Thursday, August 9, 2018

Of Course This Would Only Happen In Florida!

Considering all the weird stuff you read about Florida, would this actually shock you?

I found this picture while looking around the Internet, and for some reason, alligator wrestling was the first thing that came to my mind, Yeah, if you could figure out my brain, you could probably become a millionaire, right?

But yeah, the increase in regular people coming in contact with gators is a big thing now in Florida, and each county has set up groups to come and snag them out from underneath your house, or out of your swimming pool, etc .. Sometimes they go to a alligator refuge, or they are relocated somewhere else, preferably someplace where there isn't a lot of people.

They are still a protected species though, and governments being governments, can write some pretty silly laws. Many drive up fast food windows have braille engravings for the blind .. you know, the blind people that are driving up to a Taco Bell at one in the morning? Anyway, that is where my mid went, and the rest of the story was just predicated on having the character nicknamed "Gator" Ally, which of course is alligator re-arranged. I never said I was proud about my puns; well at least that one is definitely a groaner. I can be Oscar Wilde every time I create something!

So anyway, that is the "story" behind this blog exclusive caption. And you'll never get these 3 minutes back! You might have even lost a few brain cells. If so, remember you can join B.R.A. .. aka the Bimbo Recruitment Agency down about 4 posts ago.  Speaking of, did anyone catch the whole bimbo moment I talked about in the actual caption? It wasn't a typo, it was there on purpose!

Hmmm, methinks there might be a whole bunch of my readers who are going to be signing up soon!

Might have something posted either on Friday night or Saturday morning, but I am going away for the weekend. Should definitely have something posted on Sunday night.

I wasn't kidding about Florida and the people who inhabit it. One of our radio stations here in New England has an almost daily segment called, "Only in Florida" that mostly focuses on stupid criminals but has clips of things like this as well. I actually think this is cute, but god forbid she forgets to pick up some Gator Chow on her next trip to Walmart!


  1. Haha, lovely. What's next, a bull run in high heels and hobble skirts? Or are you going Down Under, and become the successor of Crocodile Dundee: Crocodile Dee Dee :)

  2. Oh, I am so up for a chat with the Bimbo Recruitment Agency! After the week I've had at work, and the hell in store for me this weekend, I'd love somebody to, like, totally do the hard (hard . . . teehee) thinky stuff for me.

  3. With boobs like that who needs brains