Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Victoria's Actual Secret .. A Caption Blog Exclusive!

Slip on something a bit more comfortable and come on in! What are you waiting for?

Been a busy long holiday weekend. Let's check out what I wrote the other day to see how much I got done of what I wanted to do. Did friend's birthday party. Check! Fixed my brakes .. will be done earlier this evening when we can get it on a lift. Puttered around the house. Check! Went through everything on hangers in the big closet we are currently trying to renovate in our apartment, and moved them to a clothing rack so we can get rid of the hanging pipe and warped shelving. Various people will decide what to keep and what to donate (I think I have a 'must donate 2 coats rule posted somewhere!) Cleaned out the fridge, soaked various shelving in it, then went out and bought new food. Cleaned out the snack pantry as well as GF did the dishes that had piled up. 3 big bags of trash for the dumpster and 2 Ikea blue bags filled with recyclables. Various other things that aren't quite done but will be by the weekend. Check! And I did this all without a maid uniform! Can you imagine what I'd have gotten done wearing one of those magical cleaning outfits? Oui Madame!

SO anyway, made this caption as a blog exclusive. Had the picture for quite awhile, and I think I've seen others use it too. Figured making a quickie would be a fun use of 20 minutes I had in between doing other things. And pretty much the caption is a true story until the ending. Then again, if the ending actually happened, and I looked like that, then all of the caption would be true since my daughter is petite AND busty as well.

Be sure to check out the last post. There were quite a few comments and I made sure to reply to each one at least once. Guess the topic really touched a nerve!

Hope to get some comments here since this IS a blog exclusive. Any place in particular where you felt embarrassed or like a pervert for being there? Perhaps a hair salon, lingerie store, or Asian nail and massage storefront? How about a female dorm when dropping off your child for the semester, or even visiting a girlfriend's apartment she shares with 2 other roommates?

This video makes me feel like Tay-Tay understands me. She's got all the different versions of her fighting each other, battling for supremacy. Sort of like how my personas do battle too!


  1. If you need to borrow a maids uniform I have a whole closet full Dee!!!!
    I love VS and I stop by frequently with and without my Sweetie.
    I have seen the reluctant Dad thing in person and it's just kind of sweet....obviously Mom is out of the picture for one reason or another and Dad is handling his girls transition to womanhood and doing the best he can....
    Wouldn't it be lovely if the salesgirls could help the Dad understand what it's like to stop dressing like a boy and feel what his daughter is feeling....what it's like to feel like a pretty woman!!!!
    Sigh....loved the cap!!!

  2. As long as it is flouncy and silky, I'll take it Kaaren! Then again, I might not get any cleaning done in it!

    That Dad was me throughout her life. She would not trust anyone else to take her from the very beginning. In fact, other than sports bras, I think I've been around for each bra purchase she or I have made for her.

    Some of the Victoria Secrets had a chair near the dressing room at least, so I would try to go to that store. Otherwise it was me standing nearby, hanging on a rack, occasionally saying, "You alright in there?" and her replying, "YES! You asked me like TWO minutes ago!"