Friday, February 25, 2011

Shadows & Illusions .. plus a question!

I never seem to find the purveyors of real magic. It is usually just some hack in an old tuxedo! This was a picture that Nadine was offering in a 2 for 1 deal. I had a feeling that no one else would use the photo, since it wasn't one that screamed out for a caption. I have a fondness for orphaned pictures, so I decided I wanted to give it a chance to shine.

The first thing I had thought of was the 2 scenes in Rocky Horror Picture show where Frank seduces both Janet and Brad seperately. It has that same feel in the way it is composed. From there, it turned into a standard magic trick with the instant transformation (usually involving one person tied up and put in a trunk, then the other person holds up a sheet, then when it falls, they've switched positions. (Even Houdini and his wife performed this trick.) This would be the type of fun that someone with REAL magic skills would do to keep himself interested.

As a master of misdirection, he made it so that everyone thought that the trick was the removal of clothing. No one saw THAT coming, huh? Yeah, I know. Everyone saw that coming! But hey, even when you know the secrets, you can still appreciate the artistry behind it! Also want to note that I made this caption at work, so it is one of the few that do not have my distinctive font, since that computer only has a limited amount of fonts to work with.

Formspring sent me this SOFTBALL question which doesn't seem hard to answer at all.

You have an opportunity to be a woman, either a sexy lead singer in a band or an average woman with a very mundane life. You'll be the singer for forever and live a wild life full of experiences and the average woman you'll have to live her life and job

I can only assume that the whole question was cut off. I mean, honestly, the way it is phrased right now, it sounds like, "Well, you have a choice ... you can either eat everything you want and never gain weight .. or you can diet and have a 80 percent chance of staying thin ... which do you choose?"

Since I've been a lead singer in bands throughout many years, I don't see why I wouldn't choose being a sexy lead singer with lots of wild experiences. There would have to be some sort of "but if you were the sexy lead singer, you could never eat dairy products again" which I would have to pass on since I worship all cheese related products.

Unfortunately, Formspring has a character limit (probably 140 like twitter) so that long questions get cut off. Caitlyn also sent me a question about an hour ago that I only got what I assume is a smidgen of what she wanted to say. If you wish to ask me a long question anonymously, make sure you spread it out over a few submissions. If you don't mind being identified, it is probably better to send the question in a PM to me in the Haven.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Caption often use plots over and over again. It comes with the territory I think, especially in regards to defined standards of femininity. What plot devices and situations are you completely sick of? Are there any particular type of caption you could probably NEVER get enough of, no matter how many you viewed? I will save my answers for later so I don't step on others responses.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Year of Fortnights? w/ comments discussion

This was created a few days ago for Terri. She is from the UK, so I wanted to make something for her which would not only make her a gothy slut, but also remove her ethnicity (those were all part of her preferences at one point or another.) The only error I made was after I posted, I realized that I had made a caption very similar to this one for her last time, though at least that one was semi-voluntary. I made reference to that in my comments about the caption, and she was fine with it. My added comment was "I have really given you a shoe fetish, haven't I? Just seems to fit you I think. Maybe next caption, I'll have you stealing shoes instead of asking to borrow them!"

The main reason I wanted to post this caption is to show how making comments can be fun and beneficial to everyone.

There is a bit of "Dee canon" so to speak that I steal shoes from Rachel's closet. It was a joke when I became an admin that I had stolen Rach's "big girl shoes" aka "the boss heels" and all sorts of Haven members have riffed on that general theme.

Steffie posted the first comment, which was:

Hmmm, I could swear I saw Rachel wearin a pair of boots just like that last week. Odd, huh?

After that, Terri posted a comment thanking me for the caption and her being a "shoe hound". Then Petra came by with her little bon mot ..

Watch out Dee, I loaned Terri a pair of bunny slippers and when she returned them there were 8 of 'em rather than just two. I told her to keep the bunnies separated. Who knows what kind of trouble she'll get into with some heeled boots 

What Petra did there was to reference the caption posted, and have fun with Terri, the recipient of the caption. She was witty and engaging, and made a connection with her. 

Terri ended up replying to Petra with a comment of her own:

Well I liked them so much I had to buy more...or did I? I don't know I kind of zone out in shoe stores. Ooh I saw this cute pair of Mary Janes though...

Now Terri has gotten into the fun. Perhaps she will make a caption for Pea involving bunny slippers, or some sort of shoe thing. Petra might see that Terri mentioned Mary Jane shoes (or the candy with a magical power perhaps?) and see a picture that reminds her of Terri. If they didn't know each other (not sure if they did) perhaps they will look more closely at their work the next time they see something posted. No matter what, it helps to build up the community and make people friendlier with one another.

Most of my Haven friendships were formed out of comments and witty banter in posting to the Haven. There really is no substitute for just chatting and commenting to build relationships. Will you hit it off with everyone? Probably not, but if you find a few like-minded people on your wavelength, you get more invested with the scene, and increase your enjoyment tenfold!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Do you take the time to read all the comments on a TG caption, or just read the caption and move along? For those who caption, How much do you use comments as a guideline to what worked and what didn't? Do you use peoples comments as a guideline when making captions, or just their preferences?

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Presidents Day to Remember!

Hope those that had today off enjoyed their long weekend.

In honor of this holiday, I made a caption for Petra a few weeks ago.

I was looking through pictures of redheads because I wanted to make something for her, since she had just been promoted to Admin on the haven. I think she had made one for me when I was bumped up, so I wanted to reciprocate. Plus she is super sweet and and an all around good doo-bee.

In seeing this picture, I got the idea of setting the caption on the Presidents Day long weekend, because of the top hat on her head. I had a few stingers in mind, most of which made their appearance at the end of the caption..The main problem I had was to get the story TO the stingers somehow.

Thinking of LONG weekends got me to thinking about LOST weekends. You know the ones I mean, where everything that happened is sort of hazy in the mind, and sometimes involve Las Vegas and lots of alcohol or some other substances.

Once I got that, I was able to whip up a caption where Petra got to come out and play occasionally, with Mistress Dementia of course, but only had a dreamlike awareness of it. Makes me feel good to know that I travel around the globe, helping people with their dreams like some sort of perverted Dr. Bruce Banner. How often did I visit Pete? I would guess twice a year, as Dee Dee Appleseed wanders around quite a bit, planting seeds of domination all over the place!

Anyway, since my fondness for Pea is well documented, I wanted to give a bit of sweetness with the silliness and kinkiness (I mean, its Dementia and Petra, for goddess sales! Who knows what trouble we get into! Just look at the picture!) That in itself is the essence of Petra: sweetness, with a bunch of kinkiness and silliness, all rolled into a flaming haired sex-kitten. Giving her what she wanted, all of it, is definitely a happy ending.

In the end, it is one of my favorite captions I've done in the last 6 months or so. I know it probably isn't as well received by the general TG caption viewing public, but I don't mind. It was created for a specific person and I am just glad that she enjoyed it.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Halloween and Christmas seem to get the majority of the holiday captions. What calendar event do you think is in 3rd place? I am not sure whether it would be Valentine's Day or St. Patrick's Day. Have you created any captions for some of the lesser holidays like the one above, or Arbor Day or something like that? What holidays should be done with captions that haven't gotten their due yet? BTW, I did a caption for Steffie once celebrating "Talk Like A Pirate" Day.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Taylor Meets Parentals .. and We've Got Queries!

Well, the blog is closing in on 69 followers. Great to see that, and I hope you all keep coming back! Not much to really say about the caption, as it is straight forward. I am going to try to post at least one caption or image for every blog entry I make. Onto the questions asked, which is technically ONE question asked both ways:

Assuming these were your only two options: Would you prefer to be 'owned' by a man, or a woman?

Sexually, I have no desire to be with any sort of man. That would definitely keep me from being owned by a man I would think. Also, I tend to view other guys as either equals or lesser than me, and I can’t think of too many men that I look at and say, “that dude is so much better than me in every way.” Even when they have a much better life, more money, good job, etc .. I will just say that they lucked out and if I had their opportunities, I would be even more successful then them!

So, that leaves a woman, huh? It could be nice to be “owned” for a bit. I don’t see it happening though. I tend to have strong opinions, and function much better when I am left alone to my own devices. Telling me what to do, and what NOT to do is not really a recipe for success, or harmony for that matter.

And on the opposite side: Would you prefer to own a man or a woman?

See above for the part about not sexually desiring a man in the slightest. I guess it could be good to have a guy around to shovel the driveway or fix the car, but it isn’t like *I* can’t necessarily do it. Besides, I can just let my daughter dominate her boyfriend into helping me instead.

I’d much rather “own” a woman if it came down to me being owned by a woman or me owning a woman. I pretty much am the boss of the apartment and all those that live here use me as guidance and counsel. Do they always listen to what I say? Nah, especially with the previously mentioned daughter being all “teenage angst” but in general, I am listened to in the household. Most decisions are made by me, after discussion and debate are instigated. I am typically the one in control though, unless I voluntarily give up that control temporarily.

I am not sure how else I could answer these questions without looking like a complete asshole LOL

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Go ahead, everyone. Tell us how you'd answer these questions. Perhaps my answers were boring, but that is how I feel. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Henry Higgins was NEVER this kinky!

Here is what I said in the original posting of this caption I made for Jennifer:

Well, well, well ... Could *I* make a caption that is silly AND dead fucking evil? I might be closing in on that all-elusive caption so far, but this pulls me closer to that goal I think.

It's weird, that when I saw this picture, it's immediately what I came up with. Says something about me huh?

Anyway, enjoy the hell out of this caption, and stay the the way you are sweetie!

I am guessing that perhaps Jennifer had posted this picture as some sort of caption contest, since it was a "2 for 1 deal" I was responding with this caption. I believe that I vigorously did my best to fulfill my pledge to make a caption that was "silly and dead fucking evil," don't you think?

The story pretty much came into my head, just like I had said in the original posting. I saw ithe picture and said, "how the hell could you understand anything that girl is saying? .. EUREKA! HERE WE GO!" From there, it was pretty easy to come up with the extended "stinger" at the end.

The other thing that helped with the visual is that even though Jeremy looks feminine, he doesn't look TOO feminine, and seems to be trapped in that mid-point exactly where the story takes place. That just brings an immediacy to the caption that you don't always get. As far as reality, this caption is about as REAL as it could get. There is no magic or science fiction involved .. most likely just straight up domination and possibly some conditioning or hypnosis, but the whole setup SEEMS plausible as Mythbusters would say.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: How often do you try to create captions that work on multiple layers? In this, I was striving for more than just silly wordplay. I wanted it to be a turn-on as well, both in plot line and in the visuals. Do you like it when a TG caption tries to succeed in different angles, or do you find the creator trying to be too clever by half?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Good Night Sleep for Sissy Connie

Ever have one of those captions or stories that you wrote and you just can't WAIT for people to see it? The anticipation that makes you shiver, because you think you've made something that will hit not only the recipient's buttons, but a BUNCH of innocent bystanders. You just KNOW that some people are going to start up a religion devoted to you because of how beguiling your creation is?

Well, I thought all those things for this caption I posted above.

The post has been viewed 375 times since I posted it on December 27, and the caption inside was viewed 102 times. That means only 1 out of every 3 people that opened the post actually read the caption. Only one person, the recipient, actually replied. I can only assume it was posted when most people were still buzzing from the post Christmas rush.

Well, strike that. I think I know the reason why it wasn't as accepted as I thought it would be.

It probably isn't the type of caption you expect from me. What I wrote is in demand by certain people, but those people probably don't associate me with this type of caption and ignored it. Then, the people that DO LIKE my style saw this and said, "Ummmm, what the hell Dee? Where is the funny inside joke or snark that you litter your captions with?"

Well, it was me that wrote it, and I am still pretty happy with it. At the time, I thought that this might be one I made that many people would request as a retro-fit re-caption that I do from time to time (aka I replace Connie with their name to personalize it for them, which I do for comment rewards or donations.)

I was going for a "Romance Novel" feel for the prose, but filter it into a Haven sensibility. I held back a tad with the "her nostrils flared, as Drake felt the very core of her womanhood" but not by too much. If I had decided to make the text smaller and elaborate more, it most likely would have appeared, but I didn't want to really "cheese it up" because I wanted it to feel like it was coming from an actual turgid novel.

I had the picture first, and that is what inspired the words. The fact that she wasn't too busty, and the face was a bit obscured helped the caption out by being realistic to a she-male caption, and to me, it LOOKS like the cover of a paperback romance novel.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What variables do you think most decide whether a caption is commented upon and seen, or ignored? Is it the timing of when it was posted? Reputation of the Captioner? Pre-known preferences of the one receiving the trade? Shit luck? Feel free to talk about the actual caption as well. Maybe you have an idea why it didn't catch on as well as I thought it would.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A new point of view .. Things are looking up!

Wanted to post SOMETHING, as my real life has been hell. I am at my last refuge of peace, at work, and decided to at least put up a quickie caption that didn't need too much explanation.

I don't usually do body-swaps too often, bu there are times when they can be fun to do, especially if you don't have to go into huge detail about the peoples prior lives up to that point. In the picture, it is obvious what is going on, and the 25 or so words give you a quick slice of what happened, and what will be happening.

I will respond to comments left on the blog, and I hope to have another post up on Friday, time permitting. Until things slow down, I might only be around sporadically. Hopefully life will calm down within the next week.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Caitlyn had posted in her blog a few of the "writing exercise challenges" I had made in the Shop Talk section of Rachel's Haven. One on them was the "20 words or less" one and I think she had fun trying to whittle down her verbiage to a bare minimum. How important is the picture within captions with that requirement, or are the words, however sparse, what drives a caption like that? In the one above, in my opinion, I think the picture definitely propels the caption. What do you think?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

In an Octopus' Garden ... & a challenge? for moi?

From the Formspring doo-hickey box: 

Challenge! do you accept? Man, I wish this thing gave you more space.

Then I got a second question telling me it was Jennifer, with her formspring name of Jennifer Swallows. If there ever was a chosen last name that fit her better, I'm not sure what it is!

Anyway, I assume this came about because I had offered Caitlyn a challenge back about a week ago and she did a great job, as I thought she would. I had planned on offering some sort of challenge or group effort amongst some of the commenters here. Something fun or wacky, or whatever.

I've done some challenges before, like the caption above. Rose Red had that picture in her folder, figuring that no one would really try to use it. Well, that to me constituted a challenge. She loved it, and I think it cemented my reputation as one of the quirkiest captioners on the planet. She even posted ANOTHER picture involving the same topic, which I also made a caption for.

Who doesn't like deaf genie captions? Anyway, I'm up for a challenge, Jenniger sweetie. What did you have in mind? If I go down swinging, oh well! I mean, if I'm going to fail, I might as well go down like the Titanic.

DISCUSSION QUESTION:  Any one else interested in a challenge, whether in a fictional story or caption format? How about a cross-promotional event? That could be more fun than that multi-verse thing where they had Wolverine beating Lobo .. what the hell was THAT? C'mon, Lobo would KICK Wolvie's ass from here to Valhalla.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Meygan the Saucy Chamber Maid

Oh noes! I caught the "Caitlyn Virus" LOL There must be some sort of antidote or ointment I can take!

For some reason, this picture posted in Mey's caption folder really struck a chord with me. I just kept WRITING and WRITING, until I had a huge amount of words to fit into the text box. Usually, at most I have to shrink the text a bit or squish it some, and adjust the spaces between paragraphs.

This caption, however, had at least two extra paragraphs that I had to account for. I made the text smaller than usual to fit more in (I like to use a 24 pt font in captions, sometimes 30 pt, with the paragraph spacers being 12-14 pt.) Even then, it was overflowing.

I had to do a huge pruning and editing job to get it where it needed to be. unlike much of my work, I REALLY needed to set up the caption, and to show the motivation for WHY he was dressed up like that. I also had to connect the dots to the ending I had planned. Using myself as the catalyst seemed the best way to KEEP Meygan in skirts. I also had to setup that finality somehow without overwhelming the story, and yet tying it all together neatly.

I ended up tightening up sentences as best I could, by economizing what needed to be said. I wish I had kept everything I had written for it, as a comparison for this blog, but working exclusively in Photoshop meant I'd have had to make a conscious effort to save it.

Having said all that, I think it is STILL a really effective caption, which conveys a sense of entrapment and humiliation, with a bit of hope that he pulled it off, THEN the whole moment of truth arrives anyway. Also, the fact that he originally dressed up like that because of pride, yet the ego played into his downfall, is another wonderful element I enjoyed seeing.

The one thing I didn't put into it was Dee's motivation for all this. I had it worked out that the wife was bi-sexual, and had an affair with Dee beforehand, and I didn't particularly like Matthew marrying her. I figured that the caption worked just as well, if not better, with that information withheld.

SIDE NOTE: I used the term "future wife" as a fun little aside to "The Room" which is a "horrible but in an awesome way" film. Since the writer, star, etc .. is not necessarily a English first writer, he never uses the word fiance .. it's always "FUTURE WIFE" so I wanted to have fun with it.

DISCUSSION: Did I do a good enough job of whittling down this into one caption, or should I have tried to make it a small series? I didn't want to make the picture smaller or really crop it, and she hadn't posted another picture if that was part of a set. Could I have edited it more while keeping the story intact?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cum for me ... Rose!

Well, the blog nailed 200k in hits, and I'm pretty psyched about it. Looking at the progression, I didn't really start blogging serious here until October or so. Last month I posted 9 times, which was the biggest posting month I'd done. Weird thing though is December had the most hits. Not sure if it was that there were 31 days, or the holidays gave people more of a chance to wander around here. Lets keep this up and see if we can get to 250k by the end of the month!

As for the caption above, I think it is pretty self explanatory, don't you think? It is around the time I really started to think that I didn't need to put every little detail of the story in the caption. It is very much an "in the now" story. Slice of life I guess you could say, if you lived in Havenville or some other place where men are often turned into slutty redheads. If any of you readers live there, please let us know if the taxes are low and if the schools are a good place to raise children!

To fill in some of the details I remember about this story that I left out include the fact that Rob was a business man in his office when this happened.  It was assumed that the person changing him was a co-worker that had an issue with Rob, and somehow was able to turn Rob into Rose. I was also afraid that the fetish model was so recognizable that it would distract readers, but in the end, the look on her face and everything about the picture made it imperative to keep it. I figured only a few would really be pulled out of the story as it were.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: To me, the story I created is simplicity at its best, and I'm not sure I could improve upon it. However, dear readers, I would love to hear what you'd have done with this picture. How does it speak to you? Give a back story, plot, and ending please. I want to see how others would view it, so it can help me to see others point of view. Is there a way to make this a non-magical caption? How about this as a consentual caption?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Can't Spell Analyst Without Anal!

Well, I got my first question from the Formspring question do-hickey, and so lets get rockin' like Dokken, or some semblance there of.

Who is this Sasha you talk about and is she hot? Do you fantasize about her? I bet she is smart, funny and witty just like you!

I wonder who the hell could have written this! I mean, c'mon, who doesn't know Sasha? She's a legend in her own mind, after all. Bren had inflicted us all on the haven with many punishments, and inviting Sasha in was one of the worst ones she has ever delivered to us.

Actually, she is a pretty fun person to chat with, and creative in the captioning field as well. Best part is that she can have fun with a caption yet still make it work. Not quite as whimsical as Kaitlyn (with a K, not the masked variety) but still playful and semi-subversive. I don't think she makes as many captions as she used to, as her blog seems to draw more interest from people looking to hear about her cross-dressing exploits rather than her mad capping skills, which to me is a tad bit depressing. Not that she is sharing the info, which is fascinating, but I'm sure the "damn you look hot, please post your naughty bits" will get old real fast and possibly make her reevaluate her web presence. Then again, perhaps that playful wink and nod that she brings to captions is at work again and she's subversively pegging fingers at her followers, and I can totally respect that.

With that out of the way, the caption above is one I made for her, based on one of the many awesome moments in that Nouvelle Vague masterpiece "Army of Darkness", of course slaughtered by my need to reference pop culture at every chance I can get. Its also fun to write ditsy girl dialog, and even better when it is MY CHARACTER saying it. I'm often the character that provides change, and to do so without knowing I am is just peachy! I believe the main reason for doing the caption was Sasha was on a high heel kick, and this picture definitely hits that criteria in spades.

Discussion Question: Any big pop culture references or other talking points you wouldn't use or want to see in a TG caption? I am wondering what taboos would be out there and if they could be used effectively or would they just turn someone off. I am thinking, "If Seth McFarlane was making captions, where would he draw the line?" I've done a caption based on the Kennedy assassination which surprisingly got little to no complaints.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Everytime you think you have the answers, *I* change the questions!

This was written a few days ago for a somewhat newish person on the haven, and I thought the picture went well with her preferences. Also, the title of it went along with what I am posting below.

I wanted to mention that I added that little Formspring widget in the left column. Not sure how many people will use it, but perhaps those that wish to comment anonymously might do so, or submit questions. Since I'm not posting piccy's of me dressed all seductively (Hey Sasha! Looking good! hee hee) I will probably get half and half as far as naughty comments and thought filled caption questions.

For the next week, I will try to answer as many questions as possible, unless they are totally unreasonable. What is unreasonable .. I will be the judge of that. And if it is, I will just use it as a jumping off point to rant about the decline of polite society. If I can, I'll also post captions that possibly relate to the questions asked.

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: Do you ever get that voice, like Vincent did in the caption, to enjoy TG adventures that you feel that you shouldn't think about? Or does something in your environment, a person, thing, or song bring you back to those thoughts? Do you focus on purging it from your mind, or do you embrace it for what it is? Do you ever act out on that voice?