Monday, June 27, 2011

Long Dark Tea Time for the Soul

+++ Image has been removed .. as per model's request +++

Not quite back to normal here but things are slowing down and becoming less stressful. I might try to make a new caption either tonight or tomorrow if the mood hits me. I haven't made anything new in at least a week, due to lack of time and the real life issues.

Wanted to keep updating though so I can keep people interested. This caption pretty much speaks for itself. I am pretty sure the picture was supplied by Janesmoke and when I saw it, the idea was basically there, even the stinger at the end. It was just a case of getting it out in good fashion and keeping out of my own way. The title comes from a Dirk Gently Holistic Detective Agency Novel by Douglas Adams. I wish he had spent more time on this character before he died. It was quite interesting.

I want to thank all the people that have talked with me or left a comment, whether here or through a PM. I'm glad to have friends like you all out there to share both absolute tons of laughter, smatterings of kinkiness, and occasionally moments of sadness. That you all have been supportive makes me smile.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: How obvious was the story I concocted for the photo? Blatant, or were you thinking something else when you looked at it? What story would you have made out of it?


  1. Uhmmm this pic reminds me of a "dorama" (japanese real live action series) and first I though she would be swallowed or the magic worked out backwards and she came out of the teapot... but then when I read It wasn't nothing like that, seems not all the pics "talk" to us in the same manner ^-^.

    So the idea is pretty good, but yes I think it's pretty obvious once you read the cap and see the pic, still not for my devious mind eh, eh, eh
    So you can make is a batlant obvious as you want or as obscure as you think it could be with this pic, taking for example what I commented first.
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    P.S:Thanks to you Dee for being such a wonderful person, no thanks needed in my share, i only say what i really believe always ^-^

  2. The basic story I first saw with this image was close to yours. Wanted to change someone, fitted out a tea set, couldn't help but peek, got changed herself. But I like the details you threw in, and they made the cap move from 'standard' to 'great'.

  3. I would probably have gone a slightly different way but not much. Your story is perfectly fitting though.

  4. I forgot to mention as well, there's going to be a new series of Dirk Gently. The BBC made a pilot based loosely based around the first book last year and there's going to be more made :)

  5. @ Terri

    That sounds awesome. I'll have to be on the lookout for it. I love the original books of the HHGTTG but Dirk was an interesting character as well.

  6. Ähmmm...can you tell my why do you use my picture without asking?!I hate such people like I who steels pictures!

  7. As noted above, I have removed the caption from viewing as requested by the commenter above, who is the model in the picture supplied by Janesmoke.

  8. Oh oh Dee ... did you look up what "Seelenkorsett" means? You can be lucky she didn't punish you by talking you into submission. :D


    PS: Falls du das liest Seelenkorsett ... dein Username ist natürlich vielseitig interpretierbar, und ich dachte, dass ich das mal so sehen kann. Nichts für ungut. :)