Monday, February 21, 2011

A Presidents Day to Remember!

Hope those that had today off enjoyed their long weekend.

In honor of this holiday, I made a caption for Petra a few weeks ago.

I was looking through pictures of redheads because I wanted to make something for her, since she had just been promoted to Admin on the haven. I think she had made one for me when I was bumped up, so I wanted to reciprocate. Plus she is super sweet and and an all around good doo-bee.

In seeing this picture, I got the idea of setting the caption on the Presidents Day long weekend, because of the top hat on her head. I had a few stingers in mind, most of which made their appearance at the end of the caption..The main problem I had was to get the story TO the stingers somehow.

Thinking of LONG weekends got me to thinking about LOST weekends. You know the ones I mean, where everything that happened is sort of hazy in the mind, and sometimes involve Las Vegas and lots of alcohol or some other substances.

Once I got that, I was able to whip up a caption where Petra got to come out and play occasionally, with Mistress Dementia of course, but only had a dreamlike awareness of it. Makes me feel good to know that I travel around the globe, helping people with their dreams like some sort of perverted Dr. Bruce Banner. How often did I visit Pete? I would guess twice a year, as Dee Dee Appleseed wanders around quite a bit, planting seeds of domination all over the place!

Anyway, since my fondness for Pea is well documented, I wanted to give a bit of sweetness with the silliness and kinkiness (I mean, its Dementia and Petra, for goddess sales! Who knows what trouble we get into! Just look at the picture!) That in itself is the essence of Petra: sweetness, with a bunch of kinkiness and silliness, all rolled into a flaming haired sex-kitten. Giving her what she wanted, all of it, is definitely a happy ending.

In the end, it is one of my favorite captions I've done in the last 6 months or so. I know it probably isn't as well received by the general TG caption viewing public, but I don't mind. It was created for a specific person and I am just glad that she enjoyed it.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Halloween and Christmas seem to get the majority of the holiday captions. What calendar event do you think is in 3rd place? I am not sure whether it would be Valentine's Day or St. Patrick's Day. Have you created any captions for some of the lesser holidays like the one above, or Arbor Day or something like that? What holidays should be done with captions that haven't gotten their due yet? BTW, I did a caption for Steffie once celebrating "Talk Like A Pirate" Day.


  1. I really planned on doing a V-tines day caption or two, but felt i missed out because I was working on rewards. My guess would Valentines Day is the biggest winner behind the big 2. Because of that one, i would have loved to have done a caption for "White Day", a second type of V-tines day i found celebrated in some Asian countries.

  2. Great cap Dee! I probably wouldn't have thought 'Lincoln' with that image, but once its mentioned its the only thing I can see!

    I don't do many 'theme' caps. Its just never come across my radar to do something like that. If I had to guess at the third most popular, I guess I wold go with Mistress Simone (Geez... Mistress Smione and Mistress Dee in the same room? Whats a girl to do?) and say Valentines Day. That seems to get the sweet caps, and the revenge caps out in force.

    The day that should be capped most but isn't is Boss's Day and/or Administrative Professionals' Day (Secretary's Day).

  3. I would think that Valentine's Day is 3rd, behind Christmas and Halloween, but I might have to check the previous Caption Contests on the Haven to see which gets more submissions each year.

    I mean, Valentines has Cupid, love and all that; but St. Patrick's Day has rainbows, leprechauns, redheaded lasses, and lots of drinking! Sounds like a good recipe for TG caption mayhem! I'm not even Irish in the slightest but it seems like a great time to be transformed!

    Most likely though, Valentine's Day is the 3rd most used holiday in TG stuff.

  4. Oh Dee, you sure know how to flatter a girl :D

    I would say that the big three holidays are the ones that have been mentioned: Halloween, Xmas and Valentines day. I would put in a plug for Easter too. There seems to be no end of pictures of pretty women in bunny costumes; there's something about a girl wearing big ears and a cottontail that gets the photographers to come running. Plus there's the whole rebirth thing, and of course the chocolate Easter candy.

    I do think that I have a new mission for this year though. I need to find an obscure holiday and make a caption for it.