Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dee is always right!

This is to follow up on Petra's comment that she will often use body shots without a head when working on sissy and realistic captions. That brought to mind this caption I made a few weeks ago for Samantha1 and the reception it received.

I've done this style caption before, and I don't mind using the transformation technique over and over. I call it the salesman behavior modification system. In general, a salesperson wants you to see the same things they do, and vice versa. Anytime a potential client says YES, they are step closer to doing what you want them to do, People tend to like to (1) agree with others, and (2) be positive. Guiding them to YOUR conclusion, and avoiding negative responses is imperative. They never want you to say the word NO.

What I did in this caption is solve a series of problems for Sam. Each time, I've lowered his resistance to my suggestion since they seem to work. If you notice at the end, he has no idea how the black dress is going to work, but seems resigned to find out afterwards. There is no resistance in actually WEARING the dress.

If you haven't seen it by now, this sales technique is very similar to hypnosis techniques. Usually, a good Domme will use this methodology in subtle ways. Think about THAT the next time you go to buy a car, large screen TV, or some other luxury item

Discussion Question: Would you be more susceptible to the "positive guidance" technique that I used in the caption above, or some other form of control? Does that figure into what type of controlled change you prefer in captions made for you? For creators, do you think of the psychology of the caption and the characters in it?


  1. Wonderful caption and transformation technique. I've done something a little similar in a role play once...

    On to the question, I think in real live I would be more susceptible to "positive guidance" technique. but then, I would naturally follow orders under certain circumstances...

    I've done this type of convincing in captions a couple of times before. (don't ask me which, I would have to go look through them and read it to remember.) And It's always a nice change of pace when you talk the subject into their predicament, rather then just man-handle them.

    I'm not sure which I prefer in a cap, but most of the big button pusher moments in a caption (for me) is the interaction between the changed guy and the changer. any sort of relationship they have had, or just the new relationship dynamic between the Dom and the sub. getting to See the Dom/Domme wrap the slave around his/her finger is always a treat!

    I think about the psychology of the characters in the story all the time. As I'm writing, I will swap this word for that, make them say something or nothing at all just because that's how I feel that character would react in that situation. sometimes there's whole subplots I have set up but have to drop them just because the story is getting to cluttered.

    Something in his past that makes this humiliating or pleasurable, something he's done before that reminds him of this moment now. Even something from his past or something he's thought about that makes this moment comforting or fearful.

    A Good Dom/Domme can use all that to great effect. In a caption of real life! I have a rather intrusive lifestyle, so it's hard to do this sort of TG caption and role play thing. But I once had a Mistress Convince me to go out and buy lip gloss.. it didn't take much, but just a few sweet words and I would have tried to do just about anything. *giggle*

  2. I've read up on the positive guidance technique, and used it when in any sales position. I am constantly surprised that it works so well. I say surprised because it has never worked ON me. I (in real life) am a fairly disagreeable person. Not that I'm mean, or don't like people... I just like to disagree. I look at most statements, and try to find the corner around them... try to find a way to disprove it. ESPECIALLY if I am being sold something.

    I don't believe I've used it a cap before. When I write caps, I tend to think from the perspective of the transformee, and not the transformer. So when I think of things that will work, I never consider the positive guidance technique. It is something that I will try to consider going forward, as I do know that it can work very well on many people.

    As for the psychology of characters... as I said above I try to think in the transformee's perspective. My biggest problem is that I have a narrow scope of thinking through someone else's method of decision making. My personal way of making a decision is fairly simple and straight forward: Get all the information I can, make the best decision based on that information, and finally stick with that decision until it is absolutely proven wrong. Over the years I have been called stubborn because I won't change my mind, until someone can absolutely prove me wrong. So when I try to consider someone else's decision making process... I just have a hard time imagining someone doing it differently.

    I guess that is why many of my caps tend to be 'There was no other choice', or 'This horrible situation was the best possible choice'. To be moved into something that is not wanted (being forcibly feminized) takes that brutal, no hope for change, mentality.

  3. Hi Dee!
    It's all so clinical on this side of the fence.
    Couldn't he just think you were giving him a chance to do something fun and excititng?
    (I saw the picture on Jennifers page, and I
    had to stop by and say Hi) -it is a very nice caption