Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Wedding Reception is Now Coming in Clearer! .. and an AMA!

I'd be much more inclined to attend weddings if they all turned out like this one!

Wonder how much cake was thrown around the banquet hall after this happened? Made this one for Sammie as I was pretty sure she wouldn't mind being a *spoiler alert* she-male bride impersonator and sibling to the real bride. *end spoiler alter* I would think that starring in this caption would be just as much fun as it was for me writing it. I hadn't done a bridal caption in some time, and I just loved this picture. I know I have done a few she-male bride captions before, but the timing of the reveal in this one makes it much different than some of the others (Which you can probably find by clicking on the "wedding" or "bride" label in the left hand column.

I didn't have a title for the caption until it was time to actually post it in Sammie's trading folder. I originally had "sibling weddingry" but that sounds stupid. Then the words just came to me and I'm glad I waited. Seemed to fit the caption like a glove, don't you think?

What more is there to say? You tell me! I'll be fielding questions in the comment section on anything you would like to ask me, so consider this the non-reddit version of "Ask Me Anything". If it isn't too personal, I will answer truthfully .. though I reserve the right to exaggerate or obfuscate my replies!

You can certainly talk about the caption too since I think it's pretty Dee-vious in its own right! Just get the comment section to come alive. I promise to reply to every one!

*BONUS* Leave your male/female name in the comments / questions and you just might star in one of the next captions I post. There is a spot to be my twin in a she-male/cross-dressing caption or the star of a relatively not quite politically correct dressing room cross-dressing caption. No excuse for not chatting it up here in this blog post!

Now that is the kind of make-up we've been looking to purchase for how long now? YEARS!


  1. Love the caption that beats even Britny speers drunken wedding.
    Ian/jane or Jayne if i'm feeling sophisticated. or nyjae if i am feeling confused.
    Q- What is the dumbest thing you have ever done when drunk?

    1. I spent most of the mid to late 90's drunk. Barely remember much of those years. Drove home drunk 5 or 6 times. Stupid and young, and luckily wasn't caught.

      Twice I woke up the next morning after drinking in a bed somewhere naked with a girl, and didn't remember how I got there or who she was. Obviously we had hit it off when drunk, not so much when waking up the next day at her friend's place.

      I had jobs where I would work 3rd shift so I dated a few night nurses who would get off work and they'd just head to my house with a fifth and some horror movies on VHS. We'd eat breakfast and then sleep everything off.

      Oh yeah, lots of drunken beach antics too. We'd strand a friend's trans am due to tides coming in and the sand keeping it from escaping!

    2. I was the same with the driving I am ashamed to say and did get caught. Had a knife pulled on me once was to drunk to be scared said aw f""k of man. and happy to say it finished there. only other thing was walking across a bridge parapet.
      the next day i looked over and was a 30 foot drop.
      The funniest thing was standing outside my house and trying to open the front door by pressing the car remote blipper and wondering why it would not work.

  2. I really enjoyed this one and it's great on how passible he became. I typically answer to Josh, but will answer to Alexis on certain occasions.
    Q. When you first started capping did you ever not post things because you thought people wouldn't like them?

    1. I was initially trading captions with others, so they were made in accordance with their preferences. I was more concerned that I didn't do enough for them to enjoy the captions, but over time, I ended up with a style of my own and people would ask me to make them a caption in a "Dee Universe" which was a big compliment. If I had an idea that didn't fit anyone, I would try to keep it for myself and work it out that way, or save it until someone that might appreciate it would come along.

      Even today, most of the captions I make are trades. Since starting the blog a number of years ago, I finally have an outlet for those captions that don't fit a specific person. At some point you figure out that you HAVE to make certain captions, even if no one is going to like it. The interesting thing about that is you usually end up with at least one or two people that REALLY do love the caption, because it says something that connects with how they feel, which might not be as universal as some other things.

      Time is the great healer. If you put out something that people HATE .. I can post another caption as soon as possible, and wipe the memory away of how shitty the previous one was! Multiply that by 100 or 100 more posts and hopefully you've built up many more good ones than bad!

  3. Thanks for the input Dee and that's a great way to think about it. I've been thinking of writing my own for a while now, but that thought has keep me doing so. Next time I get some free time I'll write it out and see what happens.

    1. I hope you do create your own. Nothing like seeing your work, 100 percent of it from your own mind and hands, up on your computer screen.