Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Trying to be Convincing!

Sometimes, doing things simply is the best policy.

I think this is a hot caption, and I"m glad that I made it for Jennifer, because I think she not only GETS the idea behind it, but appreciates it. As I've said before, the MIND is the biggest erogenous zone that humans have. It is what makes us appreciate something that not everyone else would like (fetishes) and keeps things interesting sexually. You can see it when browsing through the preferences databases and Haven members personal requests for what they do and don't like in captions made for them.

In this panel, I was trying to capture a bit of what I used to do when captioning, but still present it with my current presentation. It isn't complex, but gets right to the heart of the situation, and doesn't beat around the bush. There is technically a stinger at the end, but it isn't a twist as much as an affirmation about the whole situation that lead up to the ending.


I tend to fall into this form of submission. I have no desire to be tightly restrained. I would probably freak out and it would not end well. I also appreciated those with rope and knot skills, and wish I had studied more in boy scouts! However, being lightly tied up with nylons or fuzzy cuffs, and instead of a hood, perhaps a pair of a females panties over my eyes (perhaps pre-moistened by her aroused passion for controlling me) would NOT be rejected in my bedroom. I prefer my Dom/sub relationships to be more cerebral than actually physical. When I am Dom, I will taylor my control to what the sub would prefer, though I will always put my spin on it. IS that an actual knife I am using to trace a path down your spine, or just a letter opener? Does it really matter if your eyes are closed?


That is why I probably like this caption A LOT! Jennifer thinks much more about things like this, so I won't speak for her. She can probably talk much better about this, but I think the caption taps into that cerebral nature of submission.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: For you, does the control have to be more REAL or illusionary? What would the percentages be in your actual life? in TG captions?


  1. The banana part was funny.

  2. I think the control should be more illusionary. It jest seems more fun that way. And personally I play at dom about 40% of the time. I love my sub time too much to be 50/50.

  3. @ Sasha

    I have to have SOME fun. Its a reference to Family Guy of course, and the sex games between Peter and Lois.

    @ Geofrey

    I am usually in control in everyday life situations, and that leads most people to think of me as controlling. That is how I pretty much was until a few years ago. Now I am in that 70-30 percentile of dom to sub. Its nice to occasionally give up control, like a little vacation for the mind.

  4. To be honest, I haven't had enough real life D/s relationships or experiences to have a strong feeling on this question. My fantasies go WAY beyond what I would want to happen in real life, so for my fantasy (TG captions) to work, the control has to be real. Now that doesn't mean a chain vs a nylon... it can still be mental. Like "Do this, or this blackmail will get out and destroy your loved ones life". That would be very real.

  5. I firmly Believe that Submission, true Submission starts in the mind. It can have the physical aspect, with cuffs, blindfold's, gag's, clamps, etc. But those are all just tool's the enhance the initial submission from the Sub. You already have this feeling of, I want to give you control, I trust you. But the feelings that cuff's, or a blindfold would bring would leave you feeling more exposed, more vulnerable, more submissive. You gave all you could to this person and trust them to take care of you, but these tools are meant to draw you in further. or if your not naturally submissive already, put you in that state of mind.

    Every one of my D/s Relationships have started in much the same way. it blossoms slowly. it's never, hey want to take control for a few hour's and make me feel like your pet? it's more subtle then that. I was never looking for a Mistress or master when I finally did meet one. Ok, that's halve true, I am always looking. But I wasn't going out and asking them to do it. I was just chatting to them like I would friend's, then like a switch going off, I have this need, this feeling to call the Mistress or Ma'am.

    It just overwhelmed me, I would keep my tongue in check, but i couldn't deny how they made me feel. how they presented them self's was as if they were not speaking me directly, it was like they were talking to Jennifer, the submissive. it was quite a shock when I first felt this feeling, but it's considerably different from pretending. I felt as if someone had slapped on a pair of mental handcuff's and I liked it!

    It was so simple to just step aside and let them control. It felt wonderful for me, freeing and exciting. I am always in control in my day to day life, and I'm also always fighting against those things I can't control. Even when it comes to my own thoughts and feelings. but when I submitted, I didn't have to worry about that, sure.. these issues still were there, they existed. But I didn't have to put so much wasted energy into them, no.. I just have to deal with them as they came along and love being in the moment with my Dominate.

    This caption captures that very well. It screams out the feelings i feel as a submissive, but it has a little fantasy, a little role play where I fight against it.

    In real life, I would say it's a little hard to break down in percentage's. if you mean how much time I spend on either side of the fence. Well, that would be 99 % in control, and 1% submissive.

    but if you mean how much I would like to give, that's where it gets tricky. The right person, the right situation, i would give 100% to them And everyone else would get nothing. So for one person I'm submissive, but in all other cases I'm In control. Breaking it down into percentages of how much you would give to someone is a little vague, becuase I don't submit to every single person. I don't Submit 20 % of the time to this person or that person, and then 80 % of the time I'm in control. It's just the one person I would submit to. So I could say it's 100% in control, and 100 % submissive.

    in tg caps, heh.. that's pretty hard too. I like to fight it, like to say I'm not submissive and have someone fight me into submission. but I also enjoy caps where I'm just as naturally submissive to that one, or in the case of caps everyone as I am in real like.

  6. I've never been that sexually active, never had much of a chance, but I'm more sub than dom. I've tried dom in RP before but I don't know if I could in real life, I'm not that kind of person. I don't really like bondage either because it's the thought of losing control. I don't know if a pair of tight tied lightly round the arms might make a difference. Sometimes I wonder how much of my erotica is in my head and how much I would actually want in a sexual situation.