Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Enjoy a Foot Long Tomorrow!

Hope everyone in the USA enjoys Independence Day .. I think we've forgiven old George III by now, right? Since 1815 or so, we've been pretty good buddies, and some of those british birds have some dead sexy accents, right guv'ner?

Anyway, I hope everyone has fun at cookouts, making things explode, and watching naked women wrestle in potato salad. Another 4th of July tradition is overeating, which is exemplified by the Nathan's Hot Dog eating contest. I'm sure some of the readers here would MUCH rather handle foot longs like the one in the caption above, am I right?

Another 4th of July tradition here on this blog? Wonder Woman in all her glory with one of the funkiest sounding theme songs ever! I mean, "In your satin tights, fighting for your rights!"

I cannot recall how many times I tried spinning around as a kid, trying to turn into her! Never seemed to work though no matter how dizzy I got!


See you all in a day or two!


  1. Happy Independence day Dee! I believe Wonder Woman is one of the last great Super Hero TV shows to be more or less left alone. And I hope it stays that way as I want to remember her as that funky 1970s vibe. I never tried the spin myself... at least not with the intention of turning into Wonder Woman, but maybe I'll give it a go tomorrow!

    BTW... did you see that NBC was working on a Wonder Woman series for Fall 2012? http://wonderwomantv.com/

    1. I knew there was a pilot episode a year or two ago with Megan Fox (?) as the titular character. Is this the same one?

    2. I don't know if this is the same set or not. To be honest I stumbled upon that website while searching for some details on the Wonder Woman TV show (the 70s one). While I wouldn't be opposed to a television series, I don't think they could do it justice so I haven't kept up with any developments.

  2. I've always thought America was entirely justified in rebelling against the idiotic taxes the British Empire was trying to levy at the time. If you consider how badly many subjects of the Empire were treated (including it's own citizens; being poor in eighteenth century England would have been awful) then it's no wonder.

    So well done America for standing up for your rights! Have a fantastic day of celebration and mmmmh, get me one of those hot dogs!