Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cum for me ... Rose!

Well, the blog nailed 200k in hits, and I'm pretty psyched about it. Looking at the progression, I didn't really start blogging serious here until October or so. Last month I posted 9 times, which was the biggest posting month I'd done. Weird thing though is December had the most hits. Not sure if it was that there were 31 days, or the holidays gave people more of a chance to wander around here. Lets keep this up and see if we can get to 250k by the end of the month!

As for the caption above, I think it is pretty self explanatory, don't you think? It is around the time I really started to think that I didn't need to put every little detail of the story in the caption. It is very much an "in the now" story. Slice of life I guess you could say, if you lived in Havenville or some other place where men are often turned into slutty redheads. If any of you readers live there, please let us know if the taxes are low and if the schools are a good place to raise children!

To fill in some of the details I remember about this story that I left out include the fact that Rob was a business man in his office when this happened.  It was assumed that the person changing him was a co-worker that had an issue with Rob, and somehow was able to turn Rob into Rose. I was also afraid that the fetish model was so recognizable that it would distract readers, but in the end, the look on her face and everything about the picture made it imperative to keep it. I figured only a few would really be pulled out of the story as it were.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: To me, the story I created is simplicity at its best, and I'm not sure I could improve upon it. However, dear readers, I would love to hear what you'd have done with this picture. How does it speak to you? Give a back story, plot, and ending please. I want to see how others would view it, so it can help me to see others point of view. Is there a way to make this a non-magical caption? How about this as a consentual caption?


  1. First off I would have to see if there were another fifty images to go along with it in case I wanted to do a series, that or try to find other work with the same model.

    Failing that, as a single cap I'd change the person on the other end of the line to someone like a girlfriend or something and have the progression being her thinking she wants to remain composed while she begs for help but end up making an obscene phone call.

    And I mean OBSCENE.

  2. It's an office setting so I know I would have been attracted to the picture my self. And for me, my first go to idea is usually something non-magical any way.

    Some reason I'm thinking hypnotic, but it wouldn't explain all of her changes unless the image we are seeing is all in her head. she believes she's this woman and is dancing to the Therapists tune so perfectly that she is loving every minute of it.

    The only problem is, That idea is way to similar to one I just requested from Smitty. I loved what he did with the idea and is probably why it came to mind when I saw the office look of the picture.

    And I don't recognize this model, but I saw you and Simone talking about using pictures people might recognize. I don't have a problem with it, but I don't do it very often either. And It's no secret that there's a few well known models I would love to be in a few story's. Doesn't ever take me out of the story, it adds a special personal touch to it for me.

    Edit: I forgot to add that the hypnosis trigger would be spoken over the phone while the patient is at work. For that extra touch of public humiliation of course.

    Maybe the therapist knows this person personally, or knows someone he knows. So it may have been some plan that's been plotted out.

    But I also love the idea that the therapist just wanted to do this to her because she was perfect for it. Just completely susceptible.

  3. Congrats on the hits Dee!!

    How does this speak to me? Well the first thing that catches my eye is that she is wearing her pantyhose over her stockings. I don't think I've seen that before (or if I did, I was focused in on other parts). So I picture a story going something like this:

    Intro paragraph (or page) about a business man's quest to become a woman and failing. One day he receives a package in the interoffice mail. Inside is a red phone, a purple bra, a pair of black stockings and a pair of nude pantyhose. As soon as he opens the package the phone rings (ala Matrix) and a mysterious voice tells him that he has been watched. The voice continues telling him that he can become a woman with the voice's help, but he must follow all instructions to the letter, and me must do so now. First he has to strip naked, then put on the clothes inside the package.

    "O.k. I've undressed and am now wearing the purple bra and stockings. They look ridiculous over my hairy chest and legs. What's next?"

    "Next put your vest on. Wearing something of yours will allow you to retain most of your memory"

    "Right. I have the vest on. It really accentuates the bra and makes me wonder why I thought you could pull off making me a woman"

    "Patience my friend. The magic is in the pantyhouse. Just slip those on and you'll get your wish."

    (descriptive paragraph of putting on pantyhouse and transforming into form seen in picture)

    "OH MY GOD IT WORKED!!! Is it real? Am I really a woman?"

    "Go ahead and try it out"

    (descriptive paragraph about lying on couch and 'frigging' self)


  4. Wonderful way of looking at that picture with fresh eyes! I enjoyed each one, and seemed to definitely be in line with what you would create.

    For those wondering, the model is Izzy from and I think she's been on the internet for almost 12 years, so there are probably THOUSANDS of sets with her floating around. It is one of the reasons I had thought about not using it, but since no one viewing it seems to know her, I won't feel bad about using her again sometime.

    @ Caitlyn

    Thanks, but I bet you do 100k kits a month now that you are tracking it with google analytics and leaving the captions inside the "read more" page jump. I am going to work that out soon I think as well.

    @ Smitty

    I am sure that whatever obscene phone call you conjured would be among the most obscene ever!

    @ Jenniger

    You are on a therapist kick lately eh? I guess the people you want to trust the most are also the ones that would hurt the most if they betrayed you. Especially since the dom/sub role is set right from the get go.

  5. Dee,

    Yea I didn't recognize the model. But then again I don't believe I've ever been to either. I may be looking her up more now!

    As to traffic, I'm still trying to figure out the whats and whys. I have the raw numbers, but I want to understand them better. Right now the only prediction that I can make is that the more 'XXX' rated caps I have on the first page, the higher the hits go. Putting the full size caps inside the Jump Breaks did increase my hits significantly. For raw numbers I had just over 131,000 pageviews in January. If I take the month before I applied the change (December 29 - January 28) I had just over 119,000 page views. And in that time I had 31 posts. So to put it another way you are killing me on viewers/pageviews per post!

    But my page views are MUCH more about people looking at the caps and not reading anything I write. I posted my last new cap on the 2nd. In the four days since my views have dropped to their lowest point since I started using Google Analytics to track them. The page views aren't at all time lows, but thats due to me making everyone click into the post to see the caps.

  6. @ Dee

    Maybe more of a hypnotist kick really. Out of the 80 or so caps I've done recently only 1 of them was a therapist caption. The one I did for you and had intended to do for a while now.

    I Do agree though, The idea of someone you trust orchestrating your forced feminization is a big thing with me. Your sweet heart, best friend, therapist, mentor, someone you just admire from a far and have built up an image in your head, only to have it all come crashing down as the reality sinks in.

    They have a theme of a sudden shift in power, some you didn't know you were always under their thumb (sweet heart and the person you admire) and others that you knew from the start, like the therapist. Of course, if you add a real Dom/sub dynamic into the mix.. *shudder* Such a simple theme, a shift in power, but so many ways to handle it.

    And as far as stats go, I don't use the google analytics, but I guess I should. But for a long while know I've gotten over 100K a month. I might get more since it dosen't always add up just right, but I'm happy with results so far. ^_^