Saturday, September 23, 2017

Instant Alterations!

If you don't fit the clothes, the clothes will fit you ..almost immediately.

Not sure if I need to explain much of this caption. I had the picture in a setting for a few weeks, and by now I wasn't sure what my original intention for the story was. I saw Shivativa's preferences and thought that they might work well with this photo, so I went to work on it.

In one realm, this is quite unlike most captions I make. I have a "title" up in the corner that is highlighted and shadow effected .. then a bit of text framing the subject, which gives a bit more depth to the title, highlighting it as the rest of a store motto. Then I start the story proper and give some exposition and stage direction as to what is happening, then I finish off with dialog which wraps things up into a full conclusion.

Well, not really. We don't have the girlfriend's response. That's where YOU come in. What happens next in this caption? Let me know in the comments. I hadn't really thought about it until now, so I have no preconceived notions as to what happened next.

Looking at this caption again, it definitely feels like something from Amanda's Reading Room. She often uses picture that have this POV angle to it. Can you give lots of space to work with text wise.


  1. Son of a bitch alice mumbled to herself. Out shone by her own boy friend.
    Then she saw the display of stripper heels and smiled.
    If you are going to church then this new girls going to have a lot of sins to confess.

  2. "Black huh? Aren't we being adventurous. I'll see what I can in your new size." Said Alexis with a sly grin. "He's taking this much better than I did after that watch left me as a bride. It would be wrong of me to not share the gift of feminity with another." Alexis thought to herself as she looked for that elusive black dress.

  3. She returned shortly after with the little black dress, she was sure it would look adorable on him but when she pulled the curtain aside Jimmy was gone!!!
    She frantically tore open all the other curtains in the changing room but he was not to be found!!!
    She searched the sales floor for him and she couldn't find him, her increasingly frantic search caught the attention of the store manager!!
    "Can I help you Miss?"
    "Yes my....friend has disappeared....I don't know where...she went!!!"
    "Well lets go to the office and check the security cameras need to upset my other customers!"
    She settled into a seat in front of the monitor as the manager scrolled back through the recordings....
    "Wait that's my friend...right there!!!"
    "Well obviously Madam she left with her boyfriend...they look like a lovely couple!!!!"
    "Yes" she said as a tear ran down her cheek, "Yes they do...."

    1. awww, melancholy feel to it, but it does fit.

      Perhaps she should try on some clothes too, see if she can make herself feel better!

  4. Great job everyone! Loved all the responses!

    Looking at it now, I think I'd go with the girlfriend replying, "Why don't you ask the dressing room clerk. I am going to purchase that extra large speedo thong that was in the window of the sporting goods store next door. Spear fishing indeed!"