Friday, November 28, 2014

Staying Home on Black Friday .. with Amazon MEGAPRIME!

They are really trying to stop you from going to the malls, aren't they?

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving (or as non-Americans call it, Thursday!) yesterday and haven't been crushed by an avalanche of consumers during this Black Friday Extravaganza 2014. I am happy to report I hadn't heard of any deaths in a store this year, but you can never be too safe. That is why we have this caption to let you know of an upcoming on-line gift delivery system. It even knows all the sizes so you don't have to worry about getting something that doesn't fit. I mean, there is no way that your items WON'T FIT. "It's unpossible", as Ralph Wiggum would say!

I ventured out last night at Midnight, mostly to hit this discount store that opens then, and they don't really have anything that people wouldn't want during the day, but DAMMIT, they have to be open! A friend and me have been every year its open right at midnight and we always buy something stupid there, like a can of tuna fish or a spatula .. mostly to celebrate the spirit of unfettered capitalism. Then we drove by Walmart and Target and laughed at all the people standing there in line with snow falling on them and felt slightly sad .. for them, not us.

This morning, I got up around 8:30, ate some Thanksgiving leftovers in a burrito, then hit a couple stores, mostly looking for a few stocking stuffers, since we are pretty much done with our Xmas shopping. It was liberating to leave Target with only a video game for myself and 2 cans of Nacho Cheese flavored Pringles Tortilla chips while people had carts filled with plunder.

Anyway, I made that caption for Transformed61, who was offering a THREE for ONE caption trade if the story involved Black Friday, shopping, or something black, whether a race change or someone wearing black (that is what it sounded like at least!) so I knew it was something I could work with. I definitely won't look a gift horse like that in the mouth, or even the other end of the horse!

I have been doing all my driving in a "new" car finally! Got myself a Ford Escape after looking at a bunch of Jeeps. This Escape was pretty immaculate (125k miles) and had all service records since it came out of the factory, and even some extra after-market parts so I am well pleased. I'll be eating floor scraps and wood shavings for the next few years, but its worth it to have a safe ride so I'll be able to pay off the loan on it!

If you want some leftover Thanksgiving goodness, you can check out an old post I made HERE.


  1. So cool, what a great caption. As someone who orders online often, I would love to have that link.

    1. Perhaps with a randomizer element to it, so you could be changing into an older woman or a girl in kindergarten or daycare.

  2. Great cap, I would definately use Amazon Instant Megaprime, and with this as the result? I would buy the items for myself;)
    Congratulations on the new car. I hope it will serve you many years without problems.

    1. Thanks. My main problem right now seems to be that I am allergic to it! The previous owner apparently had dogs and when I drive the car with heat running through the vent, my eyes are starting to tear up and I get congested. My mechanic is going to replace the cabin filter and we will check out the vents soon.

      I am highly allergic to all animals that aren't fish. Not just fur or hair, but dander.