Thursday, June 23, 2011

You Wouldn't Believe .. Or Would You?

Haven't been around much, stuff going on in the real life that is draining my energy. Hope to be back to my "normal" self soon. I quoted the word normal because that is always relative when it comes to me.

This caption is short and sweet, which is how I'm going to keep this post blog. Ron is a man of few words when it comes to captions, and I've followed him back when he was doing Yahoo groups with all captions based on songs from old music groups (like the Beatles and Elton John.) He likes women in men's clothing so I usually save some for him when I find them, and then usually whip up a tribute caption to his style, though I try to throw in some color backgrounds that still make it look like it came from me. He is still doing the white background with a common black font. I am not sure how long he's been at captioning, but he was veteran when I first started back in 2008.

I like his style because its often sparse but descriptive. He definitely isn't long winded, and captures the moment nicely. I've tried to take what he does and expand upon it in different ways. Foreshadowing and shading the stories to give them some more depth but still appeal to my ADD.

I like the setup here because it feels like an old 60's sitcom, where Dick Van Dyke gets home and Laura greets him at the door, wondering what happened. Perhaps later on Dick goes to a bar to drink away his problem with Rosemarie and the other writer, and Rosemarie gets made because Dick is getting all the attention of the single guys.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: I've seen enough posts on the Haven in regards to when people first discovered they liked TG things, and what website first appealed to them. I would like to know, what was the first TG caption that you saw, and (for the captioners) what was the first caption that inspired you to create?


  1. Hmmm, I never listed mine!

    The first TG captions I saw probably weren't officially captions, but stories with pictures, done by Pretty Sissy Dani way back when. I would check there EVERY DAY to see if she had posted anything new or the next chapter.

    For official captions, it would probably be Redmeg and her presnets on lycos. She was actually kind enough to make me a caption (which I don't HAVE anymore *makes sad face*) with me as a gothic cheerleader. I think I've seen the picture used at least twice since in captions, and it always brings me back to that first caption I had ever received.

    From there, when Lycos groups died, I hung around on the Yahoo groups. At some, I stumbled upon the sanctuary and then the Haven. The policy of limited bandwith based on the amount of comments I made is why I ended up spending much more time on the Haven. Sort of wish there was a way to merge the two places requirements!

  2. Short but sweet indeed, not so sweet when my dizzy head had the idea to not show me the invisible conversation in there ^-^...

    Okay I think that the first time I saw TG was on TG Comics by pure accident, really I was unaware on this fantastic world, from there is just a crazy road full of "weird pages" Heh, Heh, Heh but at the same time i was checking On TF Games Site and Hypnopics collective, and you can already guess my first caption theme:

    LATEX exactly "giggle"... Uhmmm no, the first one i saw didn't appeal to me and the second did cover the latex thingy, but Dee i cannot remember the name of it, i just remember i saw it in Hypnopics collective it was around 2007 when i discovered a fondness for captions and comic captions and process and around 2008 i discovered the Process Forum "giggle", again looking for material i would like, i still go there to look for evil conversions, that tend to be neat and awesome also i rummage around 4chan but no so much ^-^
    From there the blogs started to appear, later i discovered the yahoo groups but those seemed to be long gone of activity so i returned to blogs and then I discovered Alexia's blog that lead me to Rachel Haven...

    And of course the bug of captioning came when i discovered Rachel Haven and my first came around around July last year and from there is a sweet road filled with spines and thorns and pinchs and wait... That's another story ^-^
    It was really sweet and I loved also getting new friends because of it ;P

    The thing that still haunts me with every new cap i do is that if i'm giving something really good like the ones i encounter from here and there ^o^
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  3. I've been doing this since.. i don't know, 2002? something like that, But have been reading captions since I first got a pc in 95. First things I looked up regarding my tg interests, (which I thought was going to yield next to no results..) was something like... chick's with dicks I think. it was then I found out that Shemale, transsexual, and crossdresser would land better searches.

    so for a good while there I was just content to find pics of passable men or gorgeous Trans women. I forget how I stumbled on to TG storys, but I think it was Ms Bobbi's forced fem storys. I forget the full name and they are a pay site now-a-days. (if they are still around) But I would say that's the first story site I ran into, I can't tell you really what it was about in detail. I think there was a bar, and some girl that had tricked the guy into skirts some how. it was a great story at the time, but nothing I would go on and on about today.

    I eventually found fictionmania and pretty sissy dani site, I consider dani's site the first big find for me really. I would read her storys almost weekly and check back each day to see if there was something new. I will still look up her storys that pushed so many newly discovered buttons back then, and get a real kick out of them.

    My first experience with caps was at the old Lycos groups. It was rare for me to find exactly what I was looking for, but when I did, it made the hours or days of searching well worth it. I would say the first cap I saw that made me think I could do something like it, was a crossdressing cap as halloween party I think.

    But it wasn't until bimbo sanctuary that I knew for sure I could take a crack at it. I was reading Jasmines, Tiffany annes, and lee lee's caps quite a bit, and wanted to repay them for all the wonderful work and entertainment they had provided me.

    But i think it was the owner of bimbo sanctuary's forum that really sent me in a tizzy, I read a cap that detailed one mans femeinzation in his dreams. that cap was the first series length story I remember that got me hooked on every page, every word. It was just exactly what I was looking for and Pushed some hard buttons for me. I think if I were to pin point where my style of capping comes from, it would be that one. it just made it clear to me what I really love to see in captions.

    I tried to play off of that caption recently with one I did for Courtney. but in my mind, I could never match the effects that caption had on me. at least in that particular theme.

    And finally, I first discovered I liked TG things years before the web got me stuck. I was watching Caroline in the city and had a crush on lea Thompson. one of the episodes was about one man mistaking her for a guy in drag, and that just really clicked with me. My mind was racing with that taboo subject and I had no earthly idea why.

  4. My inspiration to start captioning actually came from frustration. At the time I just wasn't finding many captions I felt were actually decent. I had poured through Smartgroups after not getting into captions until after the downfall of Lycos, ventured into several dozen Yahoo groups at the time and just couldn't seem to find what I was looking for, so when I realized I kept telling myself I could caption better than this person or that, I decided it was time to put my money where my mouth is. February 20, 2006. Only remember the date because the same night I wrote my first caption was the same night I opened my first Yahoo group.

    I actually found it amazing how many people seemed to find my little group fairly quickly, but what really made me smile was the links other people added that actually led to me finding others who were writing caps I enjoyed but hadn't found yet. Eventually I wrote a blog on my Yahoo account at the time that basically stated my belief of how the US Government had lied to us about a specific event and *POOF* they killed my account within 24 hours! It turned into the beginning of the end for my ties to Yahoo, and since at the time there weren't many venues for this arena that catered to captions I quickly bounced through a few, then decided that since I couldn't find what I was looking for I may as well see what it might take to build it. After trying to pick a name for like a month and coming up unavailable every time I tried to leave my name out of it I registered the domain for Rachel's Haven on October 3, 2006 and took it from nothing to a budding community that went public on February 20, 2007. Never would have been able to do it without a few key people who seem to get mad at me anytime I try to give them credit, but since I have no idea how to code if it wasn't for them I'd probably still be fighting the software to make it work! Anyway, I figure my first year was pretty productive, especially since up until I posted my first caption I was a total lurker!

  5. It seems that although my interest in TG/CD came early, that my interest in caps came much much later. I really didn't ever see caps until 2007/8. I forget the name of the blog, but there were some heavy forced femme caps there that caught my interest. It didn't take long at all for me to want to create them. And as I think I shared before it was one of your caps Dee that inspired me to make some myself.