Sunday, September 17, 2017

Wendell John, Hurricane Hunter!

Since New England is supposed to get some of Jose this week, why not move this on up!

Had another caption in mind, but we are supposed to get the tropical storm version of Jose, the hurricane that refuses to die .. affecting us here in New England by Tuesday through Thursday as it swims by us, giving us some wind, rain and a bunch of waves. No surfing for me though, other than on this wonderful Information superhighway called 'the web'. I love the 90's!

I was looking for some photos that could generate captions in my mind and I saw this one. I clicked due to the pose and the cleavage, but it was the overall hue that caught my eye.  It was very prismatic, like the light hit the lens at just the right spot, diffusing colors upon the model. It's subtle, and even if they achieved the effect with artificial means, I love the way it made the picture look. After uploading this post, I noticed you can see the rainbow the best by looking at the thumbnail above.

My relatives are back in Florida now after a few days hunkered down in Georgia, and with Jose coming up our coast, and Maria possibly following Irma's path, I definitely had hurricanes on my mind. Last weekend was spent watching what I like to call 'Climate Porn' and the Weather Channel indulges that part of my like a dealer supplies a junkie! Nothing like watching a bunch of moronic yet 'smart' middle aged white guys tethered to a pole and/or talking to a camera with googles on, walking stiffly into 80 mph wind gusts. Then they cut to smartly dressed women in the studio who walk over to the 10 foot tall map so you can see them completely, from made up hair to highly stacked heels. The Weather Channel certainly took the cue from Fox News to get their women anchors as hot as hell and horny about atmospheric conditions!

So, it was pretty easy to whip this up for Wendy, who is big time into Mother Nature and things organic and crunchy! That can be up my alley too. Weather can be destructive, but also can renew and build new landscapes through the passage of time. It's always been man's folly to try to control her and use her to our own advantage.

Hope you enjoyed the caption! I expect that most people have gotten their power back by now, and that everyone else enjoyed the last weekend of summer! I am still in recovery after my first chiropractic treatment, so I have a few captions about halfway finished. Hoping to complete them soon AND heal enough to finish up the fall cleaning I was supposed to be working on the last 2 weekends! ARRGGHH!!

Ha! Tricked you. Went with the non-obvious choice. Honestly, I just hate THAT song too much!


  1. But the whistling! It's... whistling... Oh, I dunno, I loved it back in the 90s after the Fall of the Wall.

    Sorry, I digress. Glad that you're back up and semi-running following the chiropodist and I wish you a speedy and full recovery.

    I can relate to your love of climate and weather porn, discovering that my phone would call up a forecast for where I live on a morning transformed my summer and childcare, as does the fact that it updates in real time (ahem). And we don't *get* interesting weather very much on this side of the Pond.

    I get what you mean about the image, it's very cleverly done colour-wise and the pose is just... well, it's a fine pose. It's the shoes that do it for me.

    1. Chiropodist? I meant chiropractor. Back, not feet.