Sunday, November 30, 2014

But Auntie! I Want to Go to the Mall!

Most boys my age wear pink tights all the time, right?

Made this caption for Pantyhosegurl on the Haven, and when I saw the picture, I came up with another "Auntie styled" caption. Whenever I can, I try to emulate that feeling that Auntie invokes, while still putting my own spin on it. as I mentioned in the post:
Hope you enjoy! i can only imagine what she did to get you to be like that, and what she is going to do to you now for your insolence!
Auntie always seems to be a bit out of touch (Aerobics? That's SO 1983!) but I think that helps sell the caption. For all we know, Bobbi thinks its 1983 as well, wanting to hang out at the mall! My girlfriend and I were at a mall on this Saturday (the Saturday after Black Friday) around 4 PM and I think there MIGHT have been 100 people in the entire mall shopping. Hard to believe that the economy sucks that bad, so it has to be that this mall does not have the stores needed to pull in people to shop on one of the biggest retail weekends of the year (and the weather was perfect so its not like they were all snowed in.)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday weekend, and arrived back home safely if you did travel. The web traffic was VERY slow here, and I think everywhere else too. I am thinking I might be able to make some new captions on Monday, and towards the end of the week as things slow down here at home for a week or so, and as an escape from work, which will be picking up as the end of the year approaches. Hopefully I can get motivated and make some more holiday inspired creations!


  1. Great cap, maybe in a decade or two Auntie has her girls doing yoga.

  2. Sigh....I love my Auntie, but she sucks in comparison.

  3. I quite like how you have changed the way to girlhood. Instead of being made to think he is a girl, he has had the percieved gender roles switched. Our shopping centres are still swelling with people... Might be the country though. So it's still "the place" to hang out over here. Btw I love the image, I thing both the tights and the girl marry the cap perfectly