Friday, September 24, 2010

Whoops! Enjoy your new life anyway!

I did this one a few months ago, and while it seems innocuous, when you actually think about it, "Evil" is the first word I think of. It can be bad enough when the person deserves the fate that is about to be placed on them, but when it's just random chance, that raises it up a notch I think. My choice would probably be to know why and who had done something to me so I could at least wrap my mind around it and ruminate.

I had this picture for at least a year before I tackled it for a caption. There were so many different ways I could go, that it actually baffled me on how best to use it, and use it properly. The body is very feminine, but the pose has that underlying masculinity to it. Perhaps it's the towel on the bottom half is wrapped in a traditional male position, while the hair towel is distinctively all "WOMAN" with no thought to covering her boobs.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: If you, in real life, ended up in a situation like a typical caption, and were to be changed into a woman .. would you prefer it to be a specific revenge carried out by someone you knew, or in a random manner that was just out of the blue?


  1. When I answer that I try to be as close to the reality as possible. First of all I couldn't think of any man or woman I know who would want to turn me into a woman ... even those who don't like me. Hence it wouldn't make sense if any of them turns me into a woman. I usually don't do anything that hurts or insults women etc. I'm really kind of the nice guy. So I'd rather think and prefer that those changes happen "accidently" or as you write Dee "out of the blue", like the Great Shift for example. This sounds more "realistic" to me ... having to deal with a change though I don't really know where it came from and why.

  2. Out of the blue. I'm very careful with other's feelings. If I upset someone that badly, they would have to have really deserved it. I don't like the idea of someone doing something to deserve it. I also don't like the idea of someone like that succeeding in revenge over me.