Wednesday, August 30, 2017

What If Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Was a Hybrid?

Well, that was my thought, but since I didn't have an idea, the question seemed to be the title too!

I know next to nothing about hybrid cars, and that plays into the caption you see posted here. They might as well be magic! So let us treat it as such, especially if you are in a foreign country renting one and it breaks down. I am pretty good at diagnosing issues with standard gasoline cars .. my mechanic said I should go to work for him, but of course, I can't often FIX the problems that I find!

I imagine that you'd be lost without a computer diagnostic unit to plug in. Electric cars are known to be pretty damn silent, so do they make noise when they break down? With gas cars, you can often just listen and hear what is going wrong.

So, that was the gist of the caption, a magical car and a ghastly turn of the phrase nee wish, and you end up with what I wrote. But THAT is not the end of the story about this caption I made for Kelly (aka SP2000) whose preferences include wanting to become a black woman.

I was under the impression that the model was D@nica Collins. Didn't try to prove it, because honestly, who has that much time in general? I thought the overall skin color .. and those gorgeous legs, led me to believe it was her. So while I was posting this caption, I figured, why not type in her name and "car trouble" and see what I could find on Google. Behold, the video continuation of the caption I just made a few hours ago!

Got it right off the bat! It really works as the next chapter once the tow truck guy, or a lucky Good Samaritan driver appears to help her out. Perhaps I should try to find out if there is video for all my captions available .. not too likely, but if I have enough information and a hunch it could work!

Speaking of work, I've got one day left before a nice 4 night Labor Day Weekend! I'll be puttering around the house doing some things that should have been done over the summer, tackling the brakes on my SUV, celebrating a friend's birthday, and whatever else comes up. I do have plans for a post on Friday and Sunday (most likely) and I shall check in now and again for those who comment. Feel free to talk about this caption and/or my discussion question!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: DO you think that certain cars should cause certain transformations? I try to make pinup girls when I have a classic car setup, and goth girls seem to go well with hearses. Give me a car and a girl that has been transformed by it, and I'll see if I can hunt down pictures and make something out of it!


  1. I am in the motor trade I would strongly recommend you don't poke around with hybrid/electric cars all what would be left is a pair of smoking high heels.
    They are very quite I would not be surprised if more people get run over in the future by not hearing them.
    There is the mini car and skirt. The Rover a bit of a dog. or "this cars turned me into a woman!" yes,,erm sir its a convertable.!
    Pimp mobile. who doesn't want a pimp mobile?

    1. Great ideas! I can definitely see most of those!

      As to the quiet nature, I heard that in the US, all electric cars have to be 2-30 decibels or something so that blind people can hear them.

  2. I think I enjoy your commentary on how and why you create the captions almost as much, if not more than, the captions themselves! I mean that as a compliment, in case it wasn't obvious.

    Speaking as the driver of an electric car: it pretty much IS magic. I get the feeling they'd create more librarians than prostitutes though - geeky, intelligent but slightly shy people with dangerous wit, sharp tongue (but subtle) and the ability to win most arguments by playing the long game. Hey! Like Rachel Weisz in the first Mummy film at the beginning!

    Also, with so few moving parts, there's very little can go wrong engine wise. More likely you'd have a puncture (no spare tyre, alas) than any other issue I can imagine. Certainly fewer mechanical issues than ICE cars, that's for sure. It's why I love mine so much - now any mechanic I meet is JUST as clueless and changing tyres is something I can do as easily as any garage, meaning, in theory, I can get my own in. I haven't done so (two punctures thus far) yet, mind, because I like being able to foist that sort of thing on people who are better at it than I! So... maybe more Rachel Weisz in Enemy at the Gates.

    Would a touring car create an athlete? Kinda like Tirunesh Dibaba being created by a Subaru Impreza (showing my age here). Hmm, would an Aston Martin DB9 Bond style car create a secret agent like Rachel Weisz in The Constant Gardener. Maybe a tractor, like those John Deere beasts, would create some kind of farm laborer like Rachel Weisz in the Land Girls...

    Hmm, maybe I've got a theme going on here.

    1. I always like to have background on creative art that I like. It's why I am all about bootlegs and demo tapes of bands .. you get to see the creative spark from beginning to finished product, with bumps and changes made along the way.

      I don't think that electric cars will become any near standard in the next 20-30 years here in America, mostly because there are so many cities. Are they going to have an electric outlet in every city parking space to accommodate the cars. Then you'd have to monetize it and maintain those electric chargers against general wear and tear, people destroying them with bats, and shoveling them out when snow gets plowed. I am certainly not going to run a 100 foot electrical chord from my 3rd story apartment window down across a sidewalk and into my car's charge hole!

    2. Either that or put them in charging stations like petrol pumps and what have you. Most of that infrastructure (cabling and supply) already exists. Or, another model I've heard floated, use free connections at malls and what-have-you. I'd've thought, based on limited experience over here, that cities would be *easier* to set up with the infrastructure of EVs and charge stations. The range on an EV is significantly improved these days (and getting better) too so there's no need to charge quite so often either.

      Unless people used to fuel their cars at home before gas stations. I'll be honest, I have no idea how or when the gas station model was adopted so maybe we'll see similar with EVs?