Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A new point of view .. Things are looking up!

Wanted to post SOMETHING, as my real life has been hell. I am at my last refuge of peace, at work, and decided to at least put up a quickie caption that didn't need too much explanation.

I don't usually do body-swaps too often, bu there are times when they can be fun to do, especially if you don't have to go into huge detail about the peoples prior lives up to that point. In the picture, it is obvious what is going on, and the 25 or so words give you a quick slice of what happened, and what will be happening.

I will respond to comments left on the blog, and I hope to have another post up on Friday, time permitting. Until things slow down, I might only be around sporadically. Hopefully life will calm down within the next week.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Caitlyn had posted in her blog a few of the "writing exercise challenges" I had made in the Shop Talk section of Rachel's Haven. One on them was the "20 words or less" one and I think she had fun trying to whittle down her verbiage to a bare minimum. How important is the picture within captions with that requirement, or are the words, however sparse, what drives a caption like that? In the one above, in my opinion, I think the picture definitely propels the caption. What do you think?


  1. I would have to say that the picture is VERY important. With only twenty words, you are really relying on the picture to convey much of the story. Both of our examples don't make much sense without the picture.

  2. Because the picture is so important to the caption to begin with, it's paramount that you use the words to compliment it.

    I think the right picture in the instance of a short caption is paramount, yet you can sometimes let the picture dominate everything. The best short captions guide the reader into an idea or fantasy and let the mind fill it with the details.

  3. I think that usually the picture is the most important element in a TG caption, but I often see people making them with what I like to call, "random blowjob pictures".

    I think that name pretty much hits it right on the head. BLAH BLAH BLAH happens and at the end, the transformed girl is giving head. The creator mostly just has to pick the right hair color preference for the recipient, and VIOLA! they've created another caption that is almost exactly like every other caption they've ever made.