Sunday, February 10, 2019

Spicing Up Your Marriage Just Like You Used To! Dressing Up for the Wife!

When you are sexually stuck in a rut, sometimes it's best to rekindle the flame the old-fashioned way!

I am not going to be the one to lecture anybody on keeping sex fun and interesting through a long relationship, considering the people that visit this blog and often comment. Many of them do have perils with their kinks, but I don't really think boredom and monotony is one of their issues!

Hopefully you have already read the caption first .. I was going for a standard "have been together for 10+ years and stuck in a rut," along with the not too original "we used to fuck like bunnies" honeymoon phase of the relationship where they did anything and everything vibe.

But stacked on top of that, the whole jaded view of "remember the good old days when I'd put some makeup on you and a nightie and we'd get so turned on playing Slumber Party?" Back then, that was enough! Now, if the sex doesn't include pyrotechnics and 200 hp vibrators, it's such a drag!

And that feel was how I attacked this picture, after first photo-shopping out the toothpick she had in her mouth! Ugghh, it was such a perfect photo otherwise, I am not sure why they posed her with one!

I still don't want to say much about the last couple paragraphs. This was hard for me to write because I wanted to move the story forward, but keep 'the reveal' as late as possible. I'm hoping I succeeded, but knowing my reputation, there are probably a bunch of you that were expecting it .. "Dee is writing a subtle and layered caption about something real and present in many modern day marriages as people get older in a touching manner with a nuanced response from the protagonists? Can't be! Oh yeah, there's the rug that is about to be pulled out from underneath us!"

And regardless of how the comments go, I am quite proud of this caption. Keeping within that framework of trying not to give it away, leaving bits and pieces that show he hadn't "dressed up" that way in a long time .. like the clothes being in a spare bedroom .. the way they didn't quite fit the way they used to as he aged .. Ron cooking dinner for his wife .. a scent from long ago .. all tightly wound into 2 or 3 smallish paragraphs .. and all that afterwards could be viewed the "correct" way as opposed to the misdirection they gave out when you first read it.

So I hope you enjoyed this caption. It was predicated originally on the wordplay at the end tying itself together, but became much more as I developed it. Let me know what you think in the comment section, and what do you think happened when the wife came home? Maybe they found a 1980's pant suit with shoulder padded jacket that could make him look more like a female executive?


  1. You're right, I was kind of expecting the reveal all along, but that doesn't take anything away from the caption. In fact, I think it makes it stronger, because it assumes an underlying acceptance of Ronnie's femininity that is romantic in and of itself. Well done!

    1. Awww, I didn't get you at all! *pouts* Oh well! Can't Shyamalan them all!

      You could certainly read it that way as well, though I'm hoping the wife isn't really hoping for "a real man" in a tuxedo, which could lead to some cuckolding. Whether that is good or not is probably up to the individual. I really didn't have a thought of what went beyond the moment depicted in the caption, which is often why I ask people what happens next!

  2. You rascal! Twisting or preconceptions.

    1. Well, I am glad I was able to side wind you a bit, as that was my intention!