Wednesday, November 26, 2014

How Many Brands and Styles of Pantyhose Could There Be?

I'm betting that Katie Mills knows now! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I saw this picture two days ago and immediately had an idea for a quickie caption for Katie Mills. Not everyone gets to have their own clothing, and often, especially when you are younger, have to borrow it from someone, which is usually a mother or sister. Once you hit a certain age though, I would imagine that wearing their clothes would make you feel a bit icky for deriving sexual pleasure from something own/worn by a family member, so the next logical step would be girlfriend/wife.

From reading other's journals, they take meticulous care in leaving things EXACTLY the way they were laid out before they arrived, which I can understand, as I'd often go into my dad's dresser to find his dirty videotapes, carefully setting the counter to 0000 so I could rewind ever so precisely back to where it was when he'd taken it out of the VCR. You'd think though, that when it come to clothing, and specifically intimate clothing, they'd realize something was amiss. Perhaps raiding the hamper would yield the best results since they've already BEEN warn, and hell, if you love their scent, it most likely would increase the arousal.

That gave me the idea for the caption, that Patrick had worn his wife's clothing and messed up her tights with a run, which of course is always a possibility. I can't think of anything they sell in a store that is expected to break as quickly as pantyhose are! Making a swap though can always prove challenging. I have a friend that had their child's fish die supposedly while they were at school, and tried to find one so their child wouldn't know. A little after the girl came home, she told her parents, "I think I have one of those Jesus fish I think. He came back from the dead!"

Other than that, its just a case of realizing the situation you are in, and trying to make the best out of it using reason. "Oh Honey, don't look at it like you've got a cross dressing husband, think of it as gaining a much bigger wardrobe!"

I hope that everyone celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow gets to spend time with their family or loved ones, and you don't overdose on turkey and football. If you do, think of me, eating my Tofurkey and watching football, while wearing earplugs so my family's yelling won't make me deaf!

When I see the events of the world recently, I can only hope that everyone could treat others the way they'd wish to be treated. Hatred only begets more hatred, and feeds it like the monster it truly is. Only if we starve it at the source can it be eradicated. May our blessings nourish our world, and multiply upon those with less to be thankful for. If we sow what we reap, I hope your bounty is plentiful, meaningful and nourishing.


  1. Getting a run in my sisters stockings was something I feared, when I grew up. This great cap is definately something I can relate to;)
    I hope you and everybody else who celebrates it had a great Thanksgiving, and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  2. I think it's something that everyone experinces. I always thought that they were way to fragile, and almost everyone has probably experinced a run in public. Although dance tights are much sturdier, if you just want standard tights. Although who could pass up the huge range available :)