Tuesday, March 20, 2018

What's the Illusion? An Outward Image We Sell to Others ...

.. or a lie we use to deceive ourselves? Wow, I kind of went dark with this one!

Pretty much I loved the model and her outfit, and wondered what others might think about her when she went out in public like that. From there, I just went straight out and tried not to worry about stepping over any boundaries. If I were her, and that is how I was thinking, the punishment was probably the most fitting and just one you could give out. Looking and seeing what she sees everyday, and being 'happy' with it, while everyone else talks about 'her' behind her back.

Looking back, I've made quite a few captions recently that definitely blur the lines between the TG fiction we enjoy here, but using brutal reality as an undercurrent. I hope that this enhances the overall enjoyment. The end result is that you have to like it for me to have succeeded, and I hope you do.

Also got a great comment back from DSS25, whom I wrote it for.
Wow, Dee. What an interesting punishment cap this is! You definitely didn't go too dark with this one! The way it's written makes the 'transformation' that took place ambiguous to enough to not know exactly what happened, but to know that something drastic took place nonetheless. I too LOVE the model you chose for this one as well. Also, you never need to worry about pushing the boundaries with me; that's what it's all about!
 What did YOU think about the punishment and did it fit the "actual crime"?  Do you think it was worse than if he had been stuck in a body like hers instead? Others thoughts about what I've written here in the caption and on the blog itself?


  1. I'm having a hard time following the end of the caption. Is the following right: Dave is still in his male body; Dave sees himself as the model used in the caption; Dave thinks of himself as a woman and is perfectly happy with this; Dave also feels a compulsion to doll himself up before he goes out; other people will see Dave in his male body with makeup/styled hair/feminine clothes etc...

    1. Yes! Well, I am not sure how happy he is about it, but other than that, you are spot on.

    2. Ah! That's some pretty karmic revenge.

      Although, is he unhappy that he's a chick, unhappy he's a heavier chick, or something else? I'm assuming the second option, where he wishes he was a "more traditionally" beautiful woman but sees himself as the thicker option seen above.

      I wonder how it would work out with his clothing. Would he wear baggy feminine clothes, with the thought that "they're the only thing that fits!"?

  2. OK Dee, I really liked this one!!!
    You know when someone asks you which superpower you'd want....well I think telepathy would be the one for me....to see past the smiling face and really know what someone is thinking....it would be a blessing in some ways and I guess a curse in some ways too...
    But dammit sometimes I'd really like to know what others are thinking!!!
    And of course having that ability and having a friend who's a witch would be so cool!!!
    The new design is growing on me but the "zinger" labels....well I guess if you like them that's all that matters!!!

    1. The ability to read, and change people's minds and bodies is pretty much the superhero power that I want. Or villain power if need be!

  3. Okay, first off, she is stunningly beautiful! I love a woman with curves (ask my Mistress!) and she isn't any more deceitful than any other woman with makeup, a push-up bra, and a pair of Spanx.

    I do love the nature of the punishment, and I think your wording was very clever. You can read it two ways, but I prefer to believe he'll share her pride in her appearance, as opposed to feeling guilty or ashamed. He will never be as beautiful as her, but maybe he can come to appreciate her a bit better.

  4. It has that dark edge, and the punishment does rather fit the crime. Great image, as always, and I repeat my awe that you manage to find such images seemingly so easily (which I realise isn't a thing, but there you go). I love me a compulsion or two and punishment is a strangely alluring and enduring set up for such captions. I remember it being one of the first ever mechanisms that I used to rationalise and justify the TG fantasies I had as a teen. I digress.

    First time I've been and had a proper look (i.e. not on my phone) at your redesign. I can see what you have done and why, but I confess I miss the darkness. White is fine and yes it probably makes more sense for mobile devices, but I found the purple and black somewhat comforting. I hope it does what you need it to do!

    1. I look through HUNDREDS and THOUSANDS of pictures often to find a few that I can use. Trust me, there are times that I can look at any picture and pull out a story, but to make a creative story, you need the best photos you can find.

      I am going to see what I can do to lessen the brightness a bit. Just haven't had the time to go wading into the HTML and XML code and pull out strands to weave in a way that I want them too, but this has been my favorite template so far structure wise.