at some of my darker and sexier captions .. OH WELL, sucks to be them! Its always the quiet one in the corner that is the real tigress in bed!

DISCUSSION QUESTION:   Do you have to be in a certain mood to read captions? Do reading captions (or creating captions) get you in a better mood? Jennifer mentioned a list of songs in her blog recently that helps her get into a mood when she's capping. You can read my reply right here (not that you NEED the traffic Jenniger!) What other ways get you in the mood to caption?


  1. Well the more I think about how I can more consistently get into the mood to cap (and I think about it almost as much as I actually cap), I realize that there are two things I need to cap successfully. I not only need to be in the mood to cap, but I need my creativity to be sparked. I don't really know what drives my 'mood' to cap. But I know a lot more about sparking my creativity.

    Really what I need is something that is 'new' to strike me. This new thing can be photography (and most often is), but it can also be music, it can be a conversation, it can be a film or television, it can be a painting... it can even be completely internal as I think of something in a new way. Now this is just pure creativity... it's not necessarily geared for capping. But even if my spark had nothing to do with TG in any way, it still gets the creativity moving. For instance right now I got a new song that has been flooding my ears for the past four days. These last four days I been feeling VERY creative.

    But that still leaves the 'mood'. I may have wanted to create, but I wasn't in a capping mood. I tried to just push some out but the initial results were.... well they were just plain bad. I deleted them after messing around for a few hours. I didn't really like the images I chose, and the text at its best was only boring. At its worst it was garbage. I didn't get into a capping mood until late yesterday, and thankfully the song was still driving my creativity meter wild. Voila... a new Caitlyn cap.

    I have much better control of sparking my creativity, but I am still not in control of it. This song will eventually stop sparking anything in me. I'll still like it, but it won't be 'new' anymore. The most frustrating thing is when I am in a capping mood (and I still don't have any idea how to induce a capping mood), but my creativity is running dry. I CAN force a cap out in times like this (and have several times) but they are generally flat, or just an obvious retelling of someone else's work.

  2. The point of the song list I had on my blog isn't to get me in the mood to cap, but to help set the tone/mood for the cap I'm already trying to write.

    Getting in the mood to cap is almost identical to how Caitlyn described it. Sometimes I feel like capping, but for what ever reason I can't move forward and just start writing a caption up. I need some sort of spark to help get my wheels turning and create something.

    Also, my captions are almost always Sexual in some way, so I have to be in a naughty mood myself before I will start to cap. And contrary to popular believe, that is not always the case. Usually When I'm in the mood to cap, I'm also in the mood to role-play And if I fall out of the mood to create, then my mood to role-play and be frisky will also fade.

    It's no secret that I've had a bit of a writers block lately and there's a few people that can attest to the fact that I also stopped role-playing as well. When ever this happens it's always best to just let me find that spark again in my own time. If I'm forced to cap or role-play, then it will do way more harm and just stress me out even more. What may have been a month's lull will now be 3 months and if I am continually forced/asked to do something when I don't feel like it, it will keep dragging out the funk I'm in.

    And I'll take all the traffic I can get! Also, quiet shy girls might sometimes be really naughty in the bed, But when I'm in the mood I can get it on, in or on anything in the house! Doesn't even have to be in doors. ;)

  3. Music is a great motivator. But when im charged up from music I jest cant sit still long enough to do captions. I would say if your using music to inspire, its best to do a workout, go dancing, or engage in energetic sex. Not captions.
    If I have a bad day at work then I rarely want to do captions and even if I do it has to be for the right reasons. If I jest feel like I need to make one or if I'm responding to a specific request I am rarely happy with the results. I jest don't feel it. I have probably scraped more captions then I have posted. (And all together I have posted maybe 350 so far).
    The way I get inspired is usually by skimming through images and see what comes to mind. But the best results come from a sudden flash of inspiration (or lust) and I jest happen to remember the right picture for it.
    Do I need to be in the right mood to read captions? Not really. I enjoy them differently depending on my mood. I don't read them if im in a bad mood. (They wouldn't help). If im horny they get me where I need to be. Sometimes I get off on them quickly sometimes it takes hours. But if im not horny the first things I notice is how well its written and the beauty of the selected pictures.
    Good questions.

  4. I agree with allot of the other comments and have found that I often need three things to really get going.

    1. Time - I need at least a couple of hours to make solid progress on something or I can't get myself into it.

    2. A nice drink - I don't always drink when I cap, but I find that on nights where I can spend hours and hours creating, some tastey beverages can help me loosen up and give in to the flow.

    3. A spark - No matter or combination of time and alcohol can help without a spark. I'm still pretty new to the game, having only been doing this for a couple months, however, I have already run into many nights where I have been excited to get home from work and cap and then find myself bereft of inspiration.

    I have found that reading through prefs and checking out either their picture options or trying to find a pic that matches something from their list and comes together can many times get me going.

    On reading caps, I have found that I definitely have certain moods where I just can't enjoy a good cap. Sometimes, I will pull up a bunch and nothing will strike my fancy, but I won't close my windows and the next day I look through them again and find some really good stuff.