Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Swamp Thing Ain't Got NOTHING on You!

Really not feeling it today. Had a topic in mind while at work but totally forgot what I wanted to talk about, SOOOOOOO I will just post a caption and talk a bit about it. This was made for Dani Colorado back when she was somewhat new to the Haven at the end of 2009. Captions I make for her now tend to be a bit naughtier, but I think this is a cute little caption, with a decent payoff, though I think I went a bit overboard with the explanation of how it all happened. Perhaps you readers out there might think differently, but I felt the need to make sure people got the science behind it. That made it drag a bit more than it should have. If I was creating this caption now, I'd probably have found a way to work around that. Well, MAYBE it works .. I am still bouncing between the two thoughts, so I guess it probably isn't as bad as I think it is. I definitely would've made the text background a gradient match of her painted skin tone.

Speaking of paint, I am sure that I would have been even happier than Bob Ross' trees if I got to paint this model up for the photo shoot. People liked the Mister Rogers remix I posted from PBS a few days ago, and the same person released another one starring the guy that was ALMOST as mellow as Fred .. Bob Ross. I can't tell you how many times I would be channel surfing in the 90's and just be riveted by how relaxed and zen he was while painting. I am not even the slightest bit artistic with paint and brush, but I would sit and watch the entire rest of the episode ... with happy little clouds. He'd say things like, "Relax, .. let it flow ..think like water" and make you just chill out. "We don't make mistakes, we make happy little accidents".

Believe it or not, but sometimes I can hear little snippets of his wisdom as I use my digital palette to create what is in my mind onto the screen .. and to paraphrase the song .. "I believe, I believe, everyday is a good day when you caption!" As I type this, I see a beautiful sunset with some great purple and orange peeking out through the happy little trees. Its like Bob Ross is working with nature now, and we still get to enjoy his work for free!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: In your life, what artists or creators inspire you? Not just works that they made that you enjoy, but really made you WANT to do something more? How do you hope to inspire others to do the same?

Monday, July 30, 2012

Why Can't I Stop? ... Its all in the editing!

For all the latex lovers out there! This is a caption I made for Anastasia who apparently is a disciple of Alectra, who you may have seen flitting about in the comments here and again, though I think she's been pretty absent recently. I am not a huge latex aficionado of latex, so the stories don't just roll out from the brain like some other TG topics.

I haven't been on a hunt for latex pictures lately, but I had the idea for a caption, that of the suit being a symbiote that changed the wearer (sort of like how Venom came into existence in the Spiderman comics.) I went back into the old archives to see what I could find. Halfway through one directory, I found a picture that stoked my interest as a sort of Saw III Jigsaw type quandry. The whole picture wasn't what I wanted though, so I had to do some (lots) of trimming down. Here is the original picture in all its glory.

The picture itself tells a much different story than the one I made with the caption. Just simple editing of the picture and eliminating everything that you don't want .. can turn an obvious dominatrix controlling a few of her thralls into an apprehensive protagonist that can't stop the wonderful new pleasures that are changing his body. Could I have spent more time and possibly found another picture that better illustrates what I was looking to get out of the caption? Yeah, but it might've been time spent in vain, and I had most of the elements I need to tell what I wanted to say, once I made a few digital snips.


Got a semi-spam comment yesterday. Almost hit publish because it did make some sort of mention of the blog post it was commenting about BUT .. it had a link at the end that had NOTHING to do with TG captions ... which I won't tolerate. I think its somewhat cheesy to put a link to your own TG blog in a comment on someone else's site (unless it really references something discussed in the post) but outright commercials for some product .. that gets the delete button every time.

Changed my avatar at the Haven again. Let me know which one you liked better .. pensive copper type color or the one that is up now, which I also have in another version.


DISCUSSION QUESTION: What would YOUR plot have been for the original photo? Post below and maybe I'll whip something up!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Don't Drink the Power Cosmic!

Made this one awhile back, in like March 2009. I'm not really that up on Marvel as I was always a DC fan, and specifically Batman, Catwoman, Lobo, and some of the Vertigo titles. I knew enough though to whip this up for Courtney, though I included Alexia and Bren as well. Looking at the original post, I see that Bimbo Jessica helped me out with the Marvel mythos as it were.

I think that Alexia had the best comment on it:
*scratches head*  Now who is gonna pay for those drinks, Power Cosmic is not cheap ya know?  I can't just go up and ask Galactus for some more.  Do you know how hard it is to purchase Gamma Irradiated drinks now that we have these new security laws.  Sheesh ya think you gals would check to make sure that you had the correct orders. 

Now Bren, Calm down, you don't need to get upset......just put me down Sweetie.  Uh, Court, ya think you could use a bit of the power cosmic to help me here?

*giggles* Alexia
Figured this one would be a good one to post as I just got back from Karaoke, and since I wasn't driving, I had a few Pineapple Bombs. Mmmmmmmm yummy! I wasn't feeling terribly well so I stayed away from beer. Pineapple Bombs have southern comfort, Amaretto, Pineapple juice and sometimes Malibu Rum. Apparently my version of "Hurts so Good" by John Cougar was so slammin' that this woman got up and was like trying to dirty dance me while I was crooning, then tried to grab another microphone to sing along. I kind of shooed her away lest the GF bops her over the head. Actually, GF thought it was hilarious cuz she knew I'd be pissed when the girl tried to make it a duet!

So I'm buzzing now and gonna say WOOOOOOOOOOO PACKERS! Seems like something you'd say when you are buzzed. WOOOOOOOOOO PACKERS! Hope everyone had a great night!

DISCUSSION QUESTION:Who is your all-time favorite superhero? Were you more of a Marvel or DC fan or were you totally an independent company fanboy like Spawn, Vampirella, or Evil Ernie? What was your favorite animated version of a superhero?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Allure of Innocence ... the Garden of your Mind

There is a certain allure to the age of innocence, especially when the pressures of adult life drag you down and it just feels like wall to wall pressure. Not that there aren't issues with being a kid or a teenager; at the time everything seems like an utter and complete crisis' but as we get older, we look back on these days as often some of the best times of our lives.

I think its why I enjoy both bimbo captions and regression to high school days captions too.

At least in  my case, when I make Bimbo characters, they aren't sluts. Even when they do sexual things, there is that subtle innocence and wonder in their outlook that makes them seem almost pure. I know it might sound weird, but I feel that way. They don't see anything dirty or naughty about what they do, it just feels good and makes others happy. There might be some selfish reasons to their motives, but overall its more impulse control than any malicious intent.

As for the teen characters, the biggest worries would be grades and social acceptance. No worrie about where the money is coming from to pay the mortgage  .. its "OMIGOD, I GOTAZITAND TOMMYISLIKEFIVEFEETAWAYFROMME .. ITHINKIAMGONNADIE!" Its refreshing to think that is the whole turning point in our lives, when its just another obstacle in life.

I know people like smut in their captions, but oftentimes its the innocence and purity of the reformed characters that speak to me and make me feel happy. The first time I heard this on Youtube, I cried .. it was such a link to my youth and it made me just gush with emotional joy. Please watch and enjoy!

Really. We need more people like Mr. Rogers, who left the world a much better place.

"Did you ever grow anything in the garden of your mind? 
You can grow ideas in the garden of your mind.
You can think about things, and make believe, 
all you have to do is think, and they'll grow."

DISCUSSION QUESTION: I like to think that even though its a much naughtier version, we all have our own little Neighborhood of Make Believe. Have you ever thought about our little TG caption world and how we interact in it? What jobs we have and what type of environment it is? Won't you be my neighbor?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

From Flophouse to Cathouse

Ron (RMP42661) likes women that are dressed up like men. Call it the 'Marlene Dietrich fetish' or whatever have you, it seems like there are quite a few people that dig this sort of 'man-drag'. So when I saw this picture, I thought about a Mike Hammer type of movie, filled with hard drinking gumshoes and gun molls etc ...and how Ron would probably really like a caption based off of that premise.

I think the dialog would be considered "hard boiled" and I did need some help with a bit of the lingo .. luckily there are websites out there that illuminate some of the slang words that didn't make it to the present day. Looking over it now, I probably should have made it all black and white, or sepia toned.

Oh well, Regrets .. I've had a few. But then again, too few to mention.

I've thought about making a caption series somehow involving Fifty Shades of Gray, but honestly, isn't the source material cheesy and goofy enough on its own?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Is THIS a punishment? Lust Unbridled

I'm sort of back. I hope that people kept checking in over the weekend, as I think my last posting in the Dee-briefs was sometime Sunday afternoon. Its a whole lot easier to do the weekend blog thing in one collection of thoughts instead of a bunch of mini posts. Hits wise it might be better, but convenience wins out!

This caption up above is a quickie that I wrote on the fly. I was looking through images and I loved the expression on the model's face and the clawing of the rug (or fur?) with the rest of her body laying in the background. It just said "newly transformed" to me and I knew I could come up with something. The top part of the dialog was written first, and it came in one big burst when I originally saw the photo on a glamour blog.

 Cecilia was the one I was looking to caption and she mentioned the "wanting to please my wife" so that added a demension to the story. Her reply took a few minutes to plan out. I needed to put a BIT of back story into her words but I didn't want to come out and say exactly what he did wrong. It could've been something serious, but for me, I took it more of a "slight misunderstanding". Either way, I wanted the reader to fill in the details.

I hope that both Cecilia and the readers are on the edge about what is going to happen. that anticipation is what builds the tension between the two. If the wife didn't think this WAS a punishment, what were they going to do, and how would that change now that she's pissed he didn't trust her?

I also hope that this caption feels like we've just entered the room while they are having a discussion or disagreement, and that the dialog is a great representation like a real conversation between 2 people that do obviously love each other, but don't quite understand each others intentions. We know the magic isn't real, but it certainly feels like is because people continue to act in a very genuine manner toward each other.


As mentioned in the Dee-briefs, I've changed up a few things, here and at the Haven.

I have a new avatar, and we'll see if I keep it. I made about 4 of them the other night, I chose a copperish type one with a pensive look, as Caitlyn described it. I might try a few of the others out too before committing to one over the next X months. Usually when I get bored, I change it around. The fun part is when people get used to an older one on the Haven, they'll say, "hmmm, this one doesn't seem as much like you as the last one did." then the current one becomes the standard over time.

Here in the blog, I've disabled the captcha tool, so if you are viewing this from a mobile device, it should be easier to comment. Unfortunately I don't quite know if it works yet since no one has said anything since I disabled it. I would assume someone will post something below and we can get an accurate gauge on whether I can keep it disabled going forward.


DISCUSSION QUESTION: What happens after the caption ends in the short term and overall in the lives of Cecilia and her wife?  I am interested in seeing what people think happened afterwards.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sometimes you've got to MAN UP!

Had some time to play around this morning and early afternoon. The heat has finally chilled off a bit, and I'm sitting here in front of the computer without the AC in what seems like a month or so.

I made this 'caption' on my birthday apparently, as it has a 6.30.12 modified date in my photo viewer. I guess it was me making a motivational poster of some sort. When I was looking for something to post that I wouldn't have to go into too much detail about, I found it and figured, why not post it now? I know we all like to be pretty and smell nice, but getting down and dirty and sucking it up is definitely a girl trait.


I will update this section as needed throughout the weekend as little thoughts pop into my head. I might make this a standard weekend thing if it works out well. Keep checking back in here!

Made a few more captions afterwards while chatting with Caitlyn (briefly) and Bren (for 30 minutes) and will be posting one of them to Anastasia's trading folder since I owed her one. Its a latex caption, so all you tight clothing fans should check it out. I don't do those that often, and I'm not really a fan of being in restrictive clothing (or anything restrictive really) so I probably don't do it nearly as well as others do.

Stuff I'm reading includes THIS from Caitlyn which is VERY steamy, yet you COULD read it in mixed company because there is NO NUDITY! Anyone that is a fan of sissy/cuckold type stuff like that at Saragirl's Sissy Confessions needs to skip on over there RIGHT NOW and check it out!

Also started reading THIS story at Fictionmania from Greta called "Interview with a She Male". Only a few pages in, but it seems like a good set-up. Perhaps I'll stop liking it halfway in, but seems like a great story idea for a caption series, especially if it involved hypnosis training.

As I've continued onward, its pretty well written, though it does stretch reality somewhat and not in a magical sort of way .. I mean, almost EVERY woman he meets wants to feminize men and/or enjoys the hell out of sissies? If this was true, I think most of the TG readers out there would already BE IN situations like this which would leave no time to actually POST online! I'm about halfway through, and I'll probably continue reading sometime later on in the week.

I plan on disabling the CAPTCHA device on commenting if it will help those on mobile devices, but reserve the right to reverse the decision if I get a bunch of spam or trolls. Hopefully this will be a noble experiment that succeeds!

Steffi's Caption Contest is ongoing, and runs through August 1st. Steffimarie provides the picture and its up to you to make the best one you can. I decided to have some fun and whipped one up a few hours ago. I would welcome everyone to give it a shot and have some fun! Click HERE for more details and check out the rest of the site while you are there!

For fun, I decided to Google "Deementia TG" and I got 2 actual captions made by me in the large image section, and 6 in the medium size section. I used that search because none of my captions came up with "Dementia TG". The fun part of this search is there are HUNDREDS of caption in those searches that were made FOR ME, just not BY me .. that or I commented in another blog (I swear a few hundred of Steffiemarie's captions were in that list!) If you want to search out my work through Google, the best way to image search is with "Deementia captions" as even the caption above in this very post is already searchable apparently.

Updated my avatar on the Haven, and chose a different quote. I usually try to go about 6-9 months between updating avatars, but I think this one lasted almost a year? Not sure I'll keep this one. Figure I will open it up to comments. And yes, that *IS* the same model I use for all my avatars.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: How often do you think in terms of TG? Is it in everyday life or just at certain times, like sitting in front of a computer looking at the Haven or caption blogs like this one? Do you think that perhaps whatever situation you were in at the time would be different if you were your online persona instead of your current real life identity?

Feel free to comment on anything, not just what the discussion question asks! 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Bekki Pumps Up the Volume!

Sometimes captions just get lost in the ebb and flow of the Haven, especially when a role play gets moving. I posted this caption on a Saturday Night, which I think is a big night for those working on an RP. Its only gotten 34 views so far, and the recipient hasn't been on the Haven since July 4th, so it has no comments.  Chalk up another "need to find the best time to post something so it gets page hits and comments" moment!

From reading Bekki's preferences, I figured that she liked the big hair, big earrings type to be changed into, and when I saw this picture, I thought about the Troy Polomulu "head and shoulders" shampoo ads he does with "more volume" to his hair. That made me think of Nigel Tufnel and his "this one goes up to 11" mentality and thought it would make sense for this to be the condition of change.

Its a quickie, and as Bekki is a relative newcomer to the trading area, I wanted to say hi. Often thats a good way to feel people out and see what makes them tick. This post is also a quickie because I'm posting from work. Its been a blindingly busy week, with vocational and personal business rearing its ugly head. I might do some captioning tomorrow if I get a chance. I want to be creative again and get my head in a good space!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wanna pawn it or sell it?

Made a few more captions this morning. Why does it seem like I'm only productive when there aren't many eyeballs to see them? So far I think I've only gotten like two responses for the six I made in the last 15 hours or so. I know I have to give it time, but sometimes you want the instant gratification.

Speaking of, I saw a great caption made by Kaitlyn that dealt with the whole hubbub of the ending of Mass Effect 3 .. for those that don't know, the ending wasn't satisfactory for MANY gamers, and they took to the streets of the internet with pitchforks and flaming torches looking for Bioware's blood!

Seeing it, I wanted to make a meta pop culture type caption and went searching into my memory banks for a good one to combine with TG elements. There is a Pawn Stars meme right now that takes all the best elements of the show and magnifies them as all good memes do. I'm a huge fan of the show, so it wasn't too hard to whip something up that pays a homage to both the show and my favorite TG universe as well. When I really looked at this picture, I saw the female seller as Serena (Sammie) since its a glamorous reddish blonde negotiating with Rick.

I should be back on Tuesday with another post. Tomorrow is a long day at work with meetings in the evening. I am NOT looking forward to attending them, to say the least!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Mom always said not too ...

This caption was a quickie for Kaitlyn, who offered a 2 for 1 deal if you used a picture that she supplied. None of the other pictures hooked me like this one, so I grabbed it. Talking to Kaitlyn later on, she thought that no one would ever think to use it .. but she hadn't thought about the DEE FACTOR! I'm glad she liked it, and not only did I get a return caption with the same picture, I ended up with TWO extra return captions because apparently the photo I chose was considered a bonus one. I won't complain, trust me!

So, I have an interesting weekend ahead of me .. The plans are to either: catch up on reading many other TG blogs, make some new captions, run around the house sitting and nakedly touch as many things as I can just because its there OR put together most of a new computer I am assembling OR create a whole brand new website for work because the board wants something flashy and new .. and I would have to present whatever I have by Monday unless I want to just show a prototype/template. Trust me, I am keeping that last option as far from my brain as possible, but it might become a reality since I really don't want to have to overhaul someone elses work after the board spends money to buy something craptastic. We shall see how it plays out.

Anyway, I wanted to mention that in case people are like .. "Damn, Dee's been on here all weekend. Doesn't she have a life or family or something?" OR "Where the hell has Dee been? I thought she said she'd be around to chat and have fun and all that!"


I will update this section as needed throughout the weekend as little thoughts pop into my head. I might make this a standard weekend thing if it works out well. Keep checking back in here!

I will be doing the obligatory "declaration of comments" post that has been blazing across the TG caption blogs lately. I've seen many of them, and not commented on any personally since I'm not quite sure where I stand on it. I can see many people's opinions and I think they are all valid, specifically based on what type of caption blog they run. What it means to me here verse the way I feel about commenting on others? I really haven't thought it through enough yet to make a full statement on it. Maybe I'll have something next week that I can elaborate on.

Welcome to all of the new people that have joined here recently. I've had another uptick of newbies showing up. The more the merrier! invite your friends to the ultimate TG ponzi scheme .. I mean ultimate TG caption blog run by a weird gothy chick!

FUCK YEAH SEAFOOD! Needless to say, I had an AWESOME meal. Forgot how much I love me some fried clams. Had a stuffed quahog too and a few drinks. Then we watched Red Dawn and had a blast. Good times and WOLVERINES!

The quahog, from the Narragansett Indian word "poquauhock"; is a large clam usually used in a chowder. It is also ground and mixed with stuffing (and sometimes spicy minced sausage) and then baked in its shell to form a stuffie. And yes, its the reason the town in Family Guy is called Quahog. Seth McFarlene is from RI and went to RISD (Rhode Island School of Design). They have audio tours of Rhode Island you can get from the tourist board, and Seth is the narrator.

Made four captions this evening, and visited a few caption sites. Was fun to hit a few photo websites and get inspiration and make captions on the spot. Did some for RMP, Simone (co-starring Caitlyn and Jennifer) Bekki and Cecilia. They'll probably end up here on the blog sometime this week or nest I would suspect, depending on my posting schedule.

DISCUSSION QUESTION:  I found the picture I used in the above caption to be fun and playful and almost perfect for a TG caption. Don't you think it would be a great photo for a newly transformed teenage boy to girl caption? What other scenarios could you see for this image? Would it work as a husband/wife type switch or punishment?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Let's Pretend This Post Has a Catchy Title!

Had a formspring question to answer, from Alectra:
Hello Dee this Alectra here, I have an important question that is bugging me. Titles are a must in a caption, therefore you cannot put in silly ones. I'm having a hard time coming up with titles. Can you talk about how to put good titles? Thanks!
If I am being completely honest with people, and I usually am, the LAST thing I do before hitting the POST button is come up with a title for the caption. I think that is the secret to coming up with a good title, waiting until you are completely done.

Why? Well, if you call the caption something before you write it, you are limiting yourself to make whatever you come up with FIT the title, instead of letting your creativity flow and guide the story where it needs to go. As I've mentioned in past blog posts, sometimes a caption will just take off on its own, regardless of my original idea. Anything that narrows the scope of what I making could stifle its potential. The title is the last thing I fill in here on my blog too!

So now I've created the caption and am ready to post .. now what? Well, you want something that grabs the reader, and makes them want to click on it. "Where's all the fucking huh?" or in Canada, "Where's all the fucking, eh?" ... it gets right to the point, and have twice as many views as the caption before or after it. "Sucking me off makes you even girlier!" has more views in 6 days than anything else posted here in almost 2 months.

My suggestion would be to think about the overall arc of the caption, but NEVER give away a major plot point if at all possible, unless its what the entire caption is about. I mean, the title of the above caption on the haven was, "trapped in a labyrinth" which by all accounts is pretty descriptive of what was happening. I take it that everyone has read it, so .. what if I had named it, "Henri never asked for directions" ??? The whole caption falls flat in my opinion since there is no reason to even READ it once its out of the bag.

I don't see why you can't have a silly title if the caption calls for it. I will use puns, plays on words, catch phrases .. whatever it needs to make it a better overall presentation/ Sometimes, the title can even clarify pieces in your caption that might be a bit vague and hazy.

I'm not quite sure I've really done what I can to help you. Can you comment below with specific things that you are having trouble with and I'll see what I can suggest? I hope everyone keeps checking in, as I might elaborate more in the comments as the discussion progresses.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Sorry for people that are only TG readers on this one, but for those who do create, When/how do you create the titles for your captions? Do you have any steadfast rules that you tend to always follow when thinking up a title?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ashley's ... Loving It!

Well, I've posted some naughtier captions for the last few days, and figured I would lighten it up with something a bit more funny and pop culture-ish. I think I've done fast food themed captions quite a few times .. Wendy's, a few KFC, Burger King, Taco Bell .. this one for McDonald's. I guess there is a familiarity and awareness there that everyone has been to most of those places and seen commercials hawking the foodstuffs.

There probably isn't much to say about this one, other than I wish the Haven allowed larger files at the end of 2008 .. so I wouldn't have had to squeeze the text into a small column. Even making it 900 pixels wide would've given the words a bit more breathing room. I am also not really sure why I didn't make Chris' dialog more red to match Ronald's hair. Oh well! Que sera sera!

Had time to make another caption this afternoon. Its 98 percent done, just need to get the touch of humor just right, and figured a day or two to let it stew might be the best policy. The next caption posted here should be one that has a bit of a different style to it. Nothing too over the top, but I was trying to flex a few muscles I don't usually use.

I am not sure if I've already posted this one. I think I have. Oh well! Que sera sera!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Where's all the fucking, huh?

In the comments of two posts ago, Caitlyn mentioned that I don't do blowjob captions that often, so that make them pretty rare. I replied back that I think I've probably made 40-50 of them, which when you consider I've probably done at least 1200 panels, does seem sort of rare.

It got me to wondering what things don't I do too often when it comes to picture choice. I mean, I probably TALK about many things in the plot but don't necessarily SHOW it in the photos.

On that note, I think actual male/female penetration MIGHT be one of the rarer things I highlight in caption pictures. I am going to do a quick count as I fly through my caption directory. I am going to guess I've done maybe 6 total m/f penetration captions (I know for sure of one I did for Bimbo Jessica) .. ok back in a minute with a tally.

5 1/2 captions have official male fucking female photos. I've done one each for Bren, Jessica, Jennifer, Dalene, 1/2 for Kira (can't tell if the guy is just standing behind of plowing her doggy style), and Candy (Pirate) and the last one was made in January of 2011.

This is the 1st one, made when there was some "world domme" thing going on with Simone and me enthralling some people with our overwhelming dominance!

You can tell by the two that I have posted here, that I tended to do more early in my captioning days, and every one I've made was for someone I've known for awhile and have traded captions with for an extended period of time.

I sort of wonder WHY I don't seem to do too many traditional penetration captions. I mean, Smitty probably has more than 5 1/2 in any series he does! I didn't count officially, but I am pretty sure I've done 10 captions where there is an actual shemale in the photo. I would go and count, but I spent enough time with glazed eyes as a ton of captions flew by, like some TG Clockwork Orange experiment. I would think that perhaps its a comfort zone thing where I only make them for people I feel strongly about .. but I am pretty close to Steffie, Caitlyn, et al. and only done lesbian captions for them. Maybe we need to break Freud out of his coffin, get him some drugs and a cigar, and let him go to town on what all this means!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Anyone out there have any sort of idea why this sort of caption is a rare occurrence? I am going to try to break out of this rut! Hmmm, maybe its because I tend to view websites that don't have a lot of fucking pictures posted to it? Could it be THAT simple?

Sunday, July 8, 2012

May the best (wo)man win!

Had a bit of time to make some captions since the AC seems to be doing ok here. Its been on for about 12 hours now and its down to 81 degrees in this room! WOOHOO!

Figured I had a decent story to make a caption with this picture but I knew I couldn't really fit in anyone's detailed preferences into what I wanted to say .. hence its a blog exclusive. If I had a few more photos like this, I could have done a caption series where I highlight one person in each one, but there were none to be found.

BTW, I am not sure if they guys volunteered to be in the competition, or if they were coerced. Perhaps they were white collar criminals, willing to submit themselves for the promise of early release? I honestly don't know the answer. I just vaguely recall something from RuPaul's Drag Race where the 2 bottom contestants had to "lip synch for their lives" on the show and I got that vibe from the picture source. Hope everyone enjoys it!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sucking me off makes you even girlier!

Soooo, people really do like the SMUT eh? Well, I can sort of provide that for you. As long as you ask nicely that is! You really do catch more flies with honey, but who really wants flies anyway!

This is one I made for Martha quite a long time ago. I figured I would post some older captions over the next week or two since its SOOOO hot in this computer room that I am not really motivated to make a bunch of new captions .. plus I don't need to since I don't seem to have any caption debt.

I thought it was a pretty clever concept, and what guy wouldn't want a BJ from a woman that will make him even more studly?!? You don't even have to buy her dinner beforehand!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What sort of caption would you like to see next? If I have made a caption for you but haven't posted it yet to discuss, and you would like to see it posted here, just tell me which one and I'll see what I can write up!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Enjoy a Foot Long Tomorrow!

Hope everyone in the USA enjoys Independence Day .. I think we've forgiven old George III by now, right? Since 1815 or so, we've been pretty good buddies, and some of those british birds have some dead sexy accents, right guv'ner?

Anyway, I hope everyone has fun at cookouts, making things explode, and watching naked women wrestle in potato salad. Another 4th of July tradition is overeating, which is exemplified by the Nathan's Hot Dog eating contest. I'm sure some of the readers here would MUCH rather handle foot longs like the one in the caption above, am I right?

Another 4th of July tradition here on this blog? Wonder Woman in all her glory with one of the funkiest sounding theme songs ever! I mean, "In your satin tights, fighting for your rights!"

I cannot recall how many times I tried spinning around as a kid, trying to turn into her! Never seemed to work though no matter how dizzy I got!


See you all in a day or two!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Inflationary Measures!

Wow, nothing like posting about the Haven eZine then heading offline for a birthday weekend right before the 4th of July to stop a blog's pageviews dead in its tracks! Glad to see that everyone was having as much fun as I was, which meant no one was wandering around the TG areas of the internet!

Anyway, what do you think of the caption above? Relatively standard Dee stuff from 2010 right? Well, the fact it looks like my captions was part of the fun for Steffie (the admin from Rachel's Haven, not Steffimarie) who created this caption as a birthday gift! Even weirder, she figured out the little Dee quirks all on her own, and made it as a tribute to all the captions of mine she's enjoyed over the years. Other than my fondness for credenzas, I think she did a great job! Thanks Steffie!

Anyone going to be around for the next few days, or are you going to start celebrating the birth of the US early and often? Figured I would ask since I only get the actual day off from work. I know many work places gave people the entire week off since its hot and the holiday falls right in the middle of the week this year. Do I have enough non-USA followers to warrant a posting either tomorrow or on the actual 4th of July?

I am about a month away from having this blog up for 2 years! Hard to believe its been that long!