Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Is THIS a punishment? Lust Unbridled

I'm sort of back. I hope that people kept checking in over the weekend, as I think my last posting in the Dee-briefs was sometime Sunday afternoon. Its a whole lot easier to do the weekend blog thing in one collection of thoughts instead of a bunch of mini posts. Hits wise it might be better, but convenience wins out!

This caption up above is a quickie that I wrote on the fly. I was looking through images and I loved the expression on the model's face and the clawing of the rug (or fur?) with the rest of her body laying in the background. It just said "newly transformed" to me and I knew I could come up with something. The top part of the dialog was written first, and it came in one big burst when I originally saw the photo on a glamour blog.

 Cecilia was the one I was looking to caption and she mentioned the "wanting to please my wife" so that added a demension to the story. Her reply took a few minutes to plan out. I needed to put a BIT of back story into her words but I didn't want to come out and say exactly what he did wrong. It could've been something serious, but for me, I took it more of a "slight misunderstanding". Either way, I wanted the reader to fill in the details.

I hope that both Cecilia and the readers are on the edge about what is going to happen. that anticipation is what builds the tension between the two. If the wife didn't think this WAS a punishment, what were they going to do, and how would that change now that she's pissed he didn't trust her?

I also hope that this caption feels like we've just entered the room while they are having a discussion or disagreement, and that the dialog is a great representation like a real conversation between 2 people that do obviously love each other, but don't quite understand each others intentions. We know the magic isn't real, but it certainly feels like is because people continue to act in a very genuine manner toward each other.


As mentioned in the Dee-briefs, I've changed up a few things, here and at the Haven.

I have a new avatar, and we'll see if I keep it. I made about 4 of them the other night, I chose a copperish type one with a pensive look, as Caitlyn described it. I might try a few of the others out too before committing to one over the next X months. Usually when I get bored, I change it around. The fun part is when people get used to an older one on the Haven, they'll say, "hmmm, this one doesn't seem as much like you as the last one did." then the current one becomes the standard over time.

Here in the blog, I've disabled the captcha tool, so if you are viewing this from a mobile device, it should be easier to comment. Unfortunately I don't quite know if it works yet since no one has said anything since I disabled it. I would assume someone will post something below and we can get an accurate gauge on whether I can keep it disabled going forward.


DISCUSSION QUESTION: What happens after the caption ends in the short term and overall in the lives of Cecilia and her wife?  I am interested in seeing what people think happened afterwards.


  1. I think the second part of the penultimate sentence and the final sentence push the tone from "loving misunderstanding" to something more imperious and revenge-y. Without the aid of a performer's voice (for speed, volume, pitch variations, etc.), I am probably observing the conversation differently than what you heard as you wrote it. :-)

    But what happens next? I think there will be a baptism by lusty fire to give steel to the new manifestation of Lust... and then a happily (and pervily) ever after.

    1. Yeah, I can definitely see that, especially the very end. I wanted to leave it a bit vague .. but in my mind the "I guess you will be sorry" refers to her maybe changing her back into a man once she learns how fun it can be to be a female .. which WOULD be a horrible punishment, don't you think?

  2. And the comment form behaved for me from my iPad. The CAPTCHA wasn't really the issue for me, but anecdotal (and possibly coincidental) evidence suggests that all is well— or at least better. :-)

  3. I don't know why, but I picture the wife finishing up the changes to Cecilia. She has the physical changes done, and is now going to work on the mental desires. Of course the punishment/sorry portion is that there is no one available to test out these new desires, so Cecilia will be left in a small puddle of mentally anguished desire with no direct outlet.

    Overall? I picture Cecilia and her (former) wife living a long and satisfying lustful life with each other and their shared lovers. Mmmm...

  4. And yes... there was no CAPTCHA between my hitting 'publish' and the comment appearing!