Monday, July 30, 2012

Why Can't I Stop? ... Its all in the editing!

For all the latex lovers out there! This is a caption I made for Anastasia who apparently is a disciple of Alectra, who you may have seen flitting about in the comments here and again, though I think she's been pretty absent recently. I am not a huge latex aficionado of latex, so the stories don't just roll out from the brain like some other TG topics.

I haven't been on a hunt for latex pictures lately, but I had the idea for a caption, that of the suit being a symbiote that changed the wearer (sort of like how Venom came into existence in the Spiderman comics.) I went back into the old archives to see what I could find. Halfway through one directory, I found a picture that stoked my interest as a sort of Saw III Jigsaw type quandry. The whole picture wasn't what I wanted though, so I had to do some (lots) of trimming down. Here is the original picture in all its glory.

The picture itself tells a much different story than the one I made with the caption. Just simple editing of the picture and eliminating everything that you don't want .. can turn an obvious dominatrix controlling a few of her thralls into an apprehensive protagonist that can't stop the wonderful new pleasures that are changing his body. Could I have spent more time and possibly found another picture that better illustrates what I was looking to get out of the caption? Yeah, but it might've been time spent in vain, and I had most of the elements I need to tell what I wanted to say, once I made a few digital snips.


Got a semi-spam comment yesterday. Almost hit publish because it did make some sort of mention of the blog post it was commenting about BUT .. it had a link at the end that had NOTHING to do with TG captions ... which I won't tolerate. I think its somewhat cheesy to put a link to your own TG blog in a comment on someone else's site (unless it really references something discussed in the post) but outright commercials for some product .. that gets the delete button every time.

Changed my avatar at the Haven again. Let me know which one you liked better .. pensive copper type color or the one that is up now, which I also have in another version.


DISCUSSION QUESTION: What would YOUR plot have been for the original photo? Post below and maybe I'll whip something up!


  1. Hmm... I have to admit that I liked the previous 'pensive' avatar. Not that I think it's more 'you', I just liked the photo better. :)

    I've had a similar spam comment. I have to wonder why someone would target TG blogs for advertisement, but to each their own.

    As for a plot to the original photo... my first idea would be along the lines that you mentioned. A dom forcing her new slave to pleasure a slave closer to 'completion'. Something like 'Yes darling, notice how she can take it all in. Soon you'll have a sweet opening like (insert Haven name here).' Another idea that comes to mind is two 'slaves' getting revenge on the person who transformed them. "That's is (insert Haven name here), show him how it feels to be filled up for the first time. If we have to live out lives as living sex dolls, the least we can do is bring (IHNH) along for the ride."

    1. For the avatar, I try to keep the same model all the time. With the "newest" avatar, I have another arrangement of the same picture but composed a bit differently and the DEE on the other side. Perhaps I'll throw that one up tonight and see what people think. I wouldn't be adverse to a open poll for votes. The reason I changed it is someone I am close to didn't really like it too much. I thought it was pretty slick but maybe we'll see what others think!

      Both plots certainly sound like its from the brain of Caitlyn! I wonder what the latexy people will have for idea plots?!?

  2. Well first sorry for my absent time, there is too much hot weather going around this lands and I cannot afford to lose my computer because the CPU decides to melt *giggle* Last week was especially terrible. My CPU got a nice temperature degree of 88 (Celsius) (I've been told that once it reachs 100ºC it could melt) during some minutes and the computer started to make weird noises so I had to shut it down... That situation is happening since two weeks ago, so It just let me stay in the laptop and even for a short time... So no fun for me :(

    Also add to that I've been trying to take all the time I could to study this month. Because something has been changed in the minister of education and I you have two subjects with a fail, you scholarship could be jeopardized... Well I have three to study, not much and with my grades raising to a B+ but it seems it's not enough... Soooo studying like hell (apparently I'm in a nice endothermic hell *giggle*)

    Add to that, that now I'm trying to get my captions proofed so It's all down to wait for someone else to check on my stuff (Nice Kyra do so, but it just not enough... but I can wait *giggle*) :P

    As for your caption: Latexy people here commenting!

    If you wanted to show a symbiote cap (part of the reason of why people ask me for them) There some slime/goo/torn apart clothes effect missing in the picture. You can do with photoshop... I can't yet! but to make the trick I would have searched for a bodypaint picture and et voila you have the symbiote picture in hand.

    Obviously the second picture is about domination, but the cropped picture is still about domination. Internal domination if you would like it that way and the internal battle of fighting that sensation of freedom or just falling into lust. If you wanted to change that part of the domina in there, I would have introduced a line of my mistress..., revealing and making it clear that someone else is at control. Otherwise is a hopeless one with dom tendencies. I know it just don't make much sense, but the picture gives me that feeling :)

    Anyway, I'll post something today so sit tight... and maybe I'll tell something about a project of mine that have taken several hours of my time since last Friday :P

    btw your avatar is absolutely stunning. I'm jealous that you have found a "me" avatar forever :)

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  3. IDK... I get this crazy "One of Us" vibe from the original picture; that's probably the direction I'd take it. I'm not really a fan of latex masks--unless they're supposed to be some kind of evil latex minions--HA, Better caption idea than the first!

    In any case, maybe I'm a girly girl and I really like hair-styles and fashion. A Latex dress is always fun to play with, even a body suit, but there's something about the head being covered in rubber--tehehehe, see what I did there?--that causes this particular woman to be less attractive to me.

    Dee, what I think is of great interest though is how by a simple crop job and caption, you've completely changed the meaning of the photo's plot. I've found in some of my captions involving numerous people that when I center on one individual, that's just one of four or five stories that could be told. I like the idea of a symbiote suit being the nature of the TF.