Friday, September 1, 2017

Why Isn't Michael Turned On By the Body Swap?!?

Well, duh! Do we have to spell it out for everyone? Perhaps we do. Come inside, and we'll explain!

Made this caption for Deb on the Haven. Hadn't made her a caption since 2014 so I wanted it to have at least some thought based upon it, as opposed to a relative quickie. I don't often think about body swaps, because I think it would be cooler if MY body changed specifically to something else. I guess that makes me sound odd though .. because if I did a body swap, I'd actually want my body (and mind) to change into the other persons, and not just float into it.  For instance, if I ended up swapped with a large woman at a burger place, I'd want to see her change into me as well, and have me feel my stomach getting bigger, perhaps shrinking down in height, feeling the clothes around me loosen and tighten independently, as hair gushes from my scalp.

Anyway, I was thinking of that when it came to the point of the swap, Do we ever look at ourselves and just want to jack off to what we look like? Maybe if we JUST entered the new body and had the thoughts and turn-ons of the old body .. but what if once we become the new person, we have their kinks and desires, instead of our own? I would venture that unless we are confidently narcissistic, we don't find ourselves very attractive.

And that gets to the gist of this caption, which ends up being a shock to Michael, who figured he'd swap into her body and get off on seeing her naked, etc .. but ends up with her insecurities among other things! Then again, there *IS* a happy ending, which you can see in the last few paragraphs.

I love photos shot like this, either on the angle or within the setting of a mirror. I've mentioned it before, but it is often where we are most vulnerable in our thoughts. I spend little to no time in front of a mirror, other than when shaving my face. I feel much more confident not knowing what the hell I look like to other people, or I'd end up crippled with self-doubt and loathing over the start of getting old .. er. I can just continue to deny that anything is happening, and that I'm still incredibly sexy; and that most women, and many men find me attractive and want to bed me.

And you wondered why I called this blog, "Dee-lusions of Grandeur," right??!?

Great power metal song from Sanctuary, The Mirror Black from 1990.

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  1. I Think it is often the case in fetish and fantasy that should we ever fulfill them it is never quite the buzz we had from our imagination. In the case of a body swap i can not think a woman's body would have the same turn on's as a mans. And that the norms of life would soon take over.
    Ageing seems to have hit me over the last twelve months. Wrinkles bags and droops all over the place. I might be getting the mature look ladies like but the libiedo is crying enouth.